Sadistic woman charged with abusing 6 children and their father

Maria Gonzales Esquivel, of the Seattle, Washington area, was arrested last year and charged with physically abusing her housemate and his six children over a period of years. The state’s Department of Social and Health Services received 17 complaints from the children’s counselors, teachers and others close to them, yet did nothing. Now, attorneys are suing.

Read Lawsuit: Kids left in ‘house of horrors’ for years despite complaints to state, on

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Sky, your story was so crazy.

Not crazy in the sense that I didn’t believe you. I believed every word that you said.

Crazy in the sense, “I can’t believe what people do and get away with.”

So sorry that you had to go through that, but thank God you had your wits about you and didn’t react to the baiting.

Thanks Grace,
I can’t take credit. The sushi man (from the gray rock article) told me what to do. I just ran with it.

I realized that they just needed a REACTION. ANY REACTION. So I took it away.

Good for you.

Skylar, no need for thanking me for understanding your “crazy story!” Jayzus, but I am so grateful that you are safe and sound – many people aren’t able to connect the dots and they end up lost or dead.

I’ve mentioned this, before, but I’ll say it in support of your experiences: I truly believe that I would have met with a lethal “accident” or some sudden fatal “illness” if I had not made the discovery when I did. I have no doubt about this, especially given the employment that the exspath has. More on that at a later date.

Parallelogram, when the exspath wasn’t indulging in his fantasies or other personal interests, he was laying plans on how to extract more money from me and my family, and how to convince me that I was mentally ill.

It takes an enormous amount of energy for spaths to lay down their plans and execute them. Perhaps, this is why the exspath was able to sleep so soundly at night, even after he had been engaging in his violent and deviant sexual interests.

When I was curious about how far his sexual interests had gone, I scoured our shared computer and found hundreds – literally hundreds – of photographs that he had taken of his BDS&M playmate in various costumes and pornographic poses. I didn’t view every one of them because I would have vomited if I had come across a photograph of him. But, a good friend of mine who is a graphic and photography artist told me that home-made photographs will have a digital “signature” assigned to them, rather than a website signature if they’ve been downloaded. Sure enough, this person recognized the digital signature as coming from the same brand of camera that we owned.

This was all before I learned about the financial fraud! LMAO!!! So…..yeah…..the exspath slept like a baby because he spent so much energy perpetrating his betrayals.

Laughing out loud, this morning, because I’m joyful that I don’t have to live in the exspath’s warped universe, ever again!

BRIGHTEST blessings to everyone!

Truth and Sky

Truth-Wow, sounds like you have quit the story too. Mine sleeps like a rock too. I think we need a survey on how many sleep like a rock. Maybe there a 11 red flags

Sky-“I realized that they just needed a REACTION. ANY REACTION. So I took it away.” It is truely amazing how they do indeed need any reaction. Mine can take my laughter twist it and demean me with it when he is raging. It’s amazing.

I love it when people give me advise saying,,,’you should do this or do that, tell him…’, they just don’t understand.
Their advice of course always has emotion attached and well….

Riiight. People who have not woken up to personality disorders believe you can reason with ANYONE. That all people are able, on some level, to be reasoned with (unless they are ON DRUGS).

Wrong. I think spaths are on a ‘natural high’, that they get when they perpetrate constant betrayal and crazy-making. And if they get an emotional reaction they get some extra squirts of adrenaline and dopamine.

Talking about PRO-jection:

1. YOU even flirt with babies (ewwww)

2. YOU are the destroyer of LOVE (when I threw him out)

3. YOU don’t want to hear things about yourself that are not flattering….because you are so screwed up

4. YOU always criticize me

5. You think this is some kind of GAME? (that was a BIG tell)

Happy Sunday…..Slim

Slimone………what a jagoff.

And, the problem about “personality disorders” is that the very verbage suggests that personality disorders can all be managed or cured.

Right, Truthy. The “disorder” can be “ordered” back into rational, acceptable behavior. Ha! As if it were ever there in the first place.

There has to be a better term than that, one that will not suggest that such a thing is possible.

How about “malevolent personality syndrome” or something like that?

G1S & Parallelogram………absolutely. “Disorder” is a nauseating “feel-good” label that doesn’t even come close to the truth: no pill, no therapy, no surgery, no electroshock therapy, no castration, NOTHING “heals” or manages it.

Again, I’m going on with the dismissive noises and hand waving….ttttzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt……pppffffft…..sheesh

Oh, geez, Truthy, I thought that was your middle finger that I was seeing. 😉

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