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Raped, then framed

Seemona Sumasar, a bakery owner and former Morgan Stanley analyst, filed charges that she was raped by her ex-boyfriend, Jerry Ramrattan. In retaliation, Ramrattan allegedly framed Sumasar with three crimes. Prosecutors believed the crimes, refused to check her alibi, and Sumasar sat in jail for seven months. Finally, an informant stated that the charges were false, and the case unraveled. Samasar just filed a lawsuit against the New York police. Read about this shocking case:

A revenge plot so intricate, the prosecutors were pawns, on

NY woman Seemona Sumasar says ex-boyfriend raped her, then framed her, on

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

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Seemona said she’d never believe in the justice system in the USA ever again. Yet, her case was resolved before trial. The justice system WORKED in her case, not as soon as should have, but the case fell apart and truth was easily gleened soon after. Seemona was one of the LUCKY ones. Her misery only lasted months. She only lost a few months with her child. She only lost her business. That is far more justice than what most get.

For MOST people, there is NO JUSTICE. Just ask Kaylee. Other people redefine what HER justice is, but she’d still dead. That’s not justice. Not ever.

Ox Drover

When I read these articles about this woman, and she will be on the TODAY SHOW tomorrow morning, it made my skin crawl. That woman was in jail for SEVEN MONTHS away from her child, and financially devastated as well. Her life was WRECKED. The anxiety she must have felt while locked up for something she was not guilty of must have been HORRIBLE.

There is NO AMOUNT OF JAIL TIME FOR HIM THAT WILL REPAY HER for what he did to her….life in prison for him would not be enough!

I don’t have a lot of confidence in our “justice” system either, and there are too many innocent people in prison today….that is one reason that I have changed my mind about the death penalty. Right now in Arkansas there are 3 people in prison for something they did not do, one on death row….for over 15 years! I think that they might be going to be released (new trial due to DNA evidence) in the next few months, but you know, at the time they were convicted of killing 3 little boys, it was a witch hunt, and because they were “goth” adolescents (one retarded) and they were arrogant and different, they were convicted with really LITTLE OR NO EVIDENCE except the retarded one “confessed” (see the “West Memphis Three”) but he didn’t know enough about the crime to even give a reasonable confession, yet they were railroaded through the “justice” system.

I just thank God that this woman at least was released. I pray for her healing.


OMG, that guy needs to be put away for ever!


Wowweeee! What a story. Thank God the truth came out and that idiot is in prison. Notice in the article the victim admits she was too trusting.

Ox Drover

Weren’t we ALL “TOO TRUSTING” !!!!!!


Amen, Sistah.



You bet!


That’s one hell of a story. And it is a very unusual case.

All right, they can sling this guy Ramrotten in jail, but that’s not going to do much good for Seemona Sumasar, whose life has been shattered by the BUNGLING INCOMPETENCE OF THE NEW YORK POLICE DEPARTMENT. It won’t bring her much “justice.” Justice is first and foremost about PUTTING THINGS RIGHT, as far that can possibly be done.

The neglect of that issue in favor of “throwing someone in jail” suggests to me some people may be too preoccupied with REVENGE. People can get too obsessed with “revenge,” sometimes to the point where it’s destructive, and certainly to the point where it distracts attention from more important matters.

By all means sling the bastard in jail. That does protect people from him while he’s in there, and also acts as something of a deterrent against others who might try the same stunts. And while we’re at it, let’s also throw the book at these lying scum who pretended to be “crime victims.” As for this illegant immigrant from Trinidad, when we’re done with him let’s boot him back there with all speed. Better still, throw him in the Caribbean and make him SWIM there.

But none of this helps Seemona Sumasar put her own life back together. She was a valuable citizen with much to give, and a right to continue expecting high earnings. Now her reputation has been shattered, her business and financial future wrecked, her relationship with her child disrupted. Her daughter’s life has been devastated too. They deserve AT LEAST SEVEN FIGURES IN COMPENSATION from the SCREWUPS of the police department who did this to them, because they DIDN’T DO THEIR JOB PROPERLY! It’s there in the story. She had strong alibis. These included cellphone records showing where she really was at the time of these SUPPOSED “crimes.” The police SHOULD HAVE CHECKED, but they didn’t. And why should she sit in jail for SEVEN MONTHS while they made up their stupid minds that she was innocent after all? She deserves to be fully compensated for their BLUNDERS.

