Psychopathic rapist released from prison early, murders elderly woman

Graeme Jarman, 47, a serial sex offender who was released from prison early, is wanted by police in the United Kingdom for the bludgeoning death of a 77-year-old woman.

Jarman had previously served seven years for raping a 17-year-old girl at gunpoint. The Daily Mail quoted her:

‘I suffered seven hours at the hands of that man,’ she said. ‘He told me to shut up and do what he said, adding, “I am your everyday psychopath”. Those words will live with me for ever.’

Read: ‘I am your everyday psychopath’: What rapist wanted for murder of 77-year-old spinster told earlier teenager victim on DailyMail.co.uk.

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You know, It just doesn’t make sense to me that rapists are being released At ALL much less “early.” People who “date rape” are “bad enough” but people who rape total strangers with force are I think good “bets” to be total psychopaths and should never be released.

We’ve had so many rapists released in my state THAT I KNOW ABOUT that have gone on to rape again and/or kill…that I just don’t understand why the “law” doesn’t SEE A PATTERN HERE.

I think it has a lot to do with how little women in general are valued. Contempt for women is rampant in society, from inequitable wages to the price of haircuts to how a lone woman dining alone is treated compared to a man, how female bodies are sexualized (even little girls nowadays), glass ceiling, etc. There are simply too many examples to list.

If there weren’t so many old white men in power, rapists would probably have much more severe sentences.

I was reading some statistics lately about recidivism in sexual offenders.

There was a study done with polygraph exams of known sexual offenders in prison….and Yea, I know, polygraph is not fool proof..but the average of SEXUAL offenses COMMITTED BEFORE THEY WERE ARRESTED THE FIRST TIME was between 110 and 300 offenses. This tallies with the book “Predators” by Dr. Anna Salter about pedophiles.

Recidivism, depending on how it is measured (do they do another crime, or is it a reported crime, or is it one for which they are indicted or is it one in which they are convicted? etc), varies from 3% to 70+ percent.

It is difficult to get a real picture of the number of offenses, the severity of offenses, and other criminal behavior. Apparently sexual offenders (only) are not likely to rob or steal, and people who rob and steal are not generally likely to commit sexual crimes, but then there are those who will do ANYTHING. Plus, is a guy who sexually offends by flashing the same kind of criminal as a man who rapes strangers and bashes them over the head? Or the sexual sadist?

There are lots of questions about figuring who is “safe” to let out on parole and who isn’t. In general, only about 40% of offenders of all kinds finish their parole without another crime. There are many variables though, from employability to drug/alcohol use that factor in as well.

Then, you have to consider the psychopathic traits factors.

Plus, our society will not allow people to be incarcerated for “thought crime” (though this is changing with some sexual offenders who serve their prison time but are still kept locked up as dangers to society) That is a slippery slope as well.

I get your drift. totally.
Spaths, male or female, tend to victimize women and children.
There is a trend here and it may have to do with our wombs or with their cowardice. Regardless, it is a fact and we should work with these facts. They hate women because they are superimposing their hatred of their mothers on to every woman.


and why do they (categorically) hate their mothers?

One Joy
they are angry that they were unable to feel unconditional love. They remember being in the womb. completely irresponsible. They got fed through the umbilacal cord and their waste (poison) went back the same way. So they remember that they could poison this woman and she loved them anyway. She still fed them.

For some reason, they became addicted to that. When they were expelled thru the birth canal, like the expulsion from the garden of eden, they felt shame. “I did something bad, so that my mommy rejected me.” or “I AM something bad, so that my mommy rejected me.”


why would they feel this way and not us?

‘When they were expelled thru the birth canal, like the expulsion from the garden of eden, they felt shame. “I did something bad, so that my mommy rejected me.” or “I AM something bad, so that my mommy rejected me.”

we all feel this way. None of us wanted to be expelled from the lap of luxury. But some of us decide to take on responsibility. Others resent any part of that. I’m not sure why.

As infants, we cope by manipulating our parents into changing our diapers and feeding us because we cry or because we are cute. Supposedly, the unconditional love we get is what gives us the courage to trust others. Without it we get paranoid and revert back to infancy: spaths who feel entitled to be infantile.

Some of us learn other tricks, maybe we weren’t good at manipulating so we learned to be people pleasers. I tend to think of spaths as victims of their own infantile success. My mom said that my spathy sister was a flirt even as an infant.

Ox, your confusion about why they are released I think goes back to how ignorant people are about spaths. The idea of prison is to punish and teach, to send the message that, “What you did is a no-no and you shouldn’t do it, cause then you will be in trouble.” This approach has no effect on a spath, and it’s very hard for anyone who hasn’t dealt with an spath to understand this.

Just think of how many times we had to be hurt by the spath before we finally realized what they really were. The criminals in the system have never directly hurt those responsible for choosing their punishment, so there is no opportunity for the people making the call to eventually understand what they are really dealing with and get scared/pissed off enough to stop feeling too sorry to deal out a tough penalty. If one of these rapists were to rape the judge and the whole jury, rather than 1-300 people that the judge and jury have never met, I bet the rapist would never be released. Even then, this would require the judge and jury to realize that the day they released him, he would come straight to their homes and rape them all again. I sure as hell had NO CLUE how evil spaths were until I went through it myself, and I used to be very “forgiving” of everyone for almost anything. That’s changing, but only because I was the victim at one point.

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