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Raging man assaults wife in judge’s chambers

Paul Henry Gonzalez Jr. didn’t want to pay child support and didn’t want the court to tell him when he could see his kids. So he flew into a rage and attacked his wife in the judge’s chambers, sending her to the hospital.

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Wow this whole thing plays out in a judges chambers and all the guy can come up with is it was an unexpected incident caused by stress… How about this was a perfect display of narcissistic RAGE! We really need to do all we can to educate people about these people!

Ox Drover

CNN had photographs of her face today and it was terrible.

I could have punched the judge’s face for his stupid comment! Like he was EXCUSING THE GUY!

Ox Drover

Yea, Blue,, he is not through with her yet, it would not surprise me if this control freak doesn’t kill her before it is over….the sympathetic judge will have pity on his “stressed out state” and give him unsupervised visits…sheesh! God help her.


I am surprised that this has not generated more comments from readers-bloggers. This guy is a real nut case, and the sick gender basis of the judge is so clear… stressed out in the heat of the moment? this justifies bad behavior? where are rules of civility? it is frightening when law enforcement officals don’t understand the facts and implications of what we are telling them.


Just imagine her alone with the dude. He had NO REGARD, like most sociopaths. I just had a student of mine who had obvious bruises on her who said her husband called the police, they didn’t arrest him because they bought his dumb story that she attacked him. Courts and the law can be very disheartening.

Ox Drover

I totally agree muganji, the judge is as bad as the psychopath. Yea, dbdyer I CAN imagine the girl with him alone….he obviously has NO control over his impulses and his rage…I suggest she goes into hiding ASAP. He will stalk her.

Many of us have been stalked and one of the things that is interesting to me is that if you tell someone you have had a “stalker” in the past they do not take “stalking” seriously or think that it is any “big deal”—the word has lost the SERIOUSNESS of the meaning in it. Disheartening.

Since many people don’t believe you if you say a psychopath/sociopath etc is trying to get you, I tried to use the word “stalker” but then soon realized that people don’t get that word either. OF course there are “levels” of stalking like there are physical levels of abuse from a push to murder but ALL STALKING is potentially fatal.


I have no use for judges in domestic violence cases. They help the abuser finish the job.


The problem is that everyone wants to try to relate to the spath and explain away the evil behavior. I think it’s because the truth is so awful that it makes us not even want to live.

We on LF, “get” it, and look at how it has messed up our lives. It’s no wonder everyone dismisses it. It’s easier.

Ox Drover


I agree that admitting the truth that there ARE people that evil, that mean, IN OUR NEIGHBORHOODS is a scary thought. Or admitting that there are people who cannot be changed or improved and that these people are NOT RARE—is scary.

Admitting it is the man/woman I married or that is the father or motheer of my kids, or Godforbid, MY KID, is even more scary….or that it is MY father/mother….

I just sent a book review of a woman who is a psychopathic killer (probably seriall killer but the multiple can’t be proven) but her adult daughters worship her, defend her….and though her younger children are living with their normal biiological father, they are starting to join the “club” with their sisters worshiping their psychopathic mother, who paints herself as the real victim, even though the evidence CLEARLY points to the fact that SHE is the abuser and was never abused by the man she tried to label as an abuser and ultimately shot iin the back first, then as he lay helpless shot him in the head for the kill shot.

The woman’s stories (oh, yes, as new evidence came out she kept changing her stories) in no way meshed with the physical evidence or the investigation of her life, which she had fabricated as a “novel” without any correlation to truth at all, to make her the altruistic heroine of the universe who was only “trying to save” the abandoned animals and addicted ex-convicts that she took into her home.

Her daughters bought this line of clap trap, but her community, and eventually the police and the author of the book (which really wasn’t so much about this one murder case as about fake “altruism” being used as a cover for psychopathy). From where I sit NOW post-psychopathic PhD at the University of Hard knocks I see this woman’s story not as red FLAGS, but as RED BANNERS….so obvious that they can’t be missed.

This judge saw a RED BANNER a MILE LONG waving in 100 MPH winds and still didn’t realize what he was seeing. NOW the flags and banners are much more obvious to me what they are, but I no longer am frightened by the knowledge either that THEY ARE AMONG US, they appear to look human, but they can behave in very bad ways and there is no cure for them or their behavior EXCEPT ISOLATION IN PRISONS.

Ox Drover

ps Even though this judge didn’t see anything except a guy “under stress who snapped” maybe the DA will press charges in another court and put this guy away….that’ judge can’t be the ONLY judge in that county.

Ox Drover

Well, that is the good news! He sure deserves to go to the pen!

Ox Drover

Notice his mental health diagnoses:

Gonzalez and his attorneys wanted the judge to issue a lesser sentence of around four years in prison. A psychiatric expert who testified for the defense told the judge Gonzalez suffers from **personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and bi-polar disorder.*** (from the article above linked) He got the triple whammy. huh? The man will most likely always be violent and as far as the defense attorney being concerned that in prison he “won’t get the mental health help he needs”—-yea, like that will do a lot of good.


Yeah Oxy,
why don’t they say WHICH personality disorder? huh?
The church lady from SNL would say, “could it be….oooooohh… I don’t know…. PSYCHOPATH?!”


This deserves to be spelled out….laughing my ass off! Scared my old sleepy cat.

Good. One of them gets some well deserved consequences.

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