Repost: Will you talk to the media about your experience with a sociopath?

All of a sudden, it seems like the media is interested in the subject of sociopathic relationships. I’ve received four inquiries from TV shows in the past week. Several producers are looking for individuals besides me to share their experiences. Are you willing to talk to the media?

If so, please complete the Lovefraud Media Survey.

Note: If you have already completed this survey, I still have your information so please don’t fill out another one. And, if you are still traumatized by your experience and talking to a reporter will upset you, please wait until you are recovered before filling out the survey. There will always be opportunities, and I want you to be comfortable discussing what happened to you.

The survey collects basic information such as your age and where you live. Reporters are usually looking for anecdotes from people who fit their publication’s or station’s audience and demographics. For example, a magazine that targets women aged 20 to 35 will want stories from women who are between the ages of 20 and 35. A newspaper in Ohio will want to include stories from Ohio.

Some publications want you to speak “on the record,” which means your name and location are published. In other cases, publications are willing to quote sources anonymously.

If you are willing to talk to the media, please fill out the survey. If I learn that a reporter wants to speak to someone like you, I’ll contact you first to see if you’re interested. Lovefraud will not give out your contact information without your permission.

Lovefraud Media Survey

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lie to me no more,

i hope yours is not the same as mine, mine is in the uk as well, a certain part of the uk too, do you know which part of the uk yours is from?

i would also buy a ticket to the moon with you, my darling, hope you are female, i would feel a dork calling a man ‘darling’.

i want the world to know who mine is too, and i would have a nice chat with a cup of tea in my hands, or in my case, coffee!!!!

Ox Drover

Truthy, you are RIGHT on darlin’ we must get our own healing underway and start to understand about boundaries and why we either didn’t have any or didn’t honor them. We must heal ourselves before we can heal someone else.

Now, that does NOT mean that you have to be “healed” before you can come here and offer support and encouragement in this forum, it just means you don’t need to be working at a shelter as a counselor. LOL

You could work at the shelter folding laundry or scrubbing toilets, or sweeping floors or preparing meals or raising funds, so I wish the director had given you other options for “helping”

Lone Wolf


What truthspeak says – there is a reason for the handle! 😛

I am perfectly WILLING to speak out but not yet fully ABLE – I am just so totally wiped.

I also feel anything i do say is more likely to have impact when I feel better as I will be more centred, etc.

Meantime it is a big “up yours” to your spath from me!



lone wolf,

and me too, the same sign, although it is not in the highway code LMAO.

im still in it, but i know that NONE OF IT is my fault, i was, so to speak, thrown in the deep end and left to either sink or swim, it took some time, but i taught myself to swim, hypothetically, although i can really swim as well.


At Anneka 🙂
Yes, I’m female. And he’s now based in the noble area of maidenhead …hope you are not That Anna he had been dating for a while…starting november last year… Anyway…this creature hunts and awaits his victims on

My best…


lie to me no more,

nope, wrong part of the uk, mine is in glasgow, scotland, and, nope, my real name is not anna, and i never go on dating websites anyway, i dont trust as easily as i used to, i can thank the P for that one.

good job you are female, my darling, i say that to all females on the planet, i too, am female, its just a friendly expression, nothing more, so dont break out into a sweat back there.


At Anneka 🙂
Darling me if you like, its nice 🙂 what a relief we’re not sharing the same bastard.
I never used to find someone to love…and yes you are right, it’s not safe to do so… additionally knowing he’s there and probably hundreds of spaths, just like him.
My jaw dropped down when I saw his advert: so perfect and eloquently written …absolute catch so to speak…but false to the bone.
Take care for now


lie to me no more,

that is how they catch their ‘fish’, if you like, by being smarmy, polite, respectful, etc., just till they get one on their ‘hook’, thats when the worm really turns!

well, my parents always wanted to look after me, even when i got the age by which i was expected to do stuff on my own, thats why i never had the skills for independent living till i was thrown out of the family home, i see that time, as my second ‘birth’, so to speak, and then i really began learning, as well as what i was supposed to, other things as well, not easy, i can tell you.


filled out the form. sat and outlined the timeline. looked it over, thought “this would make an edge of your seat movie.”lies, deceit, seduction, Crazy, uninhibited one sided intimacy. like sleeping with the enemy with a behind the half assed decent husbands back twist!


I have sat on the email about this subject until now. Because of this, I know now is not the time for me. I want to. I would love to tell my experience to the media. I would love to tell HER that she no longer affects me, scares me, makes me constantly look over my shoulder, wonder when she is going to find her next target, and leave me alone. Oh please leave me alone. So, it’s obvious, I’m not ready, and she continues to stalk me. Comes to my home, well of course she feels entitled! Text messages, telephone messages, etc.

I have assessed the situation and I am the one that diagnosed her as a psychopath. A family therapist has concluded that I am correct. Still, I live in a very small town. She acts the part of a big fish. The people I have tried to talk to just don’t either believe me or they just don’t get it. They don’t see it. For me, were I even ever chosen, to go public in any way, I believe, would be dangerous. And, I’m in baby recovery survivor land. I only have six months of NC under my belt.

I went to visit my daughter for two weeks. Heaven! Four states away, I felt so serene, so safe. The moment my plane landed back home I could feel her. Could feel her coming. Sure enough, I had two messages on my home phone. Ugh. Now some of you have told me to block her on my phones but I am fearful she will up her game. That she will come to my home more often and knock on my door. That she will be more of a danger. So I continue to ignore her and keep exact records of her attempts to contact me. No one in my life really gets it. My daughter and my d-in-law come real close but even they want to make logic of Her actions at times. I’m so glad I know I can come here on this blog and feel supported.

Blessings of love to you all,

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