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Released from prison, Dana McCann goes right back to scamming

Dana McCann claimed to be a CIA agent, private detective and lawyer, but his true profession was con artist. In 2002, he was convicted of scamming Massachusetts businessmen out of $1.8 million and sent to prison.

Released for good behavior in 2009, he went right back to scamming. He ran up hotel bills that he didn’t pay; he hooked up with a socialite and robbed her; he was working on his next victim.

This all sounds so familiar.

Read Scam artist Dana McCann sentenced to 2 years in prison, on

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the eyes have a lit up madness about them, but if you told me he was the doting father of six children, I could say his eyes were ‘kind’ oh how can you tell??… we need to be protected from hideous idiots like this fine example…at he least he got caught, keep him in prison this time.

Ox Drover

The kind if charges this guy gets, I’m actually suprised that he spent ANY time behind bars….probably the bad hotel bills and the large bad checks are the basis of his crimes.

This kind of worm gets away with more than they ever get caught for I think.


Since the spath…..I now see….crime pays. Yeah, they may do a short stint in prison….and get a criminal record…..big deal. None of these jerkoffs are filling out job applications and having background checks done on them to expose their multiple felony counts and prison time. It doesn’t affect them in the least…..there is no job application to fill out for ‘CON Job’… they continue.

They do not lose the money or posessions they have conned … they get out and do ‘carry on’. I’t pathetic.
You keep the money….we’ll pay for you to stay in club fed for a bit…..and keep dreaming of the money you;ll get out to!

I read somewhere that Bernie Madof was bragging to another inmate that he was able to transfer and hide millions before feds siezed the rest. NOT shocking.
WHY is this possible?
ANyone that could possibly benefit from this conned money should be accountable for HOW they can afford to live. How is his wife supporting herself? Bet she ain’t on SS checks!

The spath has never been held accountable for his lack of employment or tax filings….yet travels extensively….brags about being retired, god knows how many cars or ‘trinkets’ he has purchased…..and the suspected purchase of a home in the islands. All CASH! His credit sucks…..he’s got no job….I got all assets in divorce… please tell me???? WHERE DID HIS MONEY COME FROM????? He left this marriage destitute 1 year ago…..
I know, Iknow…..drugs!!!! But no one cares…..Cash is good….you got the cash… one asks where it came from.

Again….it’s the ‘next question’. WHY ARE WE NOT ASKING IT!!?!?!
At least the judge in the above case VERBALIZED his concernt for ‘the rest of us’ when this jackass gets out.

NOW…..what do we do about it?
Our hands are tied.

Years down the road….(and maybe not so far away)….I see vigilante justice prevailing…..we have tied our own hands by unenforceable laws and the ones which are enforecable are NOT being enforced……I don’t think society is going to sit on their hands much longer.
Soon there will be a welcome wagon committee at the prison doors…..just waiting for the release of these ass’s.
There…..justice done.

Ox Drover

Dear EB,

I share your (and others) frustration at all the CROOKS who get away with the spoils, but it has been that way since the beginning of time.

The “shame” of being causght means NOTHING TO THEM, shame is only a concept for someone who CARES…and you know they don’t.

I’m back on another reading kick, and this time it is about PRISONS and locking people up—what is the purpose? It is only the last 300 years or so that long term prison has been used as a punishment for crimes, before that it was capital punishment, enslavement, (forced labor), transportation or keeping them confined til you hung/killed them.

It has NEVER WORKED except to keep the person off the streets. US now has 2 million + people IN PRISON, at least they are not committing crimes on the street, but 99% of those people will get out eventually. Better people for having been in prison? har de har har! Yea, “rehabilitated”—I BELIEVE THAT! NOT!!!!!

Over 49% of all incarcerations now are for drug related offenses.

I need to get off here befgore I get on a soap box again!

Ox Drover

EB, UGH! the gremlin of the internet strikes again! Can’t get on anything but this small thread now, so will answer your posts (about immature son) if and when I get a connection signal. Once in a while one will pop up but usually doesn’t stay long!

Well, gonna go feed the critters before it gets dark! Catch you later.

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