Psychiatrist, sex, drugs and murder

A psychiatrist in Kenosha County Wisconsin has been accused of using sex, drugs, and hypnosis in an attempt to convince a male patient to kill her husband.

Read Psychiatrist facing 20 years in prison for using sex, drugs and hypnosis brainwash male patient into killing her husband in

Only one patient bothered to post a rating of the psychiatrist, and it wasn’t good. See

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When I grew up my folks also had a joint bank account, though both had jobs, and there never seemed to be any problem as they agreed on how to spend money (for so long they had very little to disagree about, he was a school teacher and she was an accountant ) but I have changed my mind on joint possessions.

Though my husband and I loved each other, we had a pre-nup and separate accounts because we married later in life and we didn’t want there to be any trouble if one of us died or we ended up divorced. We planed in advance what would happen to our stuff, his stuff and my stuff.

I think that is a good idea even if a couple marries Very young. There needs to be some financial planning BEFORE living together or marrying. All the horror stories on this blog about finances are usually because the victim TRUSTED the ABUSER way too much.

with a 50% divorce rate for all first marriages, and a higher one for second marriages, why would anyone want the court to decide LATER what is fair?

There are so many ways finances can be worked out so if the relationship splits or the marriage does—each goes their own way and there’s no $$$ problems. If I ever were to marry again, it would be “Dutch treat”—-LOL

wow!!! i found this article disturbing beyond belief. i am still totally in shock. i used mary hein multiple times to do online “therapy” after my experience with the sociopath in my life. i am literally shaking at this second after confirming that it IS INDEED the mary hein i used to do the online sessions with.

the article got a few things wrong. she is NOT a psychiatrist, as the article stated. she has an MS and was working on (if she hadn’t already completed it) a Phd. I did a quick google search on the story and also logged into my old account where she did the online counseling and confirmed that her account has been disabled and the site is no longer allowing her to do online sessions (duh)! but i had to check. they put up a short and sweet message next to her profile that she is no longer available for online sessions and they apologize for the inconvenience.

i can say, that there was nothing whatsoever in her demeanor with me that would have ever led me to suspect anything off or odd because there wasn’t. her credentials were verified by the online service and she got many very positive reviews from the folks that did online sessions with her. i actually felt comfortable speaking with her. i am still pretty shocked and as the whole thing begins to sink in more, i feel more unnerved. like wow!!


back before the internet took up soooo much of her time, the spath acted as a marriage counselor to a famous singer and his wife. the spath has no papers or training whatsoever. but she does know how to liiiiie.

the couple broke up.

she was, also, pretending to be said famous singer in an online forum – showing him to be messed up and fragile. her baseline story for her fave characters. she stole pictures of his house to use in one of her next scams…oh yah, and pics of the the famous singer’s friends and livestock, and pretended they were her friends…including the livestock.

that must be very earth shattering for you, to realize that you jumped from trusting one Psycho to another equally disturbed person. It just goes to show us that THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!
I’m so sorry that you experienced that. Hopefully you can use your experience to better innoculate yourself from them. In this case, it sounds like the red flags would have been hard to see. Was there ANYTHING that might have, in retrospect, seemed like a red flag?
BTW, did you pay money for these counseling sessions? If so, I think you should get your money back – and you have very good grounds for demanding it back.

skyler, yeah, it’s just a total trip!!! i hadn’t spoken with mary in about 2 years now, so it would be pointless to demand my money back. and oddly, i feel that i would never have even tried to do that anyway, because i got what i paid for (isn’t that weird)?!! i just went back over a few old transcripts from sessions with her. she was very good, exercised good judgement, and provided really constructive feedback. maybe that’s what makes it all the more chilling. there were NO RED FLAGS. and yet another kicker, if i remember correctly, she is a guidance counselor (oops, guess that should be past tense now) in the public school system and has been for many years. i wonder if they noticed any sort of red flags or if their experiences with mary were the same as mine, “FLAGLESS?”

Dear Stunned,

All I can say to that is WOW!!! I do think it illustrates, though, that in some business or client relationships they can be or appear to be perfectly “normal” and competent in doing their jobs, but in their personal intimate relationships (where emotions run high) they can be literally DEADLY and act in cold blood and without conscience.

Some of the best surgeons I know are flaming Narcissists and I would rather marry a billy goat than one of them, but if I had to have my belly cur open, I would want one of those guys doing it. I also wouldn’t want to be a nurse working with them, but they7 were good at what they did. They just weren’t “nice people” to those within their close circle of family.

So maybe this woman was the same way, she could be a good, even excellent therapist, yet she lacked an internal moral compass.

Thanks for correcting the professional ranking.

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