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Profile of Viola Drath: Washington socialite allegedly murdered by her husband

Viola Drath was 91 and still vibrant—a journalist and socialite in Washington DC. Then, on August 12, 2011, she was found dead. Her husband, Albrecht Muth, who was 40 years her junior, has been charged in her murder.

A recent Washington Post profile paints a picture of her life, accomplishments, brilliance—and loneliness after her first husband died. Two points struck me from the profile—love at first sight is sometimes true, because that’s what Drath experienced with her first husband. And grief and loneliness can draw anyone into a sociopath’s trap—even someone as sophisticated as Viola Drath.

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And what does the husband say?

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Ox Drover

You know, that “marriage” seems to take the word “dysfunctional” to new levels of meaning! I read various other articles on her and on him. She obviously was a woman who liked excitement and adventure and apparently had plenty of it in her life, not in a bad way, but in a good way.

When her husband was gone, she felt bereft of companionship and adventure…she found it in this guy. He does sound high in psychopathic traits, but he also sounds like he is delusional as well as telling outrageous lies, so he actually could be mentally ill as well as mean as a snake!

She was with him for 22 years, so that’s been quite a while, since he is 47 that would mean he was about 25 when she married him, and she was about 70….so there is something pretty “unhealthy” I would think when a 70-ish woman (however lonely) would marry a 25 year old man, that shows pretty poor judgment to me on her part.

One of the very happiest marriages I know took place in 1982 between a 23 year old man and a 46-ish year old woman, and they are married to this very day and quite happily so, but it is unusual for a man that young who was an emotionally “healthy” man to marry or even have a long term affair with a woman older than I am for goodness sakes, and I would not be interested in a man young enough to be my grandson however lonely I were to be.

I think his ‘posturing” as this “man of mystery” is also something that went a long ways back and doesn’t seem to be anything just recent.

Whatever was going on, I’m sorry the woman lost her life over her involvement with this man and this dysfunctional relation-shit.

When you “think you’ve seen’em all” though, you can be sure you haven’t.

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