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Sandwich guy pretends to be a marshal

A 28-year-old sandwich maker was busted after allegedly posing as a U.S. marshal to meet women on Craigslist and stealing checks and credit cards from them. He was found with a law-enforcement starter kit and had installed lights and sirens in his Ford Explorer.

Read Feds: Fake cop scammed dates on

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Ox Drover

This guy sounds like he is practicing to be a serial killer.


OMG-wanna be cops are all over the place. There is a guy down here who got in trouble for having blue lights and showing up at calls. It irritates the real officers so much. You can spot them a mile away. They buy old beat up crown vics or mercurys and put blue lights on and the spot light on the driver side. Some even get the blue line bumper stickers. They get scanners and everything and try to show up at calls and have even obstructed investigations. A lot of them are academy flunk outs or those who weren’t even good enoughto get accepted at all. Geez, and to make it worse, this one’s defrauding people.

super chic

Quite a while back, here in So Cal, police were looking for a serial killer (who turned out to be 2 men) nicknamed “the Hillside Strangler”… and 1 of the men used to impersonate an officer to get women to pull over and stop their cars, I think he was finally apprehended in WA state.

Ox Drover

Chic, we had a guy like that here in Arkansas a few years ago, a rapist who used blue lights to get women to pull over. Scary.

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