I am far LESS concerned about things like the Casey Anthony verdict than I am about what happened to Seemona Sumasar. That’s because of an important principle laid down by, among others, the great 18th-century English jurist Sir William Blackstone. Blackstone wrote in his Commentaries on the Laws of England that “It is better that ten guilty persons escape than one innocent suffer.” Sometimes we hear this phrased as “It is better for ten guilty men to go free than for one innocent man to hang.”

Any justice system inevitably makes mistakes. It can never be avoided entirely. We insist on criminals being found guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt” precisely in order to avoid convicting an innocent defendant as far as we can. This does mean more guilty people will get off than the other way round, but that’s the price of protecting the innocent.

Sure, now and then an innocent person is convicted, even executed, in spite of our diligence. Or a life is severely damaged, as Miss Sumasar’s has been. It can’t be helped. But when it does happen, we ought to be very concerned about it, and do our best to put it right if we can.

I dare say there’s a deeper principle underlying this. It’s simply that when we put a government in place over us—and a police force and justice system are part of that government—we do so because we have a right to expect BETTER behavior from it than from any random individual.

Individuals are highly variable. Most are all right, but some are criminals and predators. It’s always possible that other individuals can do us harm in some way. That’s a fact of life, and it can’t be avoided. But with a government, police force, or anything of that nature, they’re SUPPOSED to be sane, competent, and benign, and acting together as a team they should serve as checks and balances on one another’s behavior. We’ve put them in place specifically to PROTECT us, so we expect better things of them.

I know it doesn’t always pan out that way. Just the same, if another individual does us an injustice, as bad as that may be, it’s something we have to expect. If officialdom does us an injustice, that’s SCARY! If we can’t get justice from our police or government, where CAN we get it?

I hope this woman’s lawsuits succeed and win her massive compensation. And I’d like to think (though I’m not holding my breath) that this case will ginger up the police departments concerned, become part of their training, and make them more diligent about doing their job properly in the future.


Educating the public about how the spaths think and act is not going to be easy. Nobody wants to believe that something so empty of humanity can be walking around looking and acting relatively normal.

Even the rape was not about sex. Rape never is about sex, it’s always about control, but that inconvenient truth is not at the forefront of a person’s mind when they hear rape.

Someone who is capable of rape, is capable of anything.

It’s amazing to think the sociopath came across more convincing to the police than a normal person. I feel so bad that this woman had to spend time in jail after being set up by a sociopath.

Ox Drover

This whole thing is just so scary, I think because we can SEE OURSELVES in this woman’s shoes. If it can happen to her, it can happen to us.


above is the link to the same story on msnbc.
I’ve re-read it and I’m seeing so many clues that the police were themselves involved in the BS.

Then came the surreal night when she was pulled over by police, cuffed and taken into custody without having a clue as to what she did wrong.

“They arrested me, [and] they didn’t say anything,” Sumasar said. “Nothing was explained at all. They just asked me to step out of the car, and they needed to take me for some questioning, and that was it.”

No miranda rights? didn’t even say what the offence was? come ON! He had been obsessed with cops and used to be an informant, I’m convinced that he knew who all the dirty cops were and convinced them to do this because of some misogynist reason he cooked up, or just for fun and games.

This is so much like what my spath did to me. Only I wouldn’t come on to the island when the cops were calling me to make sure I wasn’t a missing person. When I told the sherrif what my spath was AND gave him a recording of the spath telling me that he was going to dupe the cops, the sheriff just said, “well if you’re so afraid of him, you should move.” WTF?

And he never called me back or answered any of my emails.

Spaths have a pattern of involving authorities in their dirty deeds. This is how they insure that they’ll get away with it. This guy is not unusual, he’s classic.


The spath in this case is classic, as Skylar would say. If they get more people in on tormenting an innocent victim, the story seems real and believable.

