Restraining order doesn’t protect woman from murder

Mary Daniels finally found the courage to leave her husband, Christopher Colletta. But she was afraid of him; he was violent. She got a restraining order.

It didn’t work. On August 3, 2010, he waited on the top deck of the Mercy Hospital St. Louis parking garage for her to finish work. When Daniels got to her car, he stabbed her 18 times. Tonight, a jury found him guilty of first degree murder. Read:

Man found guilty of killing wife at Creve Cour hospital on StlTodaycom.

Family of slain Hillsboro woman wants to help other domestic violence victims on StlTodaycom.

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I am sorry that the courts did not take any reasonable action in your case.

I AM so glad though that you were smart enough to TAKE ACTION and to move. Not having your information linked to the address where you “stay” is very important.

Good advice about that….there ARE ways to have your car,, your home, etc. and even your Driver’s licenses NOT linked to your place of residence. You are, after all, not hiding from the FBI or the LAW but from a “skip tracer” who will get your address from PUBLICLY AVAILABLE RECORDS.

There are several books on how to LEGALLY cut the paper trail that leads to you, as well as some states will actually help you change your name and social security number without leaving a paper trail. I think California is one of those states.

Cutting that paper trail and the human trail as well that would lead your stalker to you like bread crumbs dropped along the path is the ONLY way to be 100% safe where they cannot find you.

I also have a gun, and am trained to use it, and willing to use it in self defense, but not every one is emotionally willing to do so. If I am ever killed with my own gun, it will be because it is empty and I missed every shot and they have to beat me to death with it, but not everyone is capable of making the decision to actually pull that trigger and under stress doing so.

Staying hidden is also a great option as well as bear spray (industrial strength pepper spray) Mace, where it is legal, wasp spray or oven cleaner spray are all pretty good “stoppers” that are non-lethal. PROTECTION is the name of the game if camo doesn’t work.

I’m glad you are now hidden! Good jjob!!!! TOWANDA!!!


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