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Rotherham, England sexual abuse report reveals 1,400 victims


Professor Alexis Jay, a former chief inspector of social work.

In the aftermath of allegations of gang rape and trafficking in the town of Rotherham, England, the Borough Council commissioned Professor Alexis Jay, a former chief inspector of social work, to do an independent inquiry into the allegations.

Jay’s findings were similar to three other reports conducted previously, which concluded the abuse went on but was covered up. Jay said police and local council were indifferent to what was happening under their noses. On a number of occasions, she reported, victims of sexual abuse were criminalized — while their abusers continued to act with impunity. People looked the other way out of fear of being accused of racism.

After four reports into the Rotherham abuse scandal that spanned 16 years and revealed at least 1,400 victims,  Jay concluded, “The authorities involved have a great deal to answer for.”

Failures in Rotherham led to sexual abuse of 1,400 children, from The Guardian.

Real or imagined: Racism ‘fear’ over Rotherham  child abuse, from the BBC News.

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham (1997 — 2013)

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This story is appalling. And to think that sex abuse had been known about for years and the authorities did nothing is even worse.


Could this not be considered as yet another example of the innate human weakness of the in-fighting which has always existed and will always be a basic human failure. It seems like such an innate human characteristic to form “bonds” of like-minded people AGAINST others who may be slightly different or having differing opinions. I’e. races or nationalities, religions, politics, etc. Are we humans even capable of “getting along” with others or is it a signal that as humans, we are bringing on our own extinction? Food for thought…


Want to know whats going on with these sex rings? Could the UN be behind, and even run some of these international sex slavery rings?? Want to know who is behind them, how they get away with it? No matter how disgusting and abusive it is?
Read “The Franklin Cover Up” by Senator John DeCamp:

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