My spath convinced a phd that it was my anxiety that was causing our problems. The phd did some back peddling when I sent him my proof and statements from the mediator and my attorney (which the phd held in high esteem) in which both of them saw something wrong with spath. I was on the fence with reporting him to the licensing board. It was horrible to not be believed and gave the spath ammo to let me know how crazy I was and that I should let spath help me because he “cared so much about me”.

I just read some of my testing from the sexual addiction department at the university, where spath and I both had completed multiple tests. I made spath go because I thought he had a sexual addiction, he does but the tests can’t prove it if you aren’t honest. The doctor there, at first, thought I was compulsive and needed cognitive therapy because I was so desperate for someone to believe me. His final notes were validating though and cleared me from having some mental condition.

From those tests I found out that I am 98% submissive, 76% dependent (or close to 76%) and also have anxiety. Yikes! Ripe for spath picking! I am staying away from men until I am less submissive and dependent.

Miss Sumasar must have been terrified and hysterical and begging for someone, dear God, believe me. I can relate. Being upset should not be an indicator of guilt, the spath was probably smooth and without anxiety therefore she looked more guilty. I feel so bad for her and I hope she gets justice with her lawsuit. There was a huge breakdown in the system and her life was turned upside down because of the ineptitude of the police department. Miss Sumasar should receive compensation. I don’t know how you quantify what she was put through but it should be enough for her to afford a place to live and time for her to find a job.

Those putrid spaths, they ruin so many lives. Freaks!

Ox Drover

Dear Hope4Joy,’

That not being believed by anyone—is very frustrating and invalidating–and I can definitely relate! My own new therapist after a 2-hour intake interview very NICELY asked me if I would bring a WITNESS and some documentation. He thought I was a paranoid nut job with the “everyone in the whole family is trying to kill me” routine! Of course I actually LAUGHED when he asked this and told him, “Of course I will bring witnesses and documentation, because my story DOES sound like a nut wacko” LOL

When I called the attorney in Texas to talk to him about representing me to work AGAINST my P-son’s parole he also thought I was NUTS—and when he got my documetation packet he called back, AMAZED and said “Your son is a DANGEROUS man!” Yea, RIGHT! I told him I knew he didn’t believe me either but I understood why!

There are still people in the community, the place I formerly went to church, and in my extended family that think I am a nut job who has abused her pooor sweet old mammie! LOL But you know, I have come to the place where I don’t give a big rat’s behind who believes me and who doesn’t—but this poor woman was in JAIL BECAUSE NO ONE BELIEVED HER. At least I am free and the belief of others or lack of it doesn’t effect my job, my freedom or anything else really.

Hope4, you have come a long way, and I pretty well know how difficult it was for you—I think most of us here do, and there was a time I was so frustrated that you didn’t seem to “get it” that he wasn’t gonna change that I wanted to pull my hair out and scream at you! I guess I DID scream at you some! LOL (((hugs))) But I AM SO GLAD for you that you did get it, finally in your own good time. I think we have all been “dependent” and “submissive” to one degree or another to those that would use and abuse us, lie to and deceive us. So I don’t think your dependence or your submissiveness is anything that we can’t all relate to. I think also that anxiety is a common denominator as well, because we are anxious about losing the “love” we have for the psychopaths….about losing THEM.

You have grown a back bone and you are standing up for yourself and your daughter, and setting a good example for her. I wish you well with your son, but like with all our children, they will make their own choices and own decisions and all we can do is the best we can do, and let God handle the rest. My own biological kids didn’t turn out the way I wished they would, but I realize I did the best I could as a parent and that doing the best he can is all a jack ass can do. I wasn’t perfect by a long stretch, but no parent is. My egg donor wasn’t a perfect parent, but you know, I know people with far worse parents who have turned out “better” than I did, so I have to accept responsibility for MY OWN CHOICES NOW….and for my choices since I have been an adult. I can’t “blame” my poor choices on her poor parenting. Now I am learning better choices, and how to set boundaries about how I allow others to treat me, as well as how I treat others.

