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Psychiatrist, sex, drugs and murder

A psychiatrist in Kenosha County Wisconsin has been accused of using sex, drugs, and hypnosis in an attempt to convince a male patient to kill her husband.

Read Psychiatrist facing 20 years in prison for using sex, drugs and hypnosis brainwash male patient into killing her husband in

Only one patient bothered to post a rating of the psychiatrist, and it wasn’t good. See

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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A person with normal ordinary decent empathic brain system would possibly say: What a disgusting abuse of power over the vulnerable, and what a distubing experience for that male patient..Thank God She was caught
the Psychopathic brain system who perpetrated this crime would possibly say: what a perfect opportunity to manipulate and exploit object 1 to get rid of object 2 leaving me with what I deserve, what is rightfully mine anyway…Damn I was caught….next opportunity?

Ox Drover

Another question is how do people like this woman get through college, get people to recommend them to the highly competitive world of medical school and complete an internship and then go on to specialty school, and NO ONE NOTICE SHE IS A PSYCHOPATH?

You would have thought as she did her psych training that maybe, JUST MAYBE, someone would have noticed that this woman was OFF in some way or other.

When I worked at the liberal arts college we had a student who was brilliant but so narcissistic that he failed in the end to get a single letter of reference from his professors for medical school. In fact, his professors were appalled that the should be come a physician, even though he was clearly smart enough and had the grades.

But I’ve known plenty of VERY narcissistic and I think psychopath physicians who are general practice, or surgeons, and even a few what I thought were psychopathic psychiatrists, but it still makes me wonder—HOW DID THESE MEN AND WOMEN GET THROUGH SCHOOL WITHOUT SOMEONE PICKING UP ON IT? Or DID someone pick up on it and then let it “slide”? and just DID nothing about it.

Look at the comments and the “approvals” or :disapprove” numbers (red or green) by each statement made about the article. This kind of thing does such a disservice to psych docs and therapists in the minds of the general public. Yet I think if she had been a surgeon who got a patient to try to kill her husband it wouldn’t have reflected so much on her profession in the minds of the public.

I hope she does more than 20 years, but not likely she’ll even do a third of that…unless they stack the sentences.

Here’s one for your blog, BloggerT! for FEMALE (sexual) OFFENDERS.


There is a similar story in the book “the sociopath next door “.
It was about a psychiatrist woman who was trying to make her patient sicker than he already was. In the end she gave everyone the slip and move on to a better job. She got away because no 1 wanted to stir the pot.
not all sociopaths are easy to spot because some are just so darn nice!
the picture of this woman looks very much like my neighbor, the one who told me that she only dates married men. I know that she is a sociopath, because she only wants what others have. And also because she was planning my demise with my exP.

Ox Drover

I watched Dateline last night about an attorney and his wife who couldn’t have kids and adopted 2, a boy Chris and a girl 7 yrs younger, both adoptions at birtth.

The boy Chris was out of control before middle school and they did everything they could in therapy etc etc. finally sent him to a boot camp on an island over seas to try to straighten him out. The kid pretended to love his parents but hated them. They tried to set him up in business, bought him a house, and all he would do is quit jobs, throw money away and sell drugs. Eventually he decided to murder them. Got a druggie friend of his to pull the trigger. Shot and killed the mother, shot father in the head (leaving him BLIND but otherwise intact–almost 6 years after the shooting the son was convicted.

The kid had shown OUTRAGEOUS and VIOLENT behavior since he was a young child and by the time he was in middle school CRIMINAL behavior, and by the time he was a teenager sent to the boot camp where he was more or less by physical force forced to conform, still NOTHING THAT WAS DONE made the kid change is thinking, he just resented being controled by anyone.

His father finally got the truth, though he loved his son, he testified at the kids trial (though by this time the “kid” was pushing 30) and testified again at the sentence, which was life without parole.

After the sentencing the son wanted to be interviewed and he was throwing such a PITY PARTY and crying great tears of pity for himself.

I felt so much for that father, who I thought handled the thing as well as he could be expected to. The adopted daughter was also devastated that she lost her mother of course but she also “lost” the brother she loved. He is as dead to her as her deceased mother is, and her father is blind…though he went back to practicing law in court and is successfully doing so—he is also volunteering to help raise funds to help research to heal wounds like he got (severed optic nerve) though he knows the likelyhood of it every helping him are between zilch and zero.

