Sex offender who raped and murdered two teenagers to be sentenced today

John Gardner, a convicted sex offender who pled guilty to raping and murdering two teenagers in the San Diego, California area, will be sentenced to two life terms in prison today.

In covering the story, the Today Show included an interview with Pat Brown, a criminal profiler. Brown is quite clear in her assessment: John Gardner is a psychopath, he’s enjoying the limelight, and once he gets in prison, he’ll figure out his next scam, like convincing women to write to him.

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At this point, I have put the letters away and will hold onto them. They arn’t ‘proof’ of anything….but knowing this man, I am waiting for the bomb to drop.
I have done (at this point) all I feel I can…..but what disturbs me, is until a young victim comes forward……and is harmed…..that’s when I can pull them out again.
My issue is ….I’d like to prevent that. but I don’t think I can, until society sees a crime victim.

I’ts like when I called the police when he was last in town…..I was scared, I wanted them to be aware of my fear and the surrounding circumstances…..and the first thing they said was…..well until he does something there is nothing we can do.
I was clear on that…….prior to my call to them…..BUT…..basically, I wanted them to know where to look IF somethign did happen to any of us!
Thats the sad part, but thats the law….

I think the letters will only help nail him….AFTER someone reports.

You are certainly right about believing the proof…..and yes….it does go both directions.
And i’m just an average ‘jane’ with the ‘title’ (in this situation) of the ‘jilted ex’.
Who would believe me???
I completely understand……
But, like my talking about his drug dealing activities……
Eventually HE will expose himself…..
(but in this situation….it’s not drugs….it’s a childs world and future).

Thanks for your post.

This is Dr. Keith Ablows take on Sociopaths (or 1 Sociopath Scott Peterson) and how he got to the place he did….murdering his wife Laci and unborn son.

ErinBrock….Keith Ablows gave testimony on the wrong side in one case, so I dropped out of his online community….but I can’t remember what case it was, but it outraged me at at the time.

Ya know…..if I recall correctly….I think it was the Christy Brinkley divorce….
I could be wrong.
I remember being outraged too,now you mention it.
I still think his writing on the Scott Peterson peice was interesting.
Thanks for the reminder.

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