Mary Ann Glynn, LCSW, CHT

Mary Ann Glynn, LCSW, CHT
Mary Ann Glynn, LCSW, CHT

I have worked extensively to help victims of controlling/abusive relationships gather the strength and promote the healing needed to change and recover their lives. Those who have been victimized by sociopaths, narcissists, and psychopaths all suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to some degree, so trauma processing techniques such as EMDR, body work, and hypnotherapy can be an important part of the healing process – as only Talk Therapy is not sufficient to address the damaging after-effects of traumatic stress. Rebuilding self-esteem, empowerment, and recovery of the lost self are also crucial in healing from victimization. I have first-hand experience of the destructiveness and humiliation caused by involvement with a conscienceless person. And, I know that the healing process can be a surprising journey back to unprecedented wholeness and joy.

(908) 204-9312
Trauma and abuse, addictions, ADHD, grief, anxiety, mood disorders, LBGTQ, mental illness. I now offer both a live and an online group for partners in destructive relationships. Contact me if you are interested in joining us. I also offer a guidebook for those who would like to start a peer-run support group in their area. I have an app called Mind Warrior to help with reconnecting to yourself in the relationship, and helping the healing process for PTSD. Find it in Apple Store and Google Play.
B.A. in Social Work from Livingston College 1998
Master of Social Work from Rutgers School of Social Work 1999
LCSW (Clinical License) 2003
EMDR Certified 2001
Certified Hypnotherapist 2005
Cash, check, or credit card for copays due at time of service by client. Insurance billing and payment is between therapist and managed care provider. In cases where someone does not have insurance, an adjusted fee for service will be negotiated. I take in-and out-of-network benefits, depending on the insurance carrier, and EAP.

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Mary Ann Glynn, LCSW, CHT

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