Sadistic woman charged with abusing 6 children and their father

Maria Gonzales Esquivel, of the Seattle, Washington area, was arrested last year and charged with physically abusing her housemate and his six children over a period of years. The state’s Department of Social and Health Services received 17 complaints from the children’s counselors, teachers and others close to them, yet did nothing. Now, attorneys are suing.

Read Lawsuit: Kids left in ‘house of horrors’ for years despite complaints to state, on SeattlePI.com.

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Slimone………what a jagoff.

And, the problem about “personality disorders” is that the very verbage suggests that personality disorders can all be managed or cured.

Right, Truthy. The “disorder” can be “ordered” back into rational, acceptable behavior. Ha! As if it were ever there in the first place.

There has to be a better term than that, one that will not suggest that such a thing is possible.

How about “malevolent personality syndrome” or something like that?

G1S & Parallelogram………absolutely. “Disorder” is a nauseating “feel-good” label that doesn’t even come close to the truth: no pill, no therapy, no surgery, no electroshock therapy, no castration, NOTHING “heals” or manages it.

Again, I’m going on with the dismissive noises and hand waving….ttttzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt……pppffffft…..sheesh

Oh, geez, Truthy, I thought that was your middle finger that I was seeing. 😉

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