Sex, drugs and yoga

John Friend, founder of the Anusara style of yoga, which combined rigorous physical poses, a philosophical framework and a strict ethical standard. He was a kind of rock-star guru—at least until his alleged penchant for sex, drugs and other people’s money was discovered. Read:

Scandal contorts future of John Friend, Anusara yoga, on

Sex scandal knocks yoga world off balance, on

Yoga Mogul turns out to be a total scumbag, on

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G1S, no and no one ever put on their tombstone “I wish I’d spent more time at the office” either…I never had permission to “play” either and that is something I have had to make myself do, take time to just PLAY. I always had to be accomplishing things or working or I felt lazy and lazy is one of the worst sins in the world.

I also never had “permission” to spend money on myself…I would spend money on my kids or my husband for things they wanted but if I spent money on myself I felt guilty. A while back I got my hearing tested and I scored “profoundly deaf” I actually get along pretty well because I have become an excellent lip reader, but hearing aids are very expensive, but I thought, “you know, if this was something my son D needed, I would pop for it in a microsecond and never give it another thought,” so I bought them and though frankly I do feel a bit guilty about spending that kind of money on myself I did it anyway. LOL

I am frugal, and that’s okay, I actually enjoy searching for bargains. I like nice things but I also like to get it at a bargain price so I SHOP to find the cheapest prices. It is like a game to me.

Becoming aware of how these ‘feelings” make us want to do things that are kind of NOT LOGICAL is the first step to fixing the problems they create in our emotional and physical lives.

Well, I’m off to bed, my eyes are shutting themselves. G’nite!

I just have to tell you this story.
I’m the same way about bargains. It’s great fun to me. almost addictiing.
So I said to my spath, “yes, I do really like getting these great bargains, it fun. It’s just like gambling, I think.”
All of a sudden, his eyes lit up, “REALLY? it’s like gambling for you?”
“Yeah,” I said, ” it is, except I ALWAYS WIN! The only question is how much I’m gonna win. You know, will I get the item for cheap, or for free, or will I MAKE money on it?”
Spath’s face suddenly looked dejected. “oh. I see.” He lost interest in a game where I always win. He loves going to casinos to watch people lose. He would tell me, “This guy lost all his money, I’m sure he went out and committed suicide.”

goes to show how dumb I was. I just didn’t see how sick that was. I just thought he wa concerned.

A friend of mine once told me that my money can be in one of two places – my pocket or somebody else’s.

I will not pay full price for anything. Nothing changes about the product when it goes on sale.

I got a bonus from work.

My son needs a new mattress. I searched the Internet and found that the best mattress sales are Memorial Day weekend so we will get him one then.

I promised him that we get a high definition TV, too. We’ll wait until the Father’s Day sales to buy one of those. That’s when the more expensive electronic gifts go on sale.

I buy most of my books used from Amazon, but first I take them out of the public library system to look them over (assuming the library system has them) to see if I really want to own them. Many times, it’s enough to browse through or read them. I don’t have to own them.

Some things I will not buy used, like a car. Nobody gets rid of a car that they are happy with. Even so, when I buy a car, I buy them on sale.

Eewwww, Sky, that’s very yucky – going to casinos to fantasize about the despair people are feeling. I’ve never been to a casino. I have no desire to go.

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