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She sues, he sues

She says he lied to trick her into marriage and is suing him for $1.2 million. He admits that he lied, but says he didn’t realize the lies would affect his marriage. He’s suing her for $21 million.

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Ox Driver I do have to get practiced not to react. It is just that these people know how to side-swipe people. I never see it coming! It’s always after the fact that I say I should have done this or that.

Bluejay: I get your post. Yes, if I tried to put the hurt on him that he put on me it would backfire on me. I am not crafty, not skilled. It would be a legal mess for me to deal with.

Doesn’t it suck that we have to cut our losses time and time again? While they walk free with our money, and property?

We need to educate our young women about this. Of course they don’t want to listen to an ‘old broad’ like me. Cause they know more than me. Right?


I have yelled at my h-spath but it does no good – he doesn’t seem to grasp why I’m so angry. Trying to get your point across is futile. A person can only take so much. I’m past the saturation level. I get why you blew up at Jim – maybe, just maybe, what you screamed at him sunk in a bit, registering in his brain. It does “suck that we have to cut our losses time and time again”, being the ones’ who try to remain quiet about how abusive these people truly are.

Yes, bluejay,

We remain quiet because exposing them blows up in our face.

Thank you for believing my “blow up” at Jim sunk in a little. It really helps to hear that! Even though I know it didn’t phase him a bit. He sees it as my fault. I did something to him. He has my money but, he sees that I did something to him.

It not only ends at abusive relationships. But it starts up again with family!

For instance: Tonight on Facebook. I found humor in an innocent situation. My sister-in-law was posting a picture of a hot guy while my brother (her husband) was posting pictures of 1860’s dresses.

I got such a kick out it. That my sister-in-law changed the scene. The pic was gone of the young guy and she asked what guy? What are you talking about?

It was Gas Lighting to the max.

It pissed me off so bad that I wrote to my brother. I wrote that if my posts offend. Tell me so. Don’t change the scene, by deleting posts and then asking me what I’m talking about. to mess with my mind.

I reminded him about “Gas Lighting” cause it was a term I told him about years ago. He used the term freely for a while, but guess he forgot about it.


I’m doubtful that what you “said” to Jim (blasted at him) got across at all to him – you’d like to think so , though. When talking to these disordered people, it’s like talking to a brick wall – what you’re trying to express to them doesn’t register, get into their brain. That’s what’s so frustrating. Anyway, I can totally understand about losing your cool. Have a good day, keeping our minds on positive things. Take care.


You’re right about practicing NOT REACTING to these people – they do press our buttons, sometimes being unaware that they’re doing so. I realize that the h-spath is not going to change – it’s not worth it for me to keep reacting, instead I should just go about finding solutions to my concerns, problems (with no help from him). Take care.

Dear Bluejay,

Fat Ass and Hairy Ass said to say “thank you” for changing the reference to the LOW LIFE! LOL 🙂 ( sometimes they peep into my office window and read what is written on LF I think! LOL so we wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings)

Back when Star Gazer was posting here (she had pet snakes) we were always referring to the Ps as “snakes” or “snakes in the grass” and she would jokingly “get on to” us. Laugh!


Not REACTING is difficult, because they know EVERY BUTTON to push….and literally our BACK BRAINS REACT before the thinking part of the brain has time to kick into gear!

It is like jumping out and yelling “boo” at someone, they will JUMP and RUN before they have time to realize it is you, even if they see you. That is a primitive part of our brain that is programmed for protection.

Using our thinking brains to over come this is possible, but difficult, so just keep working at it. It isn’t a “character flaw” in you, it is just instinct!

Oxy, your post reminds me that Pinkey-doodle is not a narcissist just because he’s a cat. Now I know why he’s sulking, and I will ask that everyone to please respect Pinkey’s feelings. I can’t bear to see him hurt. 🙂

Kimmie, well your cat may not be a narcissistic feline, but I can tell you my son’s cat is. I no longer claim her! So I hope her N feelings get hurt if she sneaks in here and reads my e mail! But, out of my friendship for you, I will NOT call ALL cats Ns, so Pinkey-doodle’s feelings will not be hurt! LOL ROTFLMAO 🙂

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