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Sex offender who raped and murdered two teenagers to be sentenced today

John Gardner, a convicted sex offender who pled guilty to raping and murdering two teenagers in the San Diego, California area, will be sentenced to two life terms in prison today.

In covering the story, the Today Show included an interview with Pat Brown, a criminal profiler. Brown is quite clear in her assessment: John Gardner is a psychopath, he’s enjoying the limelight, and once he gets in prison, he’ll figure out his next scam, like convincing women to write to him.

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Oh Donna, I’m so glad you posted this! It is fascinating to watch and her assessment of him is dead on!



For me he is clearest case yet. I can hear his enjoyment of the attention, I can see his enjoyment of the limelight, I can hear his hollow words that sound so like remorse but clearly is manipulation and duping delight. The blaming of everyone in his life who hurt him! and taking it out on the “wrong People” so creepy. There”s not a hint of depth…all shallow shallow affect…Brent King said it when he said:

“I will channel my rage and commit to spending my life to making our society safe from the incurable evil,” Brent King said at a memorial service in March. “Known sexual predators are not curable … If anyone — anyone — believes that this evil is treatable, let them live next door to you and your children, not ours.”

Ox Drover

I can’t get this interview to load today but I have seen it in the past. This man should never have been allowed out on the streets of the world after his first conviction. I hope that if nothing else good comes out of the unnecessary deaths of these two young girls, the laws are changed that will make child rape a CRIME again! One that carries some TEETH and some INCARCERATION.

The psychiatrist had him pegged, the DA obviously had him pegged as well, and yet, RAPE was considered a “treatable” crime?

Where is the consequence for the Parole officer who allowed him to continue to violate his parole? Where is the consequence for the judge who gave him a reduced sentence?

Why do VICTIMS have the consequences for the POOR CHOICES of our judges and our laws? Makes me grind my teeth!

Ox Drover

There is an article called “Sex Predators Can’t be Saved” by Andrew Vachss, originally publkished in the NYTimes Jan 5, 1993. I have tried to post the link to this article several times and every time I put that link in, my entire post goes off to cyberspace.

Vachss has a website called “the zero” as well, These articles, and this one in particular about a predator executed in 1993 sums it all up! Sex Predators do not have empathy, therefore they are not treatable because they are PSYCHOPATHS. We cannot rehab them, we cannot change them, we can ONLY cage them.


Candice Moncayo, the jogger he admitted he tried to rape near lake Hodges Dec. 27th 2009, was really strong in the impact statements, I have to tell you I was distraught watching the impact statements. I have ultimate respect for the family of each girl, its unimaginable what they went through…but this survivor girl came up and said what she said, this girl fought him off with an elbow hook to his nose, she broke it!! and she dared to say “how is your nose” then:

Rage flashed across Gardner’s face. He turned to one of his attorneys and appeared to angrily say, “she hit me.” However, NBC 7/39 and several TV stations reported that he said, “she didn’t hit me,” followed by “she’s a liar,” and “she did that for the publicity.”

She “got him” where it hurts…she showed him up[ for the psychopath he is….there it is on camera…the wrath of a psychopath who was one upped by a woman…makes me sick, and I will probably cry all day over this….the sum total of life after the psychopath.


bullet, I didn’t see this particular part of this case. I had just found the link to him the psychiatrist who nailed his personality so well and the day he was sentenced. I know he was actually laughing during the questioning. It ALL makes me sick as well.
He has no conscience, no remorse and as it’s been said, he was loving the limelight. Wonder how much he’ll love it 30 years from now when he’s rotting in a prison cell?


I’m shocked. I have never seen such a public denouement of a psychopath before. Thanks for posting it. I never knew these creatures existed, the more publicity they get as to their true characters the better.


At least one mother received a bit of closure… these creatures are inhuman…,,20385984,00.html


Here are the victim impact statements for the John Gardner case.

After reading them and obviously being saddened… was thought provoking.
One statement from a parent holds the mother responsible also. For doing nothing.
It provoked me into the thinking of frustration about informing law enforcemnt about spaths letters from young girls he kept. Disturbing letters……referring to him in endearing-sick ways. The letters were written by 11/12 year old girls.
When I showed several authorities…..they were all creeped out….. I got a call from a Lt. I read them to him, he said….hang on to them. THAT”S IT!
It was like ‘gossip’. they didn’t even take the letters.
I bet they’d jump on it if they had a ‘viable’ obvious crime reported.

So……I am still disturbed, I’ve reported it….but what more can I do?
My heart would sink if I heard a little girl was harmed by him…..and my hands are tied.
If I scream about it….i’m the crazy lady…..If I shut up….i’m just as bad…..if I report….i’m ignored….
Now what?



I wonder what would happen if Dr Leedom helped you write a cover letter for the letters giving an analysis of what she saw and what you have shared about the situation so that a credible expert can weigh in on what you see.

Just like we are learning not to trust or believe withour proof and credential, it can be frustrating when no one believes us until they have it.

There may be more wisdom than we know yet in the advice you were given- things sometimes go that way. But I will tell you that having an expert opinion or analysis will make a contribution because while you suspect, your conclusions maybe considered arguable for lack of credential.

Think! You do it better than most and what I hear is you are frustrated now.

No, you are morally obligated to make somebody pay attention to your concern. And you will.

This is only one guy.


At this point, I have put the letters away and will hold onto them. They arn’t ‘proof’ of anything….but knowing this man, I am waiting for the bomb to drop.
I have done (at this point) all I feel I can…..but what disturbs me, is until a young victim comes forward……and is harmed…..that’s when I can pull them out again.
My issue is ….I’d like to prevent that. but I don’t think I can, until society sees a crime victim.

I’ts like when I called the police when he was last in town…..I was scared, I wanted them to be aware of my fear and the surrounding circumstances…..and the first thing they said was…..well until he does something there is nothing we can do.
I was clear on that…….prior to my call to them…..BUT…..basically, I wanted them to know where to look IF somethign did happen to any of us!
Thats the sad part, but thats the law….

I think the letters will only help nail him….AFTER someone reports.

You are certainly right about believing the proof…..and yes….it does go both directions.
And i’m just an average ‘jane’ with the ‘title’ (in this situation) of the ‘jilted ex’.
Who would believe me???
I completely understand……
But, like my talking about his drug dealing activities……
Eventually HE will expose himself…..
(but in this situation….it’s not drugs….it’s a childs world and future).

Thanks for your post.


This is Dr. Keith Ablows take on Sociopaths (or 1 Sociopath Scott Peterson) and how he got to the place he did….murdering his wife Laci and unborn son.


ErinBrock….Keith Ablows gave testimony on the wrong side in one case, so I dropped out of his online community….but I can’t remember what case it was, but it outraged me at at the time.


Ya know…..if I recall correctly….I think it was the Christy Brinkley divorce….
I could be wrong.
I remember being outraged too,now you mention it.
I still think his writing on the Scott Peterson peice was interesting.
Thanks for the reminder.

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