I’m glad that you were able to convince the PhD that your X path was the problem child in the family. But I am also glad that you saw that you could and would no longer accept abuse! TOWANDA GIRLFRIEND!!!! YOU ROCK!!!! (((hugs)))


Donna, thank you for this update on this horrific story.

I hope that there is a deep investigation as to why this victim was further victimized by a flawed department. I really do. Not that it will give Sumasar’s 7 months in jail back NOR will it redress the horrible wrong that was perpetrated against her.

GODALMIGHTY, how do spaths just get away with their machinations?! And, WHEN will they begin to be held accountable for their actions and face REAL consequences?!?!

Thanks, again, Donna.


I hope she sues and wins enough money that the police might get some training about listening to and investigating both sides of the story.

Fat chance. This sort of thing happens all the time.

This story is unique only in an informer came forward.

Oxy, when I was going through my cancer while pregnant and my P sister threw me out of her house, during which time my boss also fired me less than 24-hours after I told him that I was pregnant and might need to take some time off because I was threatening to miscarry, my therapist asked my parents to come in and speak with her. She didn’t believe me. She had asked them in to hear their version of things.

They laughed when they came back. They said that she didn’t believe what I had been through and thought I was a “pathalogical liar.” Her words exactly.

They told her that everything that I said I had been through was 100% true. Her response was, “I’ve just never heard of anything like this before.”

This therapist and I parted ways almost immediately. I wasn’t going to talk with someone who didn’t believe me.

We ended up suing my company for firing me because I was pregnant. My lawyer subpoenaed some of her notes. She had written “liar” on one and had circled the word. My attorney showed me the note.



Here we go again with “they don’t believe us.”

And believe the spath instead.

Why would the spath be more believable than the accused innocent party?

Well, we believed our spaths at first, for awhile, too — didn’t we? And many of us go through a time when our stories are not believed, and it is very important to us (at least for a time) that others believe us.

With all this lying and deception going on, how can any of us ever be certain that we are seeing the truth about anyone or anything?

That’s just my philosophical pondering today, I guess.

I was also struck by what Redwald said above — very well put. We all have a stake, and we are all responsible, when it is our government failing to do a proper investigation. This hits close to home, too.

How can we as a society do a more effective job of judging truth vs. deception, and then act accordingly to protect and compensate the innocent from the crimes of the spaths?

I sure hope she wins, too.

Ox Drover

G1S My therapist on the INITIAL 2 hour interview in which I listed how every member of my family was out to get me listened empatheticly but at the end of the interview asked NICELY if I could bring in a witness. Frankly he thought I was a paranoid nut [email protected] LOL I laughed when he asked for a witness, and said NO PROBLEM and brought in documentation and my adopted son to verify that I was indeed telling the truth…my entire family with the exception of that son were “out to get me.” I wasn’t imagining it.

When I hired (over the telephone) the attorney in Texas to fight my son’s parole, I could tell from the tone of his voice that he didn’t believe a word I said. So I mailed him the foot locker sized box of evidence against my son Patrick and when he had received it and read some or all of it it called me back and, almost reverently, said “Your son is a VERRRRRRY Bad man.” I laughed and said “You didn’t believe me did you” and he said “No I really didn’t but I can see now you were telling the truth.”

Some of our stories are so OFF THE WALL that it is difficult for anyone to believe.

Here at lovefraud we take each other’s stories at face value, but no where else in the world do I know anywhere else that does.

When people don'[t believe me on first telling of the story (and I only tell it to people who must know except for here) I am not offended because it is incredible, and sounds like the “perils of Pauline” the old serial movies when I was a kid, if she escaped one thing she was hooked in another episode and each time left lying on the rail road tracks tied down with an on coming train.

Too much drama to be REAL.

The one person who believed me right off was my local sheriff because he had the Trojan Horse’s RAP sheet.


I have to disagree that the police “bungled” or were incompetent. I think they were following standard procedures, probably to a T.

How else does one explain that what the NYPD did is NOT any different from what is done elsewhere?

I also think that the courts and police are paternalistic and traditionally geared to supporting the white man’s rights at the expense of anyone else, particularly children, women, and men from other races.

