Travis Vining

Travis Vining

Travis is author of “Transforming Darkness to Light for Giving,” which is available in the Lovefraud Store.

We offer spiritual programs and educational opportunities that are designed to help point the way towards a new beginning on the road to freedom, forgiveness and healed relationships.  It is our desire to “Share the Miracle” found in our own spiritual journey through teaching, learning, speaking and writing to help others along the way towards peace, forgiveness and happiness.  We represent a variety of backgrounds, theories, education and experience.

Travis F. Vining is an inspirational and educational teacher who lived the real-life horrors of learning his father was a serial killer. He has overcome many physical and emotional illnesses that included suppressed memories, paralyzing migraine headaches, crippling back pain, and depression as a result of a tragic family environment that included being raised by a sociopathic serial killer that is now on Florida’s death row.

In a search for the Truth, this nightmare became an inspirational story of hope and triumph in faith that led to recovery. With the help of others guiding him, he was able to get down to the causes and conditions of these physical and emotional illnesses, opening the pathway to healing. Inspired to right the wrongs of the past, he was able to confront his father on Death Row and extract a confession that solved a 17-year-old double murder. He would then later help cold case detectives solve yet another case, finally bringing closure to a fourth murder 22 years after his father’s killing spree began.

Now a loving husband and father, he has found forgiveness, love and absolute faith and has devoted his life to helping others overcome these same difficulties. He lives in the Orlando area with his wife and daughter.

Travis is author of “Transforming Darkness to Light for Giving,” which is available in the Lovefraud Store.
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Travis Vining

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