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Psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, physician

Michelle Muff, Compassionate Counseling Services
If you are confused, depressed or anxious due to your current relationship problems with your significant other or spouse you need to find a therapist that has the professional and personal experience to guide you. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist with personal experience in breaking free from an abusive partner. I will teach you how to parallel parent with your ex-partner with dignity and grace.
Waseca, MN
Laura Rubiales, ND, LAc
I am a holistic doctor practicing in Portland, Oregon with extensive treatment in treating post-trauma symptoms. I believe after experiencing something as horrible as sociopathic abuse, you deserve to treat yourself to a thorough diagnostic workup and have access to energetic healing modalities that will help you with the intensity of shock, grief, and PTSD symptoms.
Dr. David Mc Dermott
I work with victims of psychopaths and narcissists to help them make sense of what happened to them and to undo the specific negative effects of the manipulation so that they can take control of their lives once again.
I help people understand the subtleties of the manipulation techniques used to deceive and control them. Understanding these details allows the individual to get the narcissist or psychopath out of their heads and out of their lives.
Mandy Friedman MS LPC NCC
I often find my clients to be dealing with depression, anxiety, complex PTSD, crippling perfectionism and low self-esteem. After getting to know my client, I am usually able to detect the presence of a narcissist, sociopath, active alcoholic/addict or untreated mental illness somewhere in their past experiences. Psychological, emotional and physical abuse usually occur at the hands of one of these personality types.
Sonia Brill, LCSW
Divorcing a narcissist can turn your life inside out. Does your ex make mountains out of mole hills? Withholds information about the children? Manipulates, shames, or tries to control you? I am a licensed therapist in Denver, Colorado who specializes in high-conflict divorce. I help clients understand how to identify personality disorder and its patterns, avoid the traps of emotional exploiters, de-activate emotional buttons, and keep children out of the middle. Services are offered in Colorado and nationwide.
Amber Ault, Ph.D., MSW
I help people exit and recover from toxic relationships,using skills in crisis intervention, trauma treatment, attachment therapy,and mindfulness to help you put your life back on track.
Madison, WI
Tiffany Kettermann, LPC, CADCI, MPA, MA
I am a counselor with personal experience in healing from narcissistic abuse. I offer individual counseling and several support groups and skills classes for women and men healing from narcissistic abuse and other exploitative relationships.
Claudia Paradise LCSW
I am a Clinician, Faculty, Supervisor & Exec Board Member at The Center For The Study Of Anorexia & Bulimia’s Self Harm division of Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy in Manhattan. I have a concentration in Cluster B Personality Disorders & Relationship abuse. I am an analytically trained, psychodynamic psychotherapist, that also integrates CBT, DBT & EMDR into my practice. My style is compassionate, interactive and nonjudgmental. My passion for my work, combined with my education, and personal experience, makes me uniquely equipped to help you. Individuals, Couples, Groups.
New York City
Mary Ann Glynn, LCSW, CHT
I have a psychotherapy practice located in Bernardsville, NJ. I work from a framework of recognizing triggers and their association to our present thoughts, actions, and choices both individually and in relationships, including the role of conditioning and trauma/abuse. Therapies include mindfulness, emotional regulating, and trauma processing, and group support for those who have been involved with a sociopath.
Katherine T. Johnson, MA/Licensed Psychologist
Expertise in treating partners of psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissistic personality disorders through the metabolization of trauma and the transformative realignment of secure attachment dynamics.
Eden Prairie

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