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“Psychic” bilks lovelorn man out of $700,000

A 32-year-old man from Brooklyn, New York, was in love. The woman did not return his affections, and he was heartbroken. So the man turned to a storefront psychic in Times Square for assistance.

The psychic, Priscilla Kelly Delmaro, 26, convinced him to pay her money. Then more money. Then more. In 20 months, she convinced the man to hand over $713,975.

A Manhattan fortuneteller cost him fortune after fortune, on

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I have watched many programs where Sociopaths having been caught
kill themselves. Proving what cowards Sociopaths really are. Also,thanks to Donna I have come to know that my Mother in law is a dyed in the wool Sociopath.


Wow. I hate to say but my first thought was that I wish I had $700,000 to hand over to someone. I cannot imagine that kind of money! About 15 years ago, I almost started down the same path with a psychic I’m ashamed to say. I, too, had lost my love and was heartbroken. It was one of those psychics that advertise at the back of the tabloids. Looking back, I can’t believe I fell for that. After sending $50 or so to put a “spell” on the object of my affection, he (or she – can’t remember) told me I had a complicated case that would require more money. When I hesitated, they laid a big trip on me intended to make me feel bad. Fortunately, I knew something was wrong and cut my losses after the initial $50. I had a few other similar experiences, so desperate was I to get the guy back. Watch out for these palm readers or anyone who asks you to keep spending money. They tell you they will burn candles for you or even give you special vials of holy water. They will tell you your case is complicated. I even had one tell me my life was cursed and this is why I never had kids (though I never actually wanted kids). Of course, for more money, she would remove the curse. It really plays to vulnerable people – watch out for these scams.

There are legitimate intuitives out there. There is one lady I consult every once in a while who is genuine. She has helped me a lot. She doesn’t play any games – she just does one session, which usually involves some energy work along with her intuition and wisdom. I always feel changed for the better when I come out. I had a very conservative therapist refer me to her.

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