Self-help guru files suit against guy who dumped her

Karen Salmansohn, author of How to Be Happy, Dammit and about 20 other self-help books, got scammed by a guy who paid for her fertility treatments, but when she was pregnant, dumped her.

See story in the New York Daily News.

Link submitted by a Lovefraud reader.

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Dear Witty, Kim and LTL,

I agree with everything you have all said above. My P-son had all his “girlfriend’s” parents convinced he was a “prince” and in the meantime he was screwing a 13 yr old girl! Got her knocked up as well.

Plus, kids do not see the dangers in sex with others, even with a condom.

In some of my sex education classes for the college students I used the one liners—“what’s the difference between herpes and TRUE LOVE? Herpes is FOREVER!”

What do you call people who use condoms for Birth Control? PARENTS! Hey, if it doesn’t do a good job preventing preg when a girl/woman is only fertile 10% of the time, what do you think the chances it prevents disxease when you use it for that purpose?

Of course each kid thinks” “it will never happen to ME!” but it DOES! There are so many KILLER diseases out there besides HIV, so it is important to our kids’ SURVIVAL that they learn that sex is taking your life in someone else’s hands! It isn’t just a “feel good” activity! It has some serious consequences.

It SHOULD be a “bonding ritual between two people (only) who are loving and committed” and I know that is difficult to get across to the kids when the hormones are raging, or even across to more “mature” folks too. If it didn’t feel good none of us would EVER do it. LOL

My gosh, I am glad I am DONE raising kids! More power to you guys! ((((Hugs)))))

Oxy and all, do you remember Eddie Haskell from, “Leave it to Beaver?”

Yea, I remember Eddie Haskell, what about him?

Didn’t he seem to fit the Adolesdcent profile of the P?
Always sooooo polite, and charming, and right? We didn’t know when we were watching, “Leave it to Beaver” that we were watching a primer on psychopathy.

Funny….he creeped me out then…..I loved the beav….

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