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Psychology Today on Deception: Why we fall for scams, and how it affects us

Psychology Today The cover story of this month’s Psychology Today magazine focuses on something Lovefraud readers know all too well:

The Drama of Deception

Being scammed by someone you trust is the ultimate betrayal. It’s bad enough that those who are duped heap guilt on themselves, but the world tends to join in the blamefest. And here’s just one of many ironies: Those with expertise are not immune to being conned.

The author, Abby Ellin, interviewed me for the article, along with the Lovefraud writer Steve Becker, LCSW. You’ll see several quotes from both of us.

Highlights of the article:

“Our culture may embrace the redeemed sinner, but the person victimized—not so much,” says psychiatrist Anna Fels.

“When emotions, such as greed, kick in, we tend to put our skepticism on the shelf,” says Stephen Greenspan, Ph.D.

“We tend to ignore warning signals and just quickly try to ease the pressure. If you come across an opportunity to fulfill a desire, you are likely to not check it out thoroughly,” says psychologist David Modic.

The article is a good read. Thank you to the author, Abby Ellin, for drawing attention to this important topic.

The Drama of Deception, on



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Good article…glad Donna that you were interviewed for this type of magazine as it will be read by many counselors/therapist as well as the general population. Keep spreading the truth!! 🙂

This article brings up to mind Bruce Jenner and all the manipulative lies he has spun to get 3 women to marry him. It was only after he married each and fathered 2 children by each did he tell each wife that he was a cross dresser & wanted to be a woman. By then each of his wives were in love with him. After he told his each wive they divorced him and two have stated they were broken hearted because they thought they meet the perfect man & would have a happy loving long life with him.

Like this article states everyone in the media is praising Jenner and no one feels sorry for his 3rd wife (or any of his ex wives for that matter or his kids). It seems to me that he married his last wife because she had 3 young daughters and a wife very much into clothing & style which as a man that wants to be a woman this is what he would want to be around. The children that he fathered with his first two wives were 3 boys & one girl.

Once Bruce was married to his 3rd wife he literally dropped out of sight from his 4 very young children that he fathered…even going has far as not sending birthday cards or christmas presents to his own kids for YEARS.

Not only did he dupe his three wives but also all of his family & friends but most importantly he manipulated the public to be this great “All American boy next door” type to gain money from endorsements by selling products. To me this is scamming the public.

Now Bruce has manipulated his whole family to ’stand by his side” – very narcissistic man!!

(I don’t care if he wants to be a woman or not but I do care that he is getting away with YEARS of lying & manipulating everyone including his 3 wives & his 10 kids plus the public). Lets see if he can stop lying now that he is “out” & narcissistic behavior.


I found this website while reading the article at my Doctor’s office. I thought my relationship was bad until I read the story in the magazine. This website has also shown me that my situation could have been a lot worse. I am very glad I never married or had children with the woman I was dating.


Really excellent article. And, Donna, SO THRILLED to see you in print, and in a context that lends even more authority to your work and contributions. Just excellent!



I’m so glad to see this article. Very well put together. The writer referenced quite a few people who offer real life training and experience with decievers. Nice too that Lovefraud is being recognized as a credible and respected source.

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