Raped, then framed

Seemona Sumasar, a bakery owner and former Morgan Stanley analyst, filed charges that she was raped by her ex-boyfriend, Jerry Ramrattan. In retaliation, Ramrattan allegedly framed Sumasar with three crimes. Prosecutors believed the crimes, refused to check her alibi, and Sumasar sat in jail for seven months. Finally, an informant stated that the charges were false, and the case unraveled. Samasar just filed a lawsuit against the New York police. Read about this shocking case:

A revenge plot so intricate, the prosecutors were pawns, on

NY woman Seemona Sumasar says ex-boyfriend raped her, then framed her, on

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G1S My therapist on the INITIAL 2 hour interview in which I listed how every member of my family was out to get me listened empatheticly but at the end of the interview asked NICELY if I could bring in a witness. Frankly he thought I was a paranoid nut [email protected] LOL I laughed when he asked for a witness, and said NO PROBLEM and brought in documentation and my adopted son to verify that I was indeed telling the truth…my entire family with the exception of that son were “out to get me.” I wasn’t imagining it.

When I hired (over the telephone) the attorney in Texas to fight my son’s parole, I could tell from the tone of his voice that he didn’t believe a word I said. So I mailed him the foot locker sized box of evidence against my son Patrick and when he had received it and read some or all of it it called me back and, almost reverently, said “Your son is a VERRRRRRY Bad man.” I laughed and said “You didn’t believe me did you” and he said “No I really didn’t but I can see now you were telling the truth.”

Some of our stories are so OFF THE WALL that it is difficult for anyone to believe.

Here at lovefraud we take each other’s stories at face value, but no where else in the world do I know anywhere else that does.

When people don'[t believe me on first telling of the story (and I only tell it to people who must know except for here) I am not offended because it is incredible, and sounds like the “perils of Pauline” the old serial movies when I was a kid, if she escaped one thing she was hooked in another episode and each time left lying on the rail road tracks tied down with an on coming train.

Too much drama to be REAL.

The one person who believed me right off was my local sheriff because he had the Trojan Horse’s RAP sheet.

I have to disagree that the police “bungled” or were incompetent. I think they were following standard procedures, probably to a T.

How else does one explain that what the NYPD did is NOT any different from what is done elsewhere?

I also think that the courts and police are paternalistic and traditionally geared to supporting the white man’s rights at the expense of anyone else, particularly children, women, and men from other races.

The courts are not about people’s rights. They’re about supporting egos, their own. They are about enabling, supporting, aiding, and abetting their microcosm of lawyers, judges, and law enforcement.

The common person is just a vehicle by which they collect their salaries and other fees. They don’t care about justice. Any way that this situation gets sliced, they win. They have their jobs. It’s immaterial to what happens to the clients involved unless it enhances or detracts from their career standings in some way.

Government isn’t going to do “a proper investigation.” What on Earth would that be? It’s a lot of talking heads, blowhards out to make names for themselves, paper shuffling, and maybe a scapegoat taking the fall to make everyone else look good.

In the end, it’s smoke and mirrors for doing a whole lot of nothing.

Doubt me? How many times have we gone through this? How much has changed, really?

Hehe. I’m speaking theoretically. Theoretically, we are a government of, by and for the people. Which I extrapolate to mean that the government is US. We vote, we pay taxes, and if we do not like the way our government works, theoretically speaking we have a responsibility to stand up for what we want.

In my dreams, I suppose, the people could rise up and enforce that…

…or maybe we DO have the government we want? Apparently…

I think that is the government we’re supposed to have, i.e., the town hall meetings, people writing letters, being involved with and responding to what their representatives are doing EXCEPT…

it’s so much easier to let somebody else do those things because we’re so busy with the more interesting things we’d rather being doing or just our day-to-day lives. “They” will straightened things out for us.

Hello? Is anybody seeing what “they” have accomplished?

I can barely even comment on this except to say THE COPS WERE IN ON IT!!! ISN’T IT OBVIOUS TO EVERYONE?

The arrest was not normal. She was arrested on the street. They had her address but instead they pulled her over in her car. It’s more dramatic that way. They didn’t tell her why they were arresting her? Why? Why did they say, “you know you did it! Admit it!” ? WTF?

RamRotten was friends with half the force, JUST LIKE MY EXSPATH. They brown nose anyone in authority and you know how chaaaaaaaaaaaaarming they can be. They can sniff out who is corrupt, who is spath and who is vulnerable. My spath had all the corrupt ones chase me around. The corrupt cops don’t worry about the good cops because they all stick together right or wrong. They have to or it isn’t safe for them on the streets and they know it.

RamRotten introduced himself to her as a cop, but he was actually an informant. Informants usually become informants because they are arrested and make a deal with the cops to turn in other spaths in exchange for their freedom.

The reason none of her exculpatory evidence made any difference is because there was always a spath cop making sure it didn’t.

My spath had me “arrested” on our very first valentines date by a fake cop. Then it turned out to be a singing valentine joke. Some f*ckin joke. I wish I’d had a clue back then. It was a tell that he would be using the cops against me until the very end. He’s obsessed by cops and corrupt ones are so easy to find.

What I can’t figure out is why one of the minions came forward with the truth eventually. The victim even says that RamRotten’s ex-gf, who testified against him, was in on the whole thing from the beginning.