The courts are not about people’s rights. They’re about supporting egos, their own. They are about enabling, supporting, aiding, and abetting their microcosm of lawyers, judges, and law enforcement.

The common person is just a vehicle by which they collect their salaries and other fees. They don’t care about justice. Any way that this situation gets sliced, they win. They have their jobs. It’s immaterial to what happens to the clients involved unless it enhances or detracts from their career standings in some way.

Government isn’t going to do “a proper investigation.” What on Earth would that be? It’s a lot of talking heads, blowhards out to make names for themselves, paper shuffling, and maybe a scapegoat taking the fall to make everyone else look good.

In the end, it’s smoke and mirrors for doing a whole lot of nothing.

Doubt me? How many times have we gone through this? How much has changed, really?


Hehe. I’m speaking theoretically. Theoretically, we are a government of, by and for the people. Which I extrapolate to mean that the government is US. We vote, we pay taxes, and if we do not like the way our government works, theoretically speaking we have a responsibility to stand up for what we want.

In my dreams, I suppose, the people could rise up and enforce that…

…or maybe we DO have the government we want? Apparently…


I think that is the government we’re supposed to have, i.e., the town hall meetings, people writing letters, being involved with and responding to what their representatives are doing EXCEPT…

it’s so much easier to let somebody else do those things because we’re so busy with the more interesting things we’d rather being doing or just our day-to-day lives. “They” will straightened things out for us.

Hello? Is anybody seeing what “they” have accomplished?


I can barely even comment on this except to say THE COPS WERE IN ON IT!!! ISN’T IT OBVIOUS TO EVERYONE?

The arrest was not normal. She was arrested on the street. They had her address but instead they pulled her over in her car. It’s more dramatic that way. They didn’t tell her why they were arresting her? Why? Why did they say, “you know you did it! Admit it!” ? WTF?

RamRotten was friends with half the force, JUST LIKE MY EXSPATH. They brown nose anyone in authority and you know how chaaaaaaaaaaaaarming they can be. They can sniff out who is corrupt, who is spath and who is vulnerable. My spath had all the corrupt ones chase me around. The corrupt cops don’t worry about the good cops because they all stick together right or wrong. They have to or it isn’t safe for them on the streets and they know it.

RamRotten introduced himself to her as a cop, but he was actually an informant. Informants usually become informants because they are arrested and make a deal with the cops to turn in other spaths in exchange for their freedom.

The reason none of her exculpatory evidence made any difference is because there was always a spath cop making sure it didn’t.

My spath had me “arrested” on our very first valentines date by a fake cop. Then it turned out to be a singing valentine joke. Some f*ckin joke. I wish I’d had a clue back then. It was a tell that he would be using the cops against me until the very end. He’s obsessed by cops and corrupt ones are so easy to find.

What I can’t figure out is why one of the minions came forward with the truth eventually. The victim even says that RamRotten’s ex-gf, who testified against him, was in on the whole thing from the beginning.



Some people’s loyalty is very flimsy.

EX girlfriend? Maybe out for revenge?

And, believe it or not, not everybody is a P and some people do have a conscience.


anyone who would even entertain the idea of putting an innocent woman in jail IS A SPATH. And yes, the spaths are not loyal, they turn on each other, on a dime. His ex-gf testified that he was always abusive to her, yet why was she still plotting and scheming with him? Spath on Spath violence is quite common.

The person who came forward to say that he/she had lied about the armed robbery, is also a spath. A normal person couldn’t do that to begin with. There is a reason why they changed their position, perhaps they realized that it wasn’t going to fly once it went to court. But again, no ADULT with a conscience would even consider doing that to another human being.


All I can say about this case is that it’s shameful and I hope that the Police Department is sued until their eyes bleed.

After the incident that caused the exspath to leave (and, thankfully, NEVER come back), I was in a state of medical shock and experiencing PSTD symptoms on a level that’s difficult to describe. I was terrified that the exspath was going to come back, or send someone to do only-god-knows-what. When I called the barracks, the individual who answered asked me, “Aren’t you the one that beat up her husband? What could you possibly be AFRAID of?” He laughed, and I answered, “Sir, you don’t know the circumstances. Nevermind.”

