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Prosecutor tries to start affair with abuse victim

A young woman from Wisconsin turns to the authorities to prosecute her ex-boyfriend, who she says tried to strangle her. The prosecutor in the case, Calumet County District Attorney Kenneth Kratz, interviews the woman, and as soon as she leaves the office, starts texting her. Kratz thinks the abuse victim is “hot.”

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Ox Drover

This guy is a psychopath—know how I know? HE HAS NO SHAME for what he did? It might not have been “illegal” but it sure should have been SHAMEFUL–and this man, like Bloggo, Clinton, and Greene HAS NO SHAME.

That he would be so insensitive is proof to me he is nothing but a psychopath.


Ox Drover

Henry, I can’t get that thread “would someone please tell me why he did this?” thread to open…how is the dog?


Ox Crickit got bit by a pigmy rattle snake this morning i took her to vet and they drugged her up and they want me to bring her back in the morning so they can keep her all day and watch for possible tissue damage – she is in lots of pain but did eat rib eye steak just a bit ago – she is going to be ok I hope.

Ox Drover

Hens,m WOW! I am sorry about your pup! I had a goat last summer that I thought was snake bit but it went down the next day so I think was WASPS or ground hornets as snake bite wouldn’t have gone down that fast. I’ve seen poison snake bites and the hemotoxic snakes (rattle snakes) damage tissue with their venom and it sort of “rots” out, so it shouldn’t be bad as they can remove any part that isn’t viable (able to live) and she will heal up fine! Worst part is going to be the BILL! At least the damage should be local not spread out. Bless her heart though it is PAINFUL. That is why I am SOOOOO careful around here about the darned snakes.

Hope your baby is better soon! Love Oxy

Dani S

Best Wished Hens!

Dani S

Oxy you know how I know he is a psychopath?
He says in a text ”I would not expect you to be the other woman. I would want you to be so hot and treat me so well that you’d be THE woman! R U that good?”

ewwww like she should feel honoured to pleasure him!!! yuck!

How entitled and psychopathic does that sound!


Dear hens, Sorry to hear about your poor pooch.
Our miniature poodle, Bobby has been thru the wars too! 3 days of throwing up on the carpet,trying to poo but nothing coming out except liquid, finally yesterday we took him to the vet early in the morning. Turns out all the T bones we had given him ,the bone chips had mixed up with bits of bark, twigs, etc, into a ball and set like CEMENT!
Poor thing couldnt push it out, So we left him ”night at vets, he ended up getting 3 enemas thy finally got it out. Got him hope last night. he OK now, but, NO MORE BONES or sticks!big bill, but what do you do? We love em. they beome our kids! So, soft puppy food fora few days, his little arse is red a nd sore, so would ours be!Love, Mama Gem. Hope your pooch is better by now!


“R U that good?”

That’s a potent line, isn’t it???

For me, what that translates into is:

“I don’t feel a damn thing inside, so can you help me feel something for once in my sorry-ass life?? And please say ‘yes’, because that means you are buying into this crap.”

Ladies, whenever a man asks you, “Are you that good?” Your response should probably be, “No…sorry….and BUB-bye.”

Sexual challenges are for sociopaths.

Ox Drover

Yes, “R U that good?” offering to make her THE woman in his life. BOY IS THAT AN OFFER YOU CAN’T REFUSE! To be the NUMBER ONE VICTIM in his life!

And of course, he picked her for this OPPORTUNITY because he knew she had already “labeled” herself a victim in his mind, so she should be EASY PICKING!

Also makes me wonder how many OTHER victims he has RE-victimized using his office as a forum?

Of course he won’t resign! He has no shame! Wonder how his VICTIMIZED wife will take this public humiliation? She I would bet the farm has had PLENTY OF PRIVATE HUMILIATION from her “loving husband” before now.


victimize the victim…..Uh, okay!
Sick Fark!
I be this isn’t the only abuse victim he’s approached…….he uses his position at the DA’s office as a dating site!

