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Rich man with dementia now has a new wife

Georg Luxi of Bavaria no longer communicates with his daughters and signed over his fortune to his new wife and stepson. Does this sound familiar?

Multi-millionaire with Alzheimer’s who vanished two years ago is found alive livng with a new wife and son who stand to inherit his fortune, on

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Ox Drover

There’s little doubt in my mind that this man and his fortune were hijacked but recently I saw a case that was the reverse.

A man and his GF had been together for 6 years. He went for a vacation in oregon, while there, he had a stroke….looked like he might not live….kids were trying to get him taken off life support, already had his house listed for sale…fortunately, his doctors did not take him off life support and his mental status came back enough that he could call a cab and get to an airport and get back home, where physically in pretty bad shape, mentally still bright, he married his long time GF and got an order of protection against his adult children….who BTW have already been arrested for violating it. There was no “fortune”—just a small house, and the adult children are NOT in financial want, well, except they WANT CONTROL…

So, to me, the take home lesson here is that the law assumes that a certain DNA relatiionship gives someone “control” over you if you cannot exercise that control yourself…medical, financial, etc. so if someone has or could have, control over you and/or your assets in the event of a medical emergency….make a power of attorney for the person you actually TRUST to have that control. Or do like this couple did, get married….though I know one case a few years ago where that backfired and the sonn got a judge to declare that his very ill father was under undue influence when he married his 20 yr long GF on his death bed….and the judge annuled the marriage and the son kicked her out with nothhing but her suitcases. Again, no big fortune, just CONTROL.


OxD……ew…….it’s all so “unseemly.”

Ox Drover

Yea, ain’t it!

That’s why those of us with P relatives who would control us and our “fortunes” must make arrangements so that someone else can’t take over.

My elderly neighbor down the road probably gets $600-700 a mont TOTAL Social security is hooked by a “meth ho” he met at Wal Mart and she shows up every first of the month til the money is gone. He has no JUDGMENT but he is legally sane and nothing his daughter could do to stop it. After the ho leaves at the middle of the month he as no money for food or water or utilities…and in the summer when it is 110 degrees here being without water is not a good thing. I have learned not to ever give him gasoline or money, but after she leaves for the rest of the month, I do try to help his daughter keep an eye out for him….and I will cook him something and take down there. Witout electric no sense in taking him food that needs refrigeration.


OxD, in a “perfect world,” there would be laws against predattion. But, we can’t write more legislation to save people from themselves. It’s frustrating, but it’s what it is.

I feel for people who are obviously targeted by gold-diggers, but I also feel that there has to be some self-accountability. What I think I mean to convey is that I chose the first AND second exspaths…..for whatever reasons. I opted for the illusions rather than a fierce independence that I “should” have developed for myself, long ago. Today, I’m paying for that folly, and it’s my own doing.

This is not to suggest that I somehow “deserved” the things that both exspaths did, but my lack of independence, self-confidence, self-esteem, and all of the other healthy “Self-isms” belong to me, solely. What “they did” is now archived history. What I need to accomplish is an ongoing endeavor. Neither the past or present ever cross paths except in my own perceptions of my choices and options.

Yeah……VERY unseemly…..

Ox Drover

The terrible thing about dementia in the elderly is that generally what they lose FIRST is judgment. They are easily CONNED because the lose the ability to tell a lie from the truth. My egg donor is in that spot mentally now. Not demented legally insane/incompetent, but no judgment. Nothing I can do legally or otherwise. Just like my neighbor’s dad is preyed on by this meth ho, my egg donor is preyed on by my P son Patrick.

Just like the old man here in LF article who had a woman “woo” him out of a couple of million dollars…his son did get justice of a sort and she went to prison but that is unusual that the son was able to get her convicted. And then I think only because the money was so much and ONE law enforcement official took interest.

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