Redemption for a serial liar?

Stephen Glass was once the darling of Washington journalism—until it was discovered that his stories were laced with fabricated quotes and anecdotes. Now, Glass wants to be a lawyer, but for five years, the California Bar Association has refused to admit him.

So can a serial liar stop lying? This intriguing story describes Glass’s upbringing—it sure looks like his parents could have affected him. The story also describes people who believe he was truly remorseful and has changed his ways. What do you think?

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You are in Scotland? I lived there once 30 years ago. Beautiful country you have.

Yes-just like your country-there are some lovely parts. But the cities have their social problems like anywhere else too. I take it you are in the US. I would love to visit before I kick the bucket-but as usual money interferes-or lack of it does.

It’s a dream of mine–but I will keep on dreaming and you never know what might happen


And Oxy

Thanks for the back up in supporting ‘healthy selfishness’. If you have never come across it as I did about 10 years ago–it can be hard to wrap your head around.

You explained it perfectly.


And Katy

Getting out from under the muck and the mire and standing on top is a journey and a half. But one that is worthwhile taking.



And one last thing-I promise.
You have no idea how this conversation has helped me reconnect to parts of myself I thought I had lost.

Love you all

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