This man (later victim) had been totally overjoyed when he and his wife brought home this adopted child at age 2 days, they were thrilled as if they had given birth to him, but unfortunately, the child they were given was the “bad seed” and not the child they had envisioned. Their adopted daughter 7 years later, did however, grow up to be a loving and caring adult. The boy, just able to fake on the surface, the words necessary to appear “caring” in front of witnesses.

It doesn’t matter if you adopt them or give birth to them, if the genetics are strong enough, there is nothing that can be done to turn them aside from their mission of CONTROL and/or REVENGE if they can’t get control. The better manners you teach them, too, the better to fool you and the world with.


I am at the point where I can pretty much watch these t.v. programs and recognize when the story is about a sociopath. Not too long ago, I watched a tragic story about a terrific single mother in Florida – her daughter started displaying (in my opinion) sociopathic behaviors around the time she reached puberty. Her mother was a Christian and was doing all that she could to turn this child around (eg. counseling, etc.) The daughter was out-of-control. She and her boyfriend (who I suspect was also a psychopath) killed the mother, a male friend who was hanging out with these two juvenile delinquents, got pulled into the mess. All three teenagers went on the lam, driving from state-to-state until they were caught (I believe in Texas). The daughter ended up getting something like 20 years in prison, the boyfriend might have gotten the death penalty (I thought that the girl deserved the death penalty too), and the friend received something like a 25 year sentence (he was very frustrated with the girl’s sentence due to the fact that the girl was the one who concocted the plan to murder her mother and was one of the actual killers, but she ended up getting less prison time than him). A police detective who appeared on the show kept repeating the fact that the daughter NEVER SHOWED any remorse over killing her mother – she was unemotional, blank. After watching the program, I KNEW that this girl was a psychopath. The whole story was tragic.

Ox Drover

There are so many “flags” that are TELLTALE to me NOW, like the lack of remorse (though some of them try to FAKE remorse some don’t even try to fake it) The man last night said the words but his pity was not for his parents but for being “convicted of something he didn’t do” Not at all like a person who REALLY hadn’t done it would have behaved, he seemed to turn the tears on and off like a faucet, but without any APPROPRIATE visible emotional component.

My X-DIL’s behavior only ONCE since I have known the woman has not been very TRANSPARENT but once after the divorce the day I met her at the bank to get the joint check to her and my son C from the IRS cashed did she even appear civil to me. She almost acted like she liked me, and I guess maybe for that day she DID since she was getting her hands on money and I was there. If I hadn’t known better, I would have thought she was really FOND of me and “what a nice woman” she is—but I kept myself for falling for that by picturing her trying to take the phone out of my son C’s hand as he was trying to call 911 while her BF was breaking down the door gun-in-hand intent on killing C. (her husband) Funny how that works. No matter how fake-nice they are, you can usually think of something to counteract falling for that fake niceness. LOL


Wow, just goes to show you that a M.D. PhD. JD, or whatever after your name can mean squat!

I’d rather be a janitor at Walmart but be a decent, kind, honest, loving, person capable of truly caring for others. and capable of making an honest living.

These so called “professionals” show us that no matter what our society tells us about how merit (and a “lack” of it) can effect our sense of self worth, there are always those who do not know how to properly use their talents..

God help us.


Ox Drover,

Lack of remorse is definitely a red flag. Another biggie is a lack of shame over their misdeeds, coming up with lame-brained, empty excuses. Some posters have mentioned the juvenile mode of thinking – the socio that I know demonstrates this – he has displayed the attitude, “what’s your’s, is mine, ” (eg. money, etc.), sneakily going behind my back and taking advantage of me. I figured out too late that I COULD NOT have a joint bank account with the blankety-blank.

Ox Drover

Yea BJ that’s the old “What is mine is mine and what is YOURS IS MINE” routine!

I would never have a joint bank account with ANYONE….what’s the need to? Just keeps things straight to have separate accounts, even if the money is joint. Easy enough to transfer funds by internet if you need to…but I make it, I control it. Period.


Ox Drover,

Yes, I figured that out too late. Growing up, my parents had joint bank accounts, so I carried on the tradition, to my disadvantage. I never imagined that a spouse would screw his/her loved one to the extent that mine did me. I will teach my children to do differently, always protecting themselves, period.