Some people’s loyalty is very flimsy.

EX girlfriend? Maybe out for revenge?

And, believe it or not, not everybody is a P and some people do have a conscience.

anyone who would even entertain the idea of putting an innocent woman in jail IS A SPATH. And yes, the spaths are not loyal, they turn on each other, on a dime. His ex-gf testified that he was always abusive to her, yet why was she still plotting and scheming with him? Spath on Spath violence is quite common.

The person who came forward to say that he/she had lied about the armed robbery, is also a spath. A normal person couldn’t do that to begin with. There is a reason why they changed their position, perhaps they realized that it wasn’t going to fly once it went to court. But again, no ADULT with a conscience would even consider doing that to another human being.

All I can say about this case is that it’s shameful and I hope that the Police Department is sued until their eyes bleed.

After the incident that caused the exspath to leave (and, thankfully, NEVER come back), I was in a state of medical shock and experiencing PSTD symptoms on a level that’s difficult to describe. I was terrified that the exspath was going to come back, or send someone to do only-god-knows-what. When I called the barracks, the individual who answered asked me, “Aren’t you the one that beat up her husband? What could you possibly be AFRAID of?” He laughed, and I answered, “Sir, you don’t know the circumstances. Nevermind.”

I don’t believe in justice, anymore. I HOPE for it, but I cannot predict that it will ever happen in any circumstance.

I hope that Sumasar’s case brings some sense of justice to her, and to all victims of sociopaths, but I won’t be holding my breath.

All I am saying is that there are people who turn against other people, as well as commit crimes, who are not Ps.

People are flawed in many ways. Jealousy, greed, and manipulation do not fall under the sole domain of psychopaths.

There are many motives for going along with others, such as

-fear of abandonment
-needing to be loved
-too tired, hungry, or in a rush to argue (It’s easier to go along)
-not wanting to get abused (Remember what happened the last time you said no to me?)
-not getting shot (literally having a gun to one’s head and then there is a follow-up threat to come after that person if a word is ever spoken)
-not having a loved one harmed if the person doesn’t participate (I’ll kill your X if you don’t do this – or – Don’t do this, and so-and-so will have a very hard time walking safely home from work/school)
-doesn’t question things (Kid, I’ll give you $5.00 if you leave this package outside that lady’s door)
-being blackmailed into doing something (Does your wife know that you’ve been fooling around with…?)
-“forgiving” a perceived debt
-thrillseekers (Wouldn’t it be fun to do…?)
-drug addicts (need the money for a fix)
-homeless person (needs the money for food)
-people who never turn down a request for help
-people who believe that everybody is good with no ulterior motives
-people who refuse to judge a person without good reason to
-street cred (Thug X asked me to do something!!) etc.

Some people are not the brightest people in the world or are mentally challenged and can be easily convinced by others. Some people are new to the area (foreign visitors, for example) and don’t know the local ways so they go along with what they’re told.

Also, somebody participating in a small part of a much larger event or series of actions may not even know that the rest of the things are going on.

For example, if somebody convinces me to open a door for a seemingly legitimate reason, and I’m Helpful Hannah and happy to do what I can to help another human being, does that make me a P because I let the perpetrators into the building to murder someone? They had their hands full with packages, they seemed like nice people, and I just held the door for them.

The masterminds behind everything, that’s another issue entirely.

I fear that if everyone is labeled a spath, then one’s creditability is lost.

We can’t cry wolf (P) every time somebody does something rotten to another person. What police department is going to believe me if I keep calling saying that every Tom, Dick, and Harry/Peter, Paul, and Mary is a P? I’ll sound crazy.

If I label everyone who has a glass of wine an alcoholic, who is going to believe me? Yes, some of those people are alcoholics, but not everybody. People know that. Do the same sort of thing by labeling everyone a P and we end up with the same reaction – maybe some of these are, but everybody?

If I want my accusations to be taken as creditable, I feel I can’t apply this label to everyone every time I see somebody with an alcoholic drink in hand.

And that’s what I don’t want – to lose my creditability when speaking about Ps.

We’re already up against the stereotype of Ps that Hollywood has implanted in people’s minds. Inaccurate or not, that’s what people are going to think of when we bring up the word “psychopath.” I’m certainly not going to open myself up to being discredited by suggesting that anyone who has committed a crime fits this stereotype. That isn’t what I am suggesting, but that is a hurdle that need to be taken into consideration and overcome.

I do not want to come across as a lunatic, somebody with an ax to grind against society, or that I am out for vengence against a particular person.

I very much want people to know about psychopaths, what they are capable of, and the lengths that they will go to in order to achieve their ends.

Not every cop is rotten. Not every lawyer is bad. There is misinformation and obsolete information floating around. There is so much information to know that even the most diligent person or agency can’t keep up on it all. Budget restraints keep personnel from getting training or having access to the most up-to-date information.

Generalizations work against valid viewpoints; they do not support them. Specifics support valid viewpoints.

Stop with the specifics. Do not extrapolate. If somebody else draws conclusions from what we’ve said, there is nothing we can do about that, which is why we need to be as specific and detailed as possible.

I’m very, very careful what I say because if I lose my creditability, it is near impossible to gain it back.

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