And these victims see the authority figure…..who can help them…..and are railroaded……from vulnerability!

Get the gun out!

Ox Drover

What are you doing up at this hour Ms. B? I went to bed and slept 2-3 hours and woke back up…not usual for me, but here I is! LOL

Yea, ,this guy is a sick fark for sure!


“He said the Office of Lawyer Regulation found in March he did not violate any rules governing attorney misconduct…” UNbelievable! This is classic sexual harassment, the imbalance of power here and the fact that he represents the people should get his arse thrown out of the profession or at least seriously censured! I can totally relate to the young woman’s experience of her “days in hell” and he has to suffer nothing. Guess that’s the up side to having no conscience and being a skilled manipulator.

Ox Drover

An interesting thing with a judge in our county (a distant relative of mine though I am not sure he even knows that minor connection) He served several judgeships, small claims judge, city judge for two small cities in the same county etc. (i.e. he drew a public pay roll.) He also practiced private law. I had been before “his honor” a couple of times and he knew me by name and face. He was also the judge who was to set the bail for my now X DIL and the Trojan Horse Psychopath after they were caught with guns trying to kill my son C. The normal bail would have been like $2500 but after I told the story to hez honor it went to $150,000 which they couldn’t make of course, both times I was before him on small claims cases He was fair to me.

I always thought he was a big arrogant (and more or less passed that off as that he was extremely handsome)

Well, the other day I saw his face on the state news. Private clients had filed claims with the state bar associatin against him. One for the fact that Hez Honor had let the time lapse that this guy had a right to file an appeal so NO appeal possible, and the second was that Hez Honor had taken money for a case for which HE HAD DONE NOTHING!

Hez Honor got up before the camera and said as he stood on the street corner being interviewed. ” I IS GUILTY AS CHARGED and the state bar association doesn’t have to investigate my conduct, I will VOLUNTARILY TURN IN MY LICENSE AND RESIGN MY JUDGESHIPS.”

Well, now. That was a very “honorable” thing for Hez Honor to do, don’t you think? Rather than be like this guy and say “I* did nothing wrong”?

Well, being a veteran of the PSYCHOPATH WARS, I have some RESERVATIONS about Hez Honor—–if him Confession to those actual “Miss-der-meanors” and turning in his license for NOW….if what he wants to do—which will STOP any investigation FURTHER into his behavior behiind the bench or in front of it—-I WONDER JUST HOW MANY BODIES ARE BURIED THERE THAT HE DOESN’T WANT DUG UP?

Anyone else have any opinions on this. Does anyone except ME see any RED FLAGS?

Ps. The DA may not have violated any rules governing attorney misconduct—-but it is obviously because they DONT HAVE ANY RULES—-cause the DA sure violated the rules of good morals, good sense, and the rules governing being a human being!



I’m particularly struck by his over emphasis on his self proclaimed innocence. He doth protest too much as is the habit of this type:

”I have never been the subject of attorney discipline during my entire 25-year career, and until today, have enjoyed a spotless reputation as a vigorous advocate for crime victims,”

How can he claim to be an advocate for victims rights in the same interview when he admits to sending those text messages? The hubris is UNBELIEVABLE.

Where is the verification for these claims? If a psychopath says the grass is green and the sky is blue – go look out the nearest window as the sod will have been torn up and a total eclipse will be in progress.

This portion curdles my breakfast in my stomach:

In the interview, Kratz said he was proud he helped achieve legislation creating the first-of-its-kind crime victims’ board and that he had dedicated his career to their cause.

”I wrote the law on crime victims in Wisconsin,” he said, pointing to a picture of him with former Gov. Tommy Thompson signing that law. ”That’s the irony here.”

A spokeswoman said the board has not received a complaint about Kratz and is not investigating his conduct toward Van Groll.

How does ‘helped achieve’ become ‘i wrote the law’?

The use of a picture as a prop is classic. I once worked for a psychopath that had prominent pictures of his children – thing was they faced the guests chairs, not his.

