Michelle Muff, Compassionate Counseling Services

Michelle Muff, Compassionate Counseling Services
Compassionate Counseling Services

I will help educate you on the insidious nature of sociopathic personalities and the type of covert abuse that can make you feel like you are the crazy one while your partner has everyone fooled.

The first step in recovering from this type of abuse is education.

The second step is realizing when the abuse is happening. Many times individuals that are being emotionally abused have a history of abuse from childhood or their family of origin and do not realize what emotional covert abuse feels like, looks likes. I will help you decrease the normalization of abusive behavior by teaching you what abuse is and how you can set boundaries to stop it.

Finally, I will teach you to learn to correct the negative messages that you have learned to accept, and teach you to see the truth about yourself with loving kindness and thought restructuring strategies.

Waseca, MN
(507) 310-1321
I offer marriage counseling, individual counseling, family counseling and play therapy services to children.
I have a Master’s degree in Counseling and an additional twenty credits post-masters degree in specialized training in marriage and family therapy. I have a license in marriage and family therapy in the state of MN. I have seventeen years of experience in providing counseling to children, teens, and families.
In the state of MN I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, South Country Health Alliance, Tri-care, and Preferred One Insurance. I accept all forms of payment in cash, credit or checks.

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Michelle Muff, Compassionate Counseling Services

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