I don’t believe in justice, anymore. I HOPE for it, but I cannot predict that it will ever happen in any circumstance.

I hope that Sumasar’s case brings some sense of justice to her, and to all victims of sociopaths, but I won’t be holding my breath.


All I am saying is that there are people who turn against other people, as well as commit crimes, who are not Ps.

People are flawed in many ways. Jealousy, greed, and manipulation do not fall under the sole domain of psychopaths.

There are many motives for going along with others, such as

-fear of abandonment
-needing to be loved
-too tired, hungry, or in a rush to argue (It’s easier to go along)
-not wanting to get abused (Remember what happened the last time you said no to me?)
-not getting shot (literally having a gun to one’s head and then there is a follow-up threat to come after that person if a word is ever spoken)
-not having a loved one harmed if the person doesn’t participate (I’ll kill your X if you don’t do this – or – Don’t do this, and so-and-so will have a very hard time walking safely home from work/school)
-doesn’t question things (Kid, I’ll give you $5.00 if you leave this package outside that lady’s door)
-being blackmailed into doing something (Does your wife know that you’ve been fooling around with…?)
-“forgiving” a perceived debt
-thrillseekers (Wouldn’t it be fun to do…?)
-drug addicts (need the money for a fix)
-homeless person (needs the money for food)
-people who never turn down a request for help
-people who believe that everybody is good with no ulterior motives
-people who refuse to judge a person without good reason to
-street cred (Thug X asked me to do something!!) etc.

Some people are not the brightest people in the world or are mentally challenged and can be easily convinced by others. Some people are new to the area (foreign visitors, for example) and don’t know the local ways so they go along with what they’re told.

Also, somebody participating in a small part of a much larger event or series of actions may not even know that the rest of the things are going on.

For example, if somebody convinces me to open a door for a seemingly legitimate reason, and I’m Helpful Hannah and happy to do what I can to help another human being, does that make me a P because I let the perpetrators into the building to murder someone? They had their hands full with packages, they seemed like nice people, and I just held the door for them.

The masterminds behind everything, that’s another issue entirely.

I fear that if everyone is labeled a spath, then one’s creditability is lost.

We can’t cry wolf (P) every time somebody does something rotten to another person. What police department is going to believe me if I keep calling saying that every Tom, Dick, and Harry/Peter, Paul, and Mary is a P? I’ll sound crazy.

If I label everyone who has a glass of wine an alcoholic, who is going to believe me? Yes, some of those people are alcoholics, but not everybody. People know that. Do the same sort of thing by labeling everyone a P and we end up with the same reaction – maybe some of these are, but everybody?

If I want my accusations to be taken as creditable, I feel I can’t apply this label to everyone every time I see somebody with an alcoholic drink in hand.

And that’s what I don’t want – to lose my creditability when speaking about Ps.

We’re already up against the stereotype of Ps that Hollywood has implanted in people’s minds. Inaccurate or not, that’s what people are going to think of when we bring up the word “psychopath.” I’m certainly not going to open myself up to being discredited by suggesting that anyone who has committed a crime fits this stereotype. That isn’t what I am suggesting, but that is a hurdle that need to be taken into consideration and overcome.

I do not want to come across as a lunatic, somebody with an ax to grind against society, or that I am out for vengence against a particular person.

I very much want people to know about psychopaths, what they are capable of, and the lengths that they will go to in order to achieve their ends.

Not every cop is rotten. Not every lawyer is bad. There is misinformation and obsolete information floating around. There is so much information to know that even the most diligent person or agency can’t keep up on it all. Budget restraints keep personnel from getting training or having access to the most up-to-date information.

Generalizations work against valid viewpoints; they do not support them. Specifics support valid viewpoints.

Stop with the specifics. Do not extrapolate. If somebody else draws conclusions from what we’ve said, there is nothing we can do about that, which is why we need to be as specific and detailed as possible.

I’m very, very careful what I say because if I lose my creditability, it is near impossible to gain it back.

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