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Prosecution runs amok in sex abuse case

I’ve heard from several Lovefraud readers who are sure that a sociopath is abusing a child, and they can’t get legal authorities to investigate the matter.

But three years ago in Michigan, prosecutors aggressively pursued a case against Julian and Thal Wendrow. They accused Julian of repeatedly raping his severely autistic daughter, while his wife allowed it to happen. The evidence? “Facilitated communication,” in which a teacher’s aide supposedly helped the girl type words into a computer. And, a detective who badgered the couple’s son, who suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome, to admit something may have happened, even though at first he denied it.

Both parents were arrested, and Julian spent 80 days in jail, even though a physical examination of the girl revealed no abuse.

The Wendrows just won a $1.8 million settlement against the West Bloomfield, Michigan, police department, and more settlements may be coming.

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I know from personal experience that both state prosecutors and individuals involved in law enforcement can attract people who exhibit sociopathic behavior. These people often work as a team in the court system to manipulate or withhold “evidence”. Introduce an affidavit filed by a sociopath whose motive is to get back at his/her spouse, neighbor, boss, et al. for something that doesn’t go their way… Let’s just say that a sex abuse claim is one of the easiest ways to get the ball rolling on a grievance, especially when the victims cannot properly defend themselves and might be too easily influenced or persuaded to do or say something for the benefit of a sociopath.
There are prosecutors that don’t really care about the TRUTH. Their objective is to WIN. They just want as many convictions as they can get because it’s all a game to them.


It’s just amazing how reckless people within the judicial system can be, going ahead and charging both parents with crimes that they supposedly committed against their autistic daughter, not having concrete proof of these allegations in the first place. I personally suspect that the teacher’s aid (who worked with the autistic daughter) created the drama, typing in her own made-up b.s. story on the keyboard, causing this legal fiasco to be played out. There are people who would do such a thing, not caring a whit about the consequences to their careless, devious actions.

Ox Drover

That “facilitated communication” was proven to be a total FAKE and it was a shame that so many people “fell for” it. The “recovered memories” are in many cases (if not all) I think are just as fake. It has been shown that (false) “memories” can be implanted in people, not just children, but that children are very suceptable to the implantation of false memories. As more and more is being known about memory and how the brain works, a lot of the “pseudo-science” is being shown to be hokeum.

I realize that there are creeps out there who molest dead bodies, and infants, and those people should be brought to justice, but the use of so many false “scientific” reasons for arrest are more scary than the molestations.

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