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Sandusky could have been arrested three years earlier

Jerry Sandusky

Jerry Sandusky

A report compiled by former federal prosecutor Geoffrey Moulton and released by the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office on this week revealed that Jerry Sandusky, Penn State sexual predator, got a three-year stay-out-of- jail pass prior to his arrest because the Pennsylvania agencies  responsible for investigating the case failed to share information with one another.

The report said that ”˜inexplicable delays and poor decisions made in 2009 led to the serial child molester’ escaping justice. Sandusky was interviewed by a social worker in 2009 after charges from one victim were documented.

From 2009 until 2011, no witnesses were interviewed, no witnesses testified in the grand jury and no grand jury subpoenas were issued. Moulton wrote in the report that the basis for that decision was that one accuser’s testimony wouldn’t be enough to convict Sandusky and an acquittal would make it harder to file more charges later.

Sandusky report reveals three years of ‘inexplicable and inexcusable delays’ in bringing the serial sexual predator to justice, from The Daily Mail.


Two days after Corbett was elected governor in November 2010, the Centre County prosecutor received an anonymous tip directing investigators to assistant football coach Mike McQueary, whose testimony would eventually help convict Sandusky.

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Nearly 2 years after a 15-year-old boy reported being assaulted by Jerry Sandusky, and was determined to be credible, the prosecution was doing nothing because the Attorney General’s office wanted to find another victim.

Sandusky might have gotten away with everything if it weren’t for someone who sent an anonymous tip. Read the story here:

Mystery tip that broke Sandusky case

The story leaves me with mixed feelings. On the one hand, it is distressing that the prosecutors let Sandusky go free for so long when he could have been arrested – who knows how many boys were molested during that time?

On the other hand, the story shows that it is important to speak up. Even one little tip may be the last piece that gets law enforcement moving.

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