Ox Drover

When I grew up my folks also had a joint bank account, though both had jobs, and there never seemed to be any problem as they agreed on how to spend money (for so long they had very little to disagree about, he was a school teacher and she was an accountant ) but I have changed my mind on joint possessions.

Though my husband and I loved each other, we had a pre-nup and separate accounts because we married later in life and we didn’t want there to be any trouble if one of us died or we ended up divorced. We planed in advance what would happen to our stuff, his stuff and my stuff.

I think that is a good idea even if a couple marries Very young. There needs to be some financial planning BEFORE living together or marrying. All the horror stories on this blog about finances are usually because the victim TRUSTED the ABUSER way too much.

with a 50% divorce rate for all first marriages, and a higher one for second marriages, why would anyone want the court to decide LATER what is fair?

There are so many ways finances can be worked out so if the relationship splits or the marriage does—each goes their own way and there’s no $$$ problems. If I ever were to marry again, it would be “Dutch treat”—-LOL


wow!!! i found this article disturbing beyond belief. i am still totally in shock. i used mary hein multiple times to do online “therapy” after my experience with the sociopath in my life. i am literally shaking at this second after confirming that it IS INDEED the mary hein i used to do the online sessions with.

the article got a few things wrong. she is NOT a psychiatrist, as the article stated. she has an MS and was working on (if she hadn’t already completed it) a Phd. I did a quick google search on the story and also logged into my old account where she did the online counseling and confirmed that her account has been disabled and the site is no longer allowing her to do online sessions (duh)! but i had to check. they put up a short and sweet message next to her profile that she is no longer available for online sessions and they apologize for the inconvenience.

i can say, that there was nothing whatsoever in her demeanor with me that would have ever led me to suspect anything off or odd because there wasn’t. her credentials were verified by the online service and she got many very positive reviews from the folks that did online sessions with her. i actually felt comfortable speaking with her. i am still pretty shocked and as the whole thing begins to sink in more, i feel more unnerved. like wow!!


back before the internet took up soooo much of her time, the spath acted as a marriage counselor to a famous singer and his wife. the spath has no papers or training whatsoever. but she does know how to liiiiie.

the couple broke up.

she was, also, pretending to be said famous singer in an online forum – showing him to be messed up and fragile. her baseline story for her fave characters. she stole pictures of his house to use in one of her next scams…oh yah, and pics of the the famous singer’s friends and livestock, and pretended they were her friends…including the livestock.


that must be very earth shattering for you, to realize that you jumped from trusting one Psycho to another equally disturbed person. It just goes to show us that THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!
I’m so sorry that you experienced that. Hopefully you can use your experience to better innoculate yourself from them. In this case, it sounds like the red flags would have been hard to see. Was there ANYTHING that might have, in retrospect, seemed like a red flag?
BTW, did you pay money for these counseling sessions? If so, I think you should get your money back – and you have very good grounds for demanding it back.


skyler, yeah, it’s just a total trip!!! i hadn’t spoken with mary in about 2 years now, so it would be pointless to demand my money back. and oddly, i feel that i would never have even tried to do that anyway, because i got what i paid for (isn’t that weird)?!! i just went back over a few old transcripts from sessions with her. she was very good, exercised good judgement, and provided really constructive feedback. maybe that’s what makes it all the more chilling. there were NO RED FLAGS. and yet another kicker, if i remember correctly, she is a guidance counselor (oops, guess that should be past tense now) in the public school system and has been for many years. i wonder if they noticed any sort of red flags or if their experiences with mary were the same as mine, “FLAGLESS?”

Ox Drover

Dear Stunned,

All I can say to that is WOW!!! I do think it illustrates, though, that in some business or client relationships they can be or appear to be perfectly “normal” and competent in doing their jobs, but in their personal intimate relationships (where emotions run high) they can be literally DEADLY and act in cold blood and without conscience.

Some of the best surgeons I know are flaming Narcissists and I would rather marry a billy goat than one of them, but if I had to have my belly cur open, I would want one of those guys doing it. I also wouldn’t want to be a nurse working with them, but they7 were good at what they did. They just weren’t “nice people” to those within their close circle of family.

So maybe this woman was the same way, she could be a good, even excellent therapist, yet she lacked an internal moral compass.

Thanks for correcting the professional ranking.

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