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Rape, jail, wrongful conviction and more rape

In an unbelievable story from the UK, Alan Doheny was convicted of rape in 1996. He convinced the court that he was wrongly convicted, winning his release from jail a settlement of £225,000. Then he committed two more rapes.

Read Convicted rapist who was cleared and awarded £225,000 compensation back behind bars after another sex attack on

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That’s so horrible! Their power amazes me. My boyfriend currently sits in jail wrongfully accused of this same crime by his ex who is a sociopath. She’s been putting us through hell for almost a year now and we are just praying that she is seen for the person she really is soon. Sometimes it feels like a never ending battle! ugh!


What kind of court would allow that swine to walk free after the little girl’s rape? BTW, do the rape victims get compensation for not being protected by the court?
That’s why they call us sheep. Because we are as helpless as sheep and there are predators all around but we do nothing to protect ourselves.

Ox Drover

My “take” on the article was that his “clearing” was more technical than he was innocent, it was the evidence was tainted, but didn’t mean he didn’t DO it. Of course the media also twists things too, but the fact that he has had MULTIPLE RAPE CONVICTIONS and that he could be out in only a few years to do it again (which he has proven he would do!)

The fact that his victims have ranged from a child to a 69 year old woman is also indicative to me that the man is a full blown psychopathic sadistic rapist who will probably now move on to serial rape/murder if and when he gets out.

Though England has had crimes just as bad (or worse than) as we have here in the US there are only a few dozen (mostly) men in prison For NATURAL LIFE. I think the number is at 36 or there about. I’ve been reading newspapers on the Internet about the crimes and sentences given out and they are letting people out in only hand full 4-5 for brutal murders. A teen-aged “yob” (what they call punks) who kicked a random gay man to death on the street and was laughing about it (caught on video doing so) is only going to get like 4 years in prison. It is just unbelievable that any civilized society would allow such crimes to essentially go unpunished. That such violent people would not be KEPT off the street.

In the US right now, sentences for cold-blooded murder (unless the victim is a police officer) range from 15 years to death, but most murderers actually do about 25 years before they are released. At the time my son killed his victim (1992) a “life” sentence meant that they could start asking for parole in 15 years. His murder was planned before hand, and carried out in cold blood after luring the victim to the place he intended to leave her body. NOW in Texas a “life” sentence means you must serve 30 years before you can start to ask for parole, but because my son was sentenced and his crime committed while the older law of 15 years was in effect, he can go to the parole board at 15 years (2007) and they gave him a 4 year “set off” meaning he couldn’t come back until January 2011, which he got a 3 year set off before he can come back for another attempt at parole, but by then he will have served 22 years and my fear is that the parole board will decide to turn him loose at that time since he will by then be close to the 25 year mark. I hope not, but my attorney says that they will start looking seriously at turning him loose at that time.

Now, considering that he has been in prison or jail since he was 17 except for less than 12 months, he has no friends except those he has made in prison, and he has only held a “free world” job as an adult for about 4 or 5 months, even then he was engaged in crime during that entire 5 months, he has had serious violations of prison records including multiple episodes of smuggling contraband including a cell phone in to the prison, and the only relative he has to “assist him” lives out of state and will be an 85 year old decrepit grandmother (if she is still alive by then) does that sound like someone who is likely to “go straight” and live a morally upright life? LOL ROTFLMAO

The only hope I have is that I can make enough fuss that the parole board will be AFRAID to let him out because if his MOTHER is publicly begging them to not let him out and he gets out and does hurt someone (me or someone else) they will have BIG PUBLIC EGG ON THEIR FACE for not listening to me.

With the Trojan Horse Psychopath, I did get the parole board to keep him 5 months longer than they intended to because the Victim’s advocate told me that he was being paroled to a half way house and she told me it was illegal to parole a sex offender to a half way house, so I called the parole board and raised verbal hell with them and they took back his parole for another 5 months at least. He is out now and off parole. At the time of his parole, his parole officer did not even know he was a sex offender. How is that for parole “supervision?” He had plead down to “felon in possession of a gun” and gotten 5 years, 2 suspended, did 18 months in jail/prison, and the rest on parole for trying to kill my son C. The TH P has 3 convictions for child molestation of kids between the ages of 9 and 14, and has spent about 20 years in prison, and this parole was the only one he has completed without being sent back for another crime, so I have NO doubt he is committing crimes, but just hasn’t been caught again (yet).

Ox Drover

Dear Vicinmi,

Didn’t mean to over look your post, welcome. I’m sorry you and your BF are having false accusations for which he is being held in jail.

Psychopaths of both sexes can use the law and accusations of violence against others, or denial of the violence they actually do.

I suggest that you read the book (can be obtained from the Love Fraud bookstore) “Legal Abuse Syndrome” and maybe it will give you some help and some hope.

The frustration faced when people are accused of crimes (or even convicted of crimes) that they did not do must be horrible. People are even being released off death row when DNA proves they did NOT commit the crimes for which they were convicted and sentenced. Right now in Arkansas there are three young men who have been in prison for over 17 years (one on death row) for a crime that it is becoming more and more obvious they did not commit (killing 3 small boys) and hopefully they may get out as they have been granted a new hearing based on DNA evidence that someone else actually killed those boys. There was never any evidence that they did it except the “confession” of one of the three teenagers, and he was/is retarded. There is little doubt, even among the parents of the victims, that these young men were railroaded in a witch hunt to solve the crime.

I pray that justice is done in your boyfriend’s case. God bless.

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