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Radio personality shoots dog, injures wife

Editor’s note: Lovefraud received a tip about this story from a reader who was once involved with this man. Luckily, she got out.

Shannon Burke, a radio personality with Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando Florida, was arrested for firing a shot inside his home that injured a family dog and then grazed his wife in the head.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Catherine Burke, the wife, said her husband was upset because the dog dug out of the yard. The paper reported:

[Catherine Burke] said her husband picked up her spaniel named Charlotte “and threw her harshly to the ground.” Then, she said, he walked to a closet and got his gun and said: “I’m going to shoot the dog in the head and you’re going to watch.””¨

He pointed the gun at the dog and fired, but nothing happened, she said.ӬHe changed ammo clips, put the dog on the bed and fired a shot, she said.

“Charlotte yelped in agony and directly after that I felt a burning pain on the side of my head,” she said.

After a few days in jail, Burke was released but ordered to wear a GPS monitoring device.

Burke was arrested in 2008 for alcohol-related reckless driving and received probation. On May 4, 2009, Burke was fired by his employer, Clear Channel Communications.

News coverage:

Orlando Sentinel: Shannon Burke released from jail; wife files papers for protection from him

Fox 35 News: Photos released in Burke shooting

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Im am speechless. I googled his name to find out the status of his wife and dog. AND THANK GOODNESS THEY ARE OK…The pictures are scary and awful and horrible.

They provided the 911 call. He made is calm, cooly and said “I was playing around with a gun that I didnt know was loaded and it the bullet hit my wife…he never mentioned the dog. And at one point while he thought he was on hold with 911 he whispers to her “No, dont call anyone, dont call anyone…. and also the operator said if you have any animals put them in a safe place so like medic personnel can get in and out of the house…he never mentioned to the operator that the dog was laying there shot and bleeding…

And this man is out on bail? His wifes head shaved and stitched from front to back. His dog the same… escaped which point he probably would have convinced them it was all a terrible accident…

But she survived to tell the truth and MAN I HOPE SHE DOES….but he is out on 15,000 bail (an aditional 5,000 for breaking probation prior to this)…he is out with a restraining order not to go within a certain amount of feet of her….WTF. WTF. WTF.

He was at least fired two days ago. But I pray she has the courage and strength to defend herself and not him. This is why we must get out and stay away. period. the end.

This could have had a much much worse outcome. They are very lucky to be alive right now. Incredibly lucky. And he is out on bail….. disgusting.


I know, I can’t believe he is out on $15,000 bail. It is a horrible event. Likely he’s been abusing his wife for years, she has a long road ahead of her, and I will pray for her too (and the dog!)


My ex sociopath boyfriend had 3 kids from a previous marraige. He decided he no longer wanted to be bothered with the family cat.

So, he put the cat (alive) in a burlap bag, weighed it down with rock, and threw it into the pond on his property.

When the kids asked what happened to the cat, he said it got hit by a car.

Because I am a huge animal lover, he did not tell me until long after the fact.

Ox Drover

I would say this guy has an “anger management” problem (ROTFLMAO) at the least and the JUDGE who let him out on $15K bond has a “problem” with an IQ of 45!

I have no problem putting down an animal with a gun if it needs to be “put down,” but you know, at 1-2 inches I have never missed the animal and hit a person. I can’t believe the judge gave this psychopath BAIL at ANY PRICE!

I love it that he didn’t know the gun was “loaded” but he shot TWICE! I hope his defense attorney believes him because I sure don’t! I doubt that the DA will either. But i f my son’s wife and her BF trying to kill my son is any indicator of “justice”—-until they RE-criminalize attempted murder and put people in prison for it, I don’t think he will get much more than a slap on the wrist. At least my X-DIL and her BF got $150K bail instead of $15K and they didn’t even injure anyone.

Criminal justice system is an OXYMORON! gRRRRRRRR (that’s the sound of me grinding my teeth again!)


One of my ex’s told me he drowned some kittens he found in the river. About a year later he drowned a woman.

Elizabeth Conley

Radio Personality…

Here’s another not so wonderful “Mr. Charming!” Who wants to take odds on this probability his wife has been abused for years but thought no one would ever believe her over him.

He’s a professional charmer. It’s his job to be likable. He’s probably very, very good at it.

It really makes you think. At least, it should.

Elizabeth Conley


Criminals are so stoopid sometimes. I wonder if those clowns know how often 911 calls end up as exhibit a. Their self confidence bites them in the backside in these cases!


He was fired from the Radio station! It was on Local News last night


Justice is FINALLY being served!!

