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Scammer from Pennsylvania caught in Belize

Richard Cover Jr. of Pennsylvania did time for fraud—mostly house arrest. But when he was about to be busted again, he abandoned his family, including triplets, and fled to Central America. There, he allegedly resumed his scamming—until he was picked up again.

Read Bucks man on the lam for allegedly scamming folks out of thousands is nabbed in Belize, on

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Ox Drover

Well, boy ain’t this guy a cracker! Glad he is caught and hopefully he will spend some serious time in prison…maybe he would prefer a US prison, but I think one in Belize would be better…I’ve been to Belize and if the prisons are like I think they are, he would NOT enjoy either air conditioning or much of anything else there. I’m sorry for his newest wife though and her child!

What a piece of TRASH! He has plenty of NERVE THOUGH! “Going public” with a day care! LOL I’ve got some Arizona ocean-front property I’ll sell you—oops, I think he sold that too!

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