And of course this ‘board’ hasn’t received any complaint. Would YOU complain to such a body if you were that woman? No. I go directly to the law / police like she did. Especially if I knew he was associated with the board in any way – real or imagined.

I bet you there will be a whole host of skeletons coming out of the wood work about this man in 3…. 2….

Edited to add:
Looking at the site it turns out that the woman would not (at this stage) have any reason whatsoever to utilize the services of the Victims Board in Wisconsin: “The quasi-judicial Crime Victims’ Rights Board reviews complaints filed against public employees and officials by victims of crime who believe their victims’ rights have been violated. It can issue reports and recommendations about the provision of victims’ rights and order remedies for rights violations, including: private or public reprimands; referral to the judicial commission; provision of equitable relief; and assessment of a forfeiture, for intentional violations. It was one of the first Boards of its kind in the nation and many states have used the Wisconsin Crime Victims’ Rights Board as a model for their own enforcement systems.”



It gets worse:
I tried to ask Kratz about the psychology behind his propositioning, but he didn’t want to go there.

“I cannot comment on psychological matters,” he wrote me during a brief e-mail exchange Thursday. “I’m sure you know that.”

(holds sides laughing)



Not sure what to think about Hiz Honor. He could be just trying to cover his a**,(we are all familiar with that kind of behavior) it might be a sweep it under the rug thing. If he is seriously sorry, then time will tell. Unless something else comes out about him, you may never know his motivation. If he is a spath like person then anything is possible.

The spaths ALWAY have a hidden agenda. We usually have no idea of their motivation. It makes sense in their demented noggin, not ours.

Ox Drover

Oh, I don’t think HIZ HONOR wanted ANY INVESTIGATION into his practice. I think he wanted to quietly settle by paying off the individuals he had “wronged” with “hush money” for the damages he had done to time, or give back the money he had taken for work he didn’t do, but I think he was SMART enough to “confess” but I did NOT HEAR ANY REMORSE in any of his “apologies” he issued on camera, in fact, quite the contrary. He did admit to having been “distracted by personal problems.”

I haven’t found out the skuttle butt yet, but I will and my guess (without any evidence or gossip to the pro or con) that Hiz Honor was having an affair or two and just neglected his jobs and got into problems. I think he is about my age (60-ish) so will come out in time in this small town.


Thanks for the update Donna.

This guy gets worse and worse doesn’t he?

Kratz said he has already seen a psychotherapist, and may consider taking personal time off to seek additional treatment for this issue.

I think we all know how much weight to attach to a person of his ilk seeing a ‘psychotherapist’ and the words ‘may consider’.


Then this: Kratz said that in the e-mails with Wisconsin Justice Department officials that the texts “did not appear sexual” to him.

Can anyone translate that into english for me? I have NO idea what that sentence is supposed to mean.

Ox Drover

Dear Precambrian,

I can’t understand what you don’t know about the SIMPLE words “did NOT appear sexual”—obviously, it means there were no photos of naked people actually doing the dirty! Gosh, what is NOT TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT THAT! Seems to me even an ATTORNEY could understand that! LOL ROITFLMAO

This is why 99% of attorneys give the other 1% a BAD NAME!

May take “personal time off” to seek treatment for “this issue.”

If it is a NON ISSUE ABOUT NON SEX, why does he need time off to seek ADDITIONAL TREATMENT—ADDITIONAL treatment must mean he had PREVIOUS TREATMENT—-if this “issue” is NON-sexual, why would he have had PREVIOUS TREATMENT?

Sounds like ‘LAWYER SPEAK” TO ME! Bwa hahahaha hahahaha bwa ha ha ha

That’s the best translation I can do precambrian. Hope that clarifies things enough! LOL ROTFLMAO


I do not and can not for the LIFE of me understand why people let this type of piss poor logic go unchallenged. Yes, the mind does reel trying to piece together the unconnected components but there’s nothing wrong with saying, stop and wait for a moment, I don’t understand what you’re saying. I think this is why they try to put people who challenge them on the defensive right away. Frankly I’m surprised he hasn’t blamed her clothing or make-up for his repeated sexual texts.

