Robert Durst, a rich and famous ‘psychopath’

Next month, HBO airs a documentary series about Robert Durst, once expected to lead a fabulously wealthy New York City real estate family until he was reprimanded for urinating in wastepaper baskets in the family’s offices.

Douglas Durst, Robert’s younger brother, refused to participate in the documentary. But he did grant an interview to the New York Times, in which he discussed Robert’s first wife, missing and presumed dead, another murdered woman, a man whose body Robert dismembered, and seven dead dogs.

According to the New York Times article:

“Bob is incapable of telling the truth,” Douglas Durst said. “He is a true psychopath, beyond any emotions. That’s why he does things, so he can experience the emotions that other people have vicariously. Because he has absolutely none of his own.”

Real estate chief fears troubled sibling has a new weapon: TV, on

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I read the article. He is like a dominant dog marking his territory.


Maybe he was working on his insanity defense!…just like my ex playing the part of eccentric old man, wearing funny hats, acting silly, etc.


I read different online articles about this man, Richard Durst. He is one scary, dangerous individual, a person to definitely stay away from.


Not shocked anymore by psychopaths, but these type of people should of been treated somehow long ago. No words to describe what an issue this condition is.


It’s interesting to note, that with all of Douglas Durst’s wealth and power, I detect his sense of futility about dealing with his brother (and his brother’s ability to twist the truth and talk his way out of – even murder).

The violence to the dog as a test run for the murder of his wife – is out of the psychopath’s textbook.

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