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A sociopath has left you devastated—physically, emotionally, financially. You need a therapist to help you understand what happened, recover from the trauma and heal your life. If you must face the predator in court, you’ll need an attorney who understands the nature of the beast.  You may also need a private investigator, a forensic accountant, or a social service agency.

There are many practicing professionals who are skilled at their work, yet do not understand the manipulations of a sociopath. But all of the professionals listed in the Lovefraud Professional Resources Guide get it. They know what it takes to deal with a sociopath or psychopath.

These service providers have first-hand experience with social predators. Among the listed therapists you’ll find  psychiatrists, psychologists and licensed clinical social workers, along with others who use alternative therapies or spiritually based approaches. Lovefraud recommends that you evaluate whether a therapist, or any service provider, is right for you after reading his or her profile.

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