Today, Shannon Burke, local radio personality, remains in the Seminole County Jail after being re-arrested for violating his probation. He signed an agreement upon probation that he or no third party person could go near the house. He sent a friend to the house with a key to “get some of his belongings”…Wife had already changed the locks…she was scared to death hearing someone trying to get in house…and her poor dog ripped open his stitches from getting so worked up… BUT HE IS BEING HELD IN JAIL….TG THE JUDGE DID THIS….Hearing on June 2…here is the link…,0,3925374.story


I havn’t shed a tear since last November because I’ve been so angry…hearing that this man was put behind bars – I now have tears rolling down my face of relief for this woman. I identify so much with her fear and pain.

Ox Drover


Look at the ENTITLEMENT this man feels! The ARROGANCE, the “rules don’t apply to me” state of mind. What did he think, that his “friend” could just walk into the house and no one would be there and get “his things?” What about the FRIEND, was he/she arrested? Thank God the locks had been changed or who knows what would have happened!

Glad the judge “got it” this time at least!


Like to change the subject just for a moment but Drew Peterson was charged and arrested yesterday while out driving around with his “new” girlfriend. Many people who knew the victim (3rd wife) has been waiting for this for a long time. I for one am also glad to hear about the latest news.,2933,519392,00.html


James – I was certain he was the devil on earth. Im so glad to hear this. His new girlfriend probably has no clue how lucky she really is. Whats the count now? Two or three dead wives?? Thanks for this info!


Bail is set at $20 million. So, he will be in the clinker a while.


You know, there is a “pecking order” in prison.

Women/child abusers & pedophiles are at the bottom.

And we all know what that means, don’t we???


In Australia, the paedophiles/child abusers (rock spiders – we call them here), are given a beating as soon as they arrive and then for about a week inside prison. After that they are just like anyone else in the system, they are assimilated and equal (i.e. equal depending on how well they can fight). All the other stuff you hear about pedophiles and women abusers being cast out forever in prison is rubbish. I only know about Australia. After all, most of them are in there for similar things, most of them are psychopaths.


I agree the young mum engaged to Drew Peterson is lucky to escape with her life. He just wanted someone to look after all his kids. I read her Dad went over there with police and had her and her two children removed from Petersons house. But if she is one shred like any of us on this site (at 23) that won’t make much difference if he gets out.
After all, there are different laws for ex- coppers than ordinary citizens.

Ox Drover

Tilly, I am fairly well acquainted with waht goes on inside prisons as well, and the “myth” that all “baby rapers” get helll from the other cons in rubbish. Most of the time NO ONE KNOWS what you are in for.(unless you are famous) My P son told all kinds of lies to other inmates about what his “case” was, most of them totally off target. He had a cell mate once who was a goood looking minister from dallas who was a brutal rapist and he was a freaking “hero” to the other guys. charlie manson is a “hero” celebrity in prison Jeff Dahmer was a weird creep, but he was not killed because he was a creep, but someone just wanted to get famous for killing him.

I am sure OJ has a great time in prison since he is so rich and famous, he is a celebrity. My trojan horse psychopath did get beaten up in local jail but he was bragging to the other inmates about all the ctrimes he had committed and one of the inmates knows our family so since he was going down for life without parole anyway, decided to KILL the TH-P because he knew he wouldn’t be doing any additional time for the murder. That sort of thing does happen, but in general most cons don’t know what the other guy’s case is. Or care.


It sounds like your prisons are the same as ours then. I pray that Drew Peterson doesn’t get off when they find that they can’t seem to find any evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he did it. I pray he doesn’t pay another officer to “see” Stacey in some other country.



“Towanda” Originated from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes with Kathy Bates. Its the word she used to exclaim her new found assertiveness and empowerment! The guys here have tweaked it to “Towando” for themselves too!

Matt? Greece? or Dating? or What other exciting thing could it be??


“Towando” hmm, guess I’ll have to see that movie. Thankyou Oxdrover, I sure got through a lot of recovery today! One day at a time.


Hi everyone-

I haven’t posted in some time and really need to respond to so many of the articles and comments here!

What struck a cord is the issue of violence against animals by sociopaths…What was really the turning point with my stbx (we are going through a contentious divorce at the moment) is when he raged at my 6 year old daughter that if she didn’t behave that he would take the 3 little kittens she had been raising out in the woods and kill them. And my former FIL apparently told my stbx’s sister that if my ex didn’t take them out and kill them that he would! It was truly terrorizing and when I finally stood up to him….

On another note, I remember living in Greece there was a story in the news there about a pedophile and muderer (his own son was the victim) who never lived beyond the prison transport. The other prisoners actually bit him to death (they were handcuffed)! …I actually am working in corrections right now and live in a state where sex offenders are completely segregated (the vast majority of them at least) in a different facility. One reason if that they receive specialized psychological treatment (which is not very effective) there but also for their own safety…There is also a division of this facility where individuals can be committed for life if they are deemed to be a “sexually dangerous person” after serving their time…

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