Raging man assaults wife in judge’s chambers

Paul Henry Gonzalez Jr. didn’t want to pay child support and didn’t want the court to tell him when he could see his kids. So he flew into a rage and attacked his wife in the judge’s chambers, sending her to the hospital.

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Well, that is the good news! He sure deserves to go to the pen!

Notice his mental health diagnoses:

Gonzalez and his attorneys wanted the judge to issue a lesser sentence of around four years in prison. A psychiatric expert who testified for the defense told the judge Gonzalez suffers from **personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and bi-polar disorder.*** (from the article above linked) He got the triple whammy. huh? The man will most likely always be violent and as far as the defense attorney being concerned that in prison he “won’t get the mental health help he needs”—-yea, like that will do a lot of good.

Yeah Oxy,
why don’t they say WHICH personality disorder? huh?
The church lady from SNL would say, “could it be….oooooohh… I don’t know…. PSYCHOPATH?!”

This deserves to be spelled out….laughing my ass off! Scared my old sleepy cat.

Good. One of them gets some well deserved consequences.

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