Self-proclaimed religious adviser convicted of sexually assaulting young girl

Nechemya Weberman, an unlicensed Hasidic Jewish adviser in Brooklyn, New York, will be sentenced tomorrow after being convicted of sexually assaulting a young girl whose parents brought her to him for counseling. Although the New York Daily News reported that it located multiple victims of Weberman, only one young woman testified against him. Some people in the Hasidic Jewish community believe Weberman is innocent, and the trial was about their way of life.

Convicted sex assaulter Nechemya Weberman abused many other females, News finds, on

Was Nechemya Weberman on trial or Satmars? on


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OxD, my take on the group-wide cover-ups is that primal need to control from within. Because society is now a “global” thing, the tribal methods of managing their own doesn’t work, anymore.

It IS more about protecting a group than a system of beliefs, I agree. Victims are expendable as long as the group remains intact. EUGH……

Truthy, in my own little Church that left because they embraced the pedophile while accusing me of being a liar, when the “minister” that had lead the mob that attacked me was arrested for trying to have sex with a “14 year old” (who was actually a 40 year old deputy sheriff!) the entire church wanted to “hush it up” don’t talk about it, it will shame the church WTF? No, it should SHAME THE MAN. I went to his hearing in court—you should have seen the look on his face when slapped him on the back and sat down right behind him.

My personal belief is that EVERY MEMBER of that church SHOULD have been there with me.

While NO CONTACT and “shunning” essentially amount I think to the same thing, confronting evil doers and not trying to cover up the problem is I think very important as well.

Even the Bible gives directions about how to handle people who “offend against” us—talk to them, if that doesn’t work, go with witnesses, and if that doesn’t work, take it to the church/community and if that doesn’t work, treat them as a heathen, not even eat with them. If that ain’t NC I’ll eat my hat!

OxD, I think that people who refuse to acknowledge evil, regardless of whom is committing it, make that choice for strictly selfish reasons. Perhaps, they’re afraid of being shunned, themselves, if they stand up and make a noise. Perhaps, they’re afraid that they’ll be implicated. Whatever. I just know that wrong is wrong, whether it’s Jim Jones or the guy down the road. I have NO use for any group of people that allow bad behaviors.

NC….GREAT example, OxD!! LOL!!!!

I remember reading the book “Animal Farm” when I was probably 12 years old. I was visiting my paternal grandfather and I was bored and looked for something to read and picked it up.

Even then I “caught” the message in the simple story.

We must stand up…but at the same time, there are usually consequences for doing so.

Look at the people in Communist China, or Communist Russia, or Nazi Germany, even here in the US, “whistle blowers” are usually persecuted.

Standing against powerful and evil people is difficult, sometimes FATAL consequences. We have to pick our battles and decide the best way to proceed. Remember the “Hanged man”—if we don’t speak up when they hang our neighbors one by one, eventually they will come for us.

Many evil people gain great power and use it against others, always have done so and I imagine always will. We can’t fix every evil situation, but we can do the best we can where we are to not be part of the evil and not remain silent if speaking up will stop it. ….and I pray for the wisdom to know when I can change something and when I can’t.

The Animal Farm was always my favourite book through my teens, though it’s SOOOOOOOOOOO very sad. It was gut wrenching to read about hard working clover, and the only one who saw through it all was the ass.

OxD, I started “Animal Farm,” but I never finished it. This was MANY years ago, and it might have struck a chord with me. But, it’s a classic and I think I’ll give it a go, again.

Darwinsmom, good to “see” you! Another very sad story was “Lord Of The Flies,” and I was horrified by it.

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