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Seduction and manipulation: Sophie and Donna Andersen tell their stories

When she was in high school, Sophie was seduced by her female teacher into a sexual relationship.

When she was 40, Donna Andersen, author of, was seduced by a sociopath who scammed her out of a quarter-million dollars — for starters.

Both women tell their stories on IndoctriNation is a new podcast by Rachel Bernstein. Rachel is a Los Angeles therapist who specializes in helping people escape cults and cult-like relationship.

Sophie’s interview is first. Donna’s interview starts at 29 minutes.

IndoctriNation Episode 6 — Narcissistic seduction and manipulation with Donna Andersen and Sophie, on


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THANK YOU, Donna and Rachel. Grew up being well-trained as a “people-pleaser,” so I could be more easily exploited. Didn’t know how to say no. Looking back, I realized I made a bee-line to the most dysfunctional people in the room, being their friend, and trying to fix them. Slowly healing. MUST LISTENING for EVERYONE!


Betrayal by a teacher is so horrendous.

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