Internet dating: Reverse image search is a critical first step

In this age of Internet dating, the photos of men and women looking for love pop into your inbox every day. Before you get swept off your feet, investigate further with a reverse image search. Robin Cockrell, a dating and relationship coach, has posted a step-by-step YouTube video on how to do a reverse image search.

Cockrell also discusses red flags to look for in the written personal profile that are tell tale signs of a scammer. Cockrell warns, “Don’t give them the benefit of the doubt, they’re going to try to play on your sympathy and then they’ll try to play on your wallet.”

Lovefraud always urges extreme caution with Internet dating. A reverse image search is a good first line of defense.


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This is actually good to know in order to avoid fraud in my small business. It’s amazing how easy it is for people to wear someone else’s image in order to scam. My identity was stolen by a local computer repair shop owner. He had also put some kind of spyware on my computer. I know if he did it to me, he’s done it to other customers.

let us remember too that there are a lot of females who play these games also. The Female Sociopath is very much with us in the internet age.

Any helpful tips out there to avoid these dating scammers is most appreciated. We need to all be aware of the potential pitfalls of internet dating.


ive had two scammers in the last 2 mos. both claimed to be widowers. both claimed one child. both were very christian. both were foreigners moved to the US. the first could never meet me, just too busy with work (then had to go to Turkey for work…then needed money lol). the 2nd i gave a hard time to and he claimed to be in the area but didnt want to meet immediately as he didnt want to rush anything even tho i explicitly told him why i wanted to. hahahahaha bye bye
he deleted his okcupid account lickety split tho. the 1st guy didnt till the very end wen i said Game Over.
it doesnt do any good to report them. nothing happens. i dont even get a hey we got ur report and we’re investigating form reply.
its caveat emptor–buyer beware–out there.
meet someone within a day or two of talking. just a meet, no meal etc. check the vibes u get. they are very important. tell the person WHY u want to meet quick if theyre put off. if they cant respect ur need for validation of facts (minimal tho they are), tell them goodbye.
and sadly, i wont talk to anyone not soil-born anymore. and a guy claiming to be a widower, instant block lol


i cannot get any image, to try searching for, to come up with the save picture location option when i right click 🙁 🙁 🙁

I just tried this. There is a guy who contacted me on a dating site who is very good looking and 41 (I’m 53). He just seems a little too good to be true so I googled the image. I noticed that when I right click on his photos, an option comes up to “search Google images”. It’s a shortcut. So I did it. Nothing with his photo came up. The only thing that came up were other unrelated photos that had similar furniture and lighting but had different people in the photos. What would be the next step? I once copied a guy’s entire profile description into the google browser and found he had put this description on multiple dating sites over the years, and it looked very fishy because he said he was new to online dating.

What else can we do? I am very careful giving out my direct email because my first and last name are in it. I will say that I’ve never had any problems with online dating, but being on LF for a while, I’ve become much more cautious.


Get another email, my Stargazer. Mine is Your Mama for the names lmao
There’s no personal info in my profile either in case they hacked my acct.
Orrrrr u can just hit the underscore like ten times and ur name will be this…________.
Yes I had a work one like that lol
If he said he’s new tho n he’s obviously on many sites…adios. why lie about sumthing so stupid?
Which u know, I’m just confirming it for ya 😉

You know, normally, I don’t worry about giving out my email when appropriate or my phone number, because I’m usually pretty good at picking up on the scammers. But this one I’m just not sure about. I do feel drawn to him. He is not overly talkative but seems very sincere. You’re right, ain’t. I guess I need to get a second email with no identifying information in it.

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