His use of the words: Wisconsin Justice Department officials in the sentence says it all. He’s trying to gain credibility for his OPINION on the content of the text messages by throwing in the words Wisconsin Justice Department officials.

That would be tantamount to my saying … In my emails to Macy’s, the clothing with store tags on it found in my purse upon leaving the store did not appear to have been stolen. See? Macy’s agree with me. I didn’t steal those items and I challenge you to prove it.

ugh. I feel dirty.

Ox Drover

Dear precambrian,

GOOD examples!!!! Yes, he is trying to borrow the credibility of the Justice department in his phrasing! SLICK—slimy!!!

BTW, for whatever reason I can’t open the thread “would someone please tell me why he did this” to respond to you and fearless.

This whole thing is soooooo typical of the “playbook” plays that they use to dodge arrows and bullets and to get away with their con games!

Yea, makes you want to go take a shower and scrub with a metal bristle brush to get the nasty off of you, just thinking about such a creep! Use steel bristles, brass bristle brushes won’t scrub deep enough to get the filth out of your pores! LOL

Ox Drover

TOWANDA!!!!! THANKS FOR THE UPDATE DONNA! Maybe there is some justice in Wisconsin after all for that poor woman! (and who knows how many other women that man has abused or tried to abuse)

My vote is for Gov Doyle! Maybe this will be a great “learning opportunity” for the people of Wisconsin and the “criminal justice system.”

Ox Drover

There was another link on that same page about the above one Donna left about the attorney FOR the DA being charged that “women are motivated by financial opportunity” and that he was expecting other women to come forward to try to cash in!



Ox Drover


Well, the swine will be out of office “by friday” (not sure if this is the past friday or the coming one) He is “receiving treatment”—for what! Being a psychopathic swine!?

Notice too–THERE HAVE BEEN OTHERS COMING FORWARD, but we were expecting that, now weren’t we, children! We didn’t figure this attack on the victim was the FIRST now did we? NOT A CHANCE!!!

I love it, it is almost as good as the “Tiger Woods of PUBLIC HOUSING” so I guess this guy is the “Tiger Woods of the DA’s office!”


It would be nice if this man actually felt shame over his actions – I’m sure his family is royally p.o.’d with him, not understanding why he’s acted the way he has, SO UNPROFESSIONAL. Maybe his wife will throw in the towel and divorce him (since he appears to be willing to cheat on her).

Ox Drover

Dear Bluejay,

The fact that he doesn’t even know what shame is, much less how to FAKE IT, proves to me that he is a psychopath because they can’t feel shame.

As far as his wife is concerned, sometimes women put up with this kind of carp because of a number of reasons (who would know better than WE would know that!?)

If he is this much of a psychopath and so arrogant with that victim he tried to put the make on, can you even imagine how he must have treated his wife all these years? God bless her soul!

I hope that she does see the light and toss his arse. Like Tiger Wood’s wife did….I have a great deal of respect for how Mrs. Woods handled the mess. I hope this woman does as well. I wish her peace.



I hope that she kicks him to the curb. It’s easier to stay with “what you know” than risk for a better life. I pray that she gets the louse out of her life. I hate this whole sociopathic disorder. It amazes me still that my h-spath lacks shame over some of his actions, not even bothering to fake it. It really is disturbing because it’s our sense of shame and guilt that helps steer us in a better direction, not repeating our mistakes over-and-over again.

Ox Drover

So far I haven’t read any comments about her, but unless she is a psychopath herself, bless her heart, I imagine she is hiding under the emotional bed sucking her thumb in shame for what he has brought upon their family. Either that or she is plotting his murder! Could be either or both!

That story about that man and what he did to that victim (others have now come out of the wood work that he treated the same way) makes me want to puke! How about the old “psychopathic kick’em when they are really down” ploy!

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