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San Diego newspaper video parody demands Bob Filner resignation

Citizens of San Diego are so embarrassed by sexual harassment claims against their mayor, Bob Filner, that a recall petition is underway. It includes a video parody produced by the U-T TV, the television production arm of the Union-Tribune newspaper demanding that he resign. Filner has refused to step down.

Thirteen women have accused Filner of inappropriate behavior. To see what the women say Filner did, visit:

13 cringe-worthy accusations against Bob Filner, on

Filner also ran up more than $11,000 on a city credit card since January. Only one payment was made, and the mayor’s chief of staff has suspended the account.

Mayor Bob Filner didn’t pay credit card bill, which has personal charges, on

Inappropriate behavior, refusing to accept responsibility, financial irregularities, lack of guilt or remorse it seems that Bob Filner is exhibiting a range of sociopathic traits.


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Unbelievable, really…His sense of entitlement is off the chain. Have never seen such an inflated case of it… Most dangerous to society when they perceive that they are so completely invincible, in combination with this. Ugh.. He needs to be locked away!


Why does it not surprise us that a politician would have these tendencies?!! (LOL)

The testosterone drive of psychopaths, the self-agrandisement of narcissists, Charm, Charisma, the Gift of Gab…. all the prerequisites for a career in politics!

And these are the folks who create and enforce our laws. It’s little wonder why rape by fraud and emotional rape are treated as irrelevant in most states!


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