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Sentence for embezzlement: 21 years house arrest

Finally, a judge is getting creative. A woman who was found guilty of embezzling $475,000 wasn’t sent to jail—she was sentenced to 21 years of house arrest. Why? So she can continue working to pay off the $200,000 in restitution that she owes.

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Ox Drover

I read this story in another newspaper this morning on the net, and I actually think this is a good idea. OK, jail would have been worse punishment, but the poor joker who lost his money would have never gotten anything back. PLUS, she will be supporting herself, so, if she is paying back even $750 a month to the victim AND NOT costing the state $30-45K for her upkeep, it seems to me that this is a GOOD DEAL for everyone all around. A Win-win situation for victim and the tax payers.

I’d like to see a lot more “creative” sentences…I can think of a lot of sentences where the perp could repay the damages to the victims.

Maybe we could re institute indentured service for some of these people who do damages and theft—they could do chain gang work, or be put to work in factories, or doing road work, breaking rocks, building schools and other public works, their room and board taken out of their pay, and what is left over goes to the victims.

I think unfortunately there are too many crooks that see jail as a “holiday” with 3 squares and a cot, but if they had to work to repay their victims, they might not think it was so much “fun.”


This is a very good punishment. I would have really really felt satisfied if the P was forced to repay me every penny he stole…and work and pay, work and pay….so that his life revolved around addressing the robbery first and foremost…so it’s fantastic to hear that in your country this is possible to enforce yet we need to be acutely aware it is only ONE level of accountability albeit a very important and basic one.

psychological and emotional accountability is a little more elusive and while …yes she is paying back the money she is still circulating and capable of pity ploys…(She moved back in with her mother…what did her mother do to deserve that??) she is still capable of deception, manipulation, her mother is in the path of possible psychopathic frustration at being blocked possibly leaving her in mortal danger let alone all the “other Ways” these people kill a person over time…

The thing about creativity…we usually make mistakes as a way of learning how to get it right…I welcome it but if we are talking about sociopaths then due care must be taken to ensure people are safe from the various methods they employ to inflict suffering and or death…we have all spoken about the way these morons get off on notoriety, attention, adulation and publicity even bad, and I have no DOUBT they think the Justice System is “stupid” because they get away with so much…

not being in prison..for her is the opportunity to dupe again, with whatever, whomever…just because she has a police babysitter to make her pay will never change that.


i have a creative sentence or two for my spath. most of it not suitable for prime time.

but she should be barred from using computers for life. and those who live with her should be also. we could create some sort of bracelet that would detect CPU usage…..and cause her to explode.

Ox Drover

One “objection” I have to this though is she stole $475K and she is paying back $475K—no interest, and no penalty. So I think she should have to pay back MORE than she stole, at least a reasonable amount of interest.

And, Maybe she could report to the local county jail for weekends, or do community service on weekends when she is not “working.”


This punishment has lot’s of consequences.
I’m thinking the social consequence…….
How many of her friends will stick around for 21 years of only being entertained in her home…..or only doing things with her in her home…….I gotta say…..not sure i’d stick around long…..she’d be boring!

I like this punishment…..although she should have to make COMPLETE restitution with interest.

She’s got to pay for her upkeep, housing and food and medical……along with her ankle jewel and monitors…..along with working to pay for restitution.

Go Judge Home Confinement!!!

Ox Drover

I guess that is the ultimate “free world” GROUNDING. LOL


Are there any attorneys or CPA’s on here that can help advise me on a serious problem that I’m having?


oxy said: “free world” GROUNDING. bwwahahaahaha!!!


one_step-what’s up baby?


hey erin72 – i just wrote a mondo post on another thread. 😉

i know you are going through it right now (poo that is), but erin you are gonna heal. just gotta go there.

i have been wanting to tell you about this police cheif. i think you should get in touch with her.

she is getting amazing support from other police depts…and they brought in an external investigating dept! can’t tell you how amazed and impressed I am about that. good things are happening.


hens – why don’t you invite him over for a father son night out once a month? more time with good folks is awesome.

it’s so lovely to hear someone say they are proud of their child. so nice.


one_step-I will look that up. My captain e-mailed me tonight and told me how she was so excited that I chose to stay in town and go back to her department. She kicks ass. She was SO disappointed when I had to quit. It turned my whole day around hearing from her. I was able to ignore these new things that are coming on here and making it their business to trigger me this weekend. Self righteousness is SO unattractive!


erin – please don’t fan the flames – even if you are still angry. i see that all of this will eventually help us. writing the long post i just did, and reflecting on what you have been going through since you whacked your noggin has really led me to see that i can’t push the river. i have to just sit back, do my work and let life and whatever i can do about the ppath ‘come’ to me.

(i have thought about what you are going through a lot… i rarely say the same thing over and over to anyone, but there is something about what you are going through that I am really engaged with. i am glad that we have been talking about shame and the wounds so deep and toxic we can’t look at them. there is big healing to be had when we venture there.)

big best,
one step


one_step–I just kind of had a thought about something that is making me a little nauseated and I don’t know what to think about it. Maybe I’m totally wrong but I have a feeling that my ex narc’s wife may be on here. I wonder why suddenly when I was feeling so awesome, that someone new has shown up here and triggered me. Some things were said that had me concerned. If she is on here, that will be a big problem for me.


erin – most of us have that idea. the spath, their other dupes…just step back a bit and wait it out, okay?

we get so deeply triggered it is hard to tell. there have been people here who i didn’t think were actually the ppath (although i did ask to have one person’s ip checked), but who were so effing odd i was sure they were some kind of disordered (no one who is here now btw). i checked them out. i watched how they interacted with people, how they tried to draw people in. i didn’t fall for it. i stepped back. i almost left lf. it was awful. i waited. they finally stopped posting.

i am not in any way accusing anyone of this in your case. not at all. i am just saying WE get SO weird. and we do have to wait and watch….and see what the triggers are and where and who they come from.

it’s an open forum, and there is possibility that our ppaths actually find us…but what’s the probability of that in your case???how would she know? think it through. and let yourself cool off a bit.


What happens if the socio (the embezzler) gets evicted? Hahaha.

Frank Lee Speaking

this is the only image I could find of her. on a dating site naturally.

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