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Psychology professor commits murder, suicide

Students had complained about the University of Idaho professor Ernesto Bustamante. He was erratic. He allegedly talked about shooting students. He coerced students into sex. The university followed its policies. Bustamante killed Katy Benoit, and then himself.

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Ox Drover

Having worked as a department head for a liberal arts college (Director of Student Health) I cannot even imagine that the college did not make the local law enforcement aware of all that had been reported.

The college where I worked had “security officers” and any violation of any LAW was immediately reported to the CITY POLICE which responded I think appropriately.

I can’t even imagine a college administration so stupid that the reports and the evaluations would not have resulted in immediate termination. A college professor having sex with students is a real “no no” so there should have been something done immediately by the college.

There was just WAY TOO MUCH SMOKE for there to have NOT BEEN SOME FIRE.

I hope the parents of this girl take action against this school, and I doubt not that they will do so. I hope the administrators responsible for these NON DECISIONS to protect the students (all students) from this disordered man, and I think he is most likely psychopathic as well as bi-polar (the two often times are co-diagnoses), are pilloried and and FIRED at the very least and held individually responsible.

This makes my blood boil!

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