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Prosecutor won’t be prosecuted for sexting

Former Wisconsin Prosecutor Ken Krantz sent racy text messages to a domestic violence victim. About 12 women complained about his behavior. He will not be charged with any crimes.

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Hope to heal

This story reminds me of the typical “Old Boys Club” that is still alive and well in so many small towns.

The city where this man was a county prosecutor has a population of less than 8,000 people. It’s impossible to know how many women were actually abused and / or pressured into not saying anything.

Seems to me he is a VERY sick man. And like many sociopaths, he has played the system THIS time. Hopefully, he is now on the radar, and will either have to behave himself, or go to JAIL!

Hope to heal

I just found another article with more details about this nasty man’s abuse of power!
Here is link.

Ox Drover

Dear Hope2heal,

I have followed this man’s story since it broke in the news the first time, and I am the one who sent the link to Donna, I think THIS IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE of criminal conduct by someone in a position of authority in law enforcement.

This whole story makes me want to PUKE.

Years ago I was a reserve deputy in a small town, and the sheriff at the time had a couple of 15 year old run aways in his jail and he was having sex and booze and drug parties with these young women…I actually saw PHOTOGRAPHS of this man with a naked 15 year old on his lap and a bottle of booze in her hand, but NO PROSECUTOR in the state of arkansas would prosecute him for RAPE—finally the Feds came in and prosecuted him for “violation of the girl’s constitutional rights” and the jury let him go, HE DIDN’T VIOLATE THEIR RIGHTS, he RAPED them! Consent or not. But the thing is that if a DA refuses to prosecute NO ONE CAN MAKE HIM/HER DO SO….and it IS THE GOOD OLD BOY SYSTEM….EXCUSE ME WHILE I PUKE!

Hope to heal

Yeah, Oxy makes me sick too!! I believe the guy is still a practicing attorney. Although, I’m not sure of that. Going to look and see.

He opened a private practice after he had resigned. Who in the world would want him for an lawyer??

Ox Drover

Well, Hope2, you know the more under handed the land shark is, sometimes the better he is for getting the guilty off—look at OJ and his team of land sharks. Yea, even the guilty have a right to a fair trial, and a fair hanging as well…LOL But you know, I think our “legal” system has thrown the baby out with the bath water.

I’ve changed my views on some things in the last couple of years, and one of them is the validity of “eye witness” testimony, which is consistently been BAD….and the people off death row who have been vindicated by DNA proving they were not only “not guilty” but INNOCENT ENTIRELY….but these creeps like this that get off when they should “hang”—-the good old boy system STINKS!

Hope to heal

Dear Oxy ~ this man was a part of the very small legal system where the spath in my life lives. It just makes me ill to think about the games they may have played together. She is a home health worker in the same county. Yes, this sicko woman takes care of disabled and dying people. How scary is that???

Ox Drover

Uoooooo who!!!!! So you are sort of semi-connected to this POS guy via the X!!! Yea, it is scary that these people are in the “helping” professions many times. Lawyers, judges, cops, nurses, doctors, military, social workers, and even therapists. SCARY for sure!

These small town politics or even in some cases large town politics that are crooked and ROTTEN to the core just make me want to PUKE!!! The old “good old boys” keeping each other safe from the law’s consequences.

I don’t watch much TV but there’s a new show on called Chicago Code about crooked politics in Chicago and this crooked alderman and a female chief of police who hates him…and I sort of like the show because once in a while he “gets his”—but in real life sometimes they do NOT get what they deserve….like this POS—they get off. Then all we can do is to count on God’s justice and wait.


I was taken to court a year ago by the P’s in my life and they were out to win. It was a good old boys club in this little town on the Coast of Washington State. I knew no one at the time but the people taking me to court. They got a restraining order against me based on lies and when I went to court to get a restraining order as recommened by domestic violence support, the judge only listened to the P’s and never heard me out. There were 5 people under oath and telling lies. This P who is now with my friend P said he had witnesses to not assaulting me. The police were involved when the assault happened and it still didn’t matter. If this P had even a restraining order against him he would go back to prison, he was on probabation. Another part of the untold story in the beginning. The P’s best good old boy was buddies with the police, courts and towns people. I was devistated. Still overwhelmed when I talk about it. All alone with no one to protect me. It has been an awful year. An entire town thinking I was in the wrong, that I did this to this wonderful man. I had no clue that life could get so corrupt. The man followed me, stalked me and no one believed me. He was out to win at any cost. I recently moved back to my home town, quiet and healing. He still threatens me and the restraining order is over, but he isn’t done winning and I am not the dannzle in distress anymore. My eyes are wide open now. Even the law and court system are broken. I just pray every day that God is watching over me. Thanks for listening. Scared and alone in Ocean Shores. Hugssss

Ox Drover

Dear Anne,

Stay strong and keep on praying…reading, learning, healing. It is frustrating when they lie under oath and no one believes you…been there and done that!

Go back through the archives here if you haven’t already and start reading the articles there…the articles that are listed by subject and author go back to the very beginning of LF..the ones by month only go back for 1 year. The older articles are wonderful too and there is so much there that will help you heal.

We start out learning about them, but we end up learning about ourselves and healing our souls and spirits as well as our emotions and our minds. (((hugs))) and God bless

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