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Radio interviews with Donna Andersen

I’ve done quite a few radio interviews over the last few months, answering questions about sociopaths, and recovering from being involved with sociopaths. You may find the discussions to be helpful.

The shows are archived on the new Lovefraud Blog media page. Here’s what is new:

November 20, 2011 Date Smarter NOT Harder!

Deborrah Cooper, also known as Ms. HeartBeat, interviewed me and Dr. Fran Walfish. (There are technical difficulties in the beginning of the show, but it will get started.)

Dating a sociopath—How to recognize a sociopath in your life before you get hurt

October 17, 2011 Beyond Black & White

Christelyn Karazin is author of Beyond Black & White, a blog for interracial dating. She began a series called “Filter the Freaks,” offering advice on how to avoid bad relationships. I was the first guest.

Filter the Freaks: Learn how to spot a sociopath

September 11, 2011 Websleuths Radio

Tricia Griffith, who hosts Websleuths Radio and manages for armchair detectives, interviewed me for the show, How to spot a sociopath. (Once again, technical difficulties in the beginning.)

How to spot a sociopath

September 6, 2011 Be the light now

Rev. Michael Carbone interviewed me about the spiritual aspects of an involvement with a sociopath. The lead-in is really long—skip forward to 8:45.

Love Fraud: How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan

August 1, 2011 Conversations with Cogee

This drive-time radio show in Las Vegas aired a special show, called Who the hell did I marry?, with multiple guests talking about discovering that their marriages were mirages. All the guests are interesting, but to hear just my segment, fast forward to 1:01:40. (Click the arrow below and then move the vertical bar that you see on the left margin to the right.)

[mp3j track=”″]

March 31, 2011 True Facts with Jon Leiberman

Jon Leiberman, a reporter for the Howard Stern radio show, and formerly with America’s Most Wanted, interviewed me and Casey Jones, who was also involved with a sociopath. We are the second segment of the show. To hear it, fast forward to 39:08. (Click the arrow below and then move the vertical bar that you see on the left margin to the right.)

[mp3j track=”″]

I take every opportunity I can to talk about sociopaths—hoping to spread the word so that people understand that these social predators are out there. If you have a radio show and would like me to be a guest, just contact me at: [email protected]


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I listened to the radio interview 20Nov with Donna and Fran Walfish. I was disturbed to listen to Dr Walfish’s adamant conclusion that sociopaths are the consequence of bad parenting, that somehow we failed to provide the emotional needs of our babies and ruined them for life. Donna’s position was that parental turning babies into socios only happened 50% of the time. 🙁


I really loved the interview you had on websleuth. Though I was indeed first surprised by Dr Walfish, once you pointed out the genetics and then combined with Dr. Walfish’s infancy explanation it made a lot of sense. My ex-spath though sounds by all acounts, experience and when matched to his half-brother, his cousins and his cousin-sister who was raised along with him the spath where neither the gene, nor the raising factor is apparent. I believe it was genetic, but no way from which side, but also that no matter what type of loving raising would have helped him. From what I do understand is that it only became apparent in the teen years.

But loved those two interviews, so far.

Ox Drover


Yes, that information is coming out and is VERY interesting. NOT ALL GENES that we possess are EXPRESSED, but some environmental events can TURN ON that gene at some point in time.

For example, I have the gene for type II diabetes (I knew that) and if I had NOT gained an excess of weight, it probably would NOT ever have been EXPRESSED. Now that it IS EXPRESSED, however, by losing weight, watching my diet, and exercising, I can to SOME EXTENT control the effects of that gene and maintain my blood sugar levels at an “acceptable” level and keep the damage to my heart, eyes, kidneys, etc. from progressing as fast as they would if I didn’t lose the weight, and control my diet and exercise.

We don’t know at this time ALL the genes that are involved in what we term “personality disorders,” and we don’t know what turns them on or what turns them off once they are turned on (if there is any way to turn them off once they are established)

I would love to be around in 100 years when more is known about the brain and how it is wired, rewires itself due to environment, and other things that are only starting to be addressed by medical science and research.

In the meantime, I think we all need to continue to learn and educate ourselves to the extent that there is knowledge and use that knowledge to protect ourselves from people who are TOXIC whatever the cause is. Thanks, Donna! For being a big part of that educational system!

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