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She sues, he sues

She says he lied to trick her into marriage and is suing him for $1.2 million. He admits that he lied, but says he didn’t realize the lies would affect his marriage. He’s suing her for $21 million.

Read Husband sues businesswoman for $21 million on News.ninemsn.com.au.

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I love that (he) is suing for emotional distress! So very spath of him… Saw a lovely little financial opportunity and he is going for it.
Luckily this wealthy women didn’t get pushed off a cliff!
and BTW Des Campbell who pushed his wealthy wife off a cliff for the inheritance has been convicted and I believe received a life sentence.

She looks like a lovely person, I hope she wins this case. Those spaths will justify their lies with ludicrious counter lies. The kicker is, they thing they will get away with it and they will be believed.

Women have been doing this to men over the years. She is probably trying to avoid paying him in a divorce settlement, or palimony. Yes he is a lying psychopathic gold digger; not denying any of that. But I hope Australia throws this case out, or perhaps I should move there. I could sue an actor or musician for a bad performance, or maybe sue the boss person on the street who was unkind for maybe 37 million dollars. Oh yeah I could do that here in the U.S. too. Seems that we are not the only ones who are overloaded with crazy people and a crazy justice system.

Delete the word boss, or maybe yes delete the boss as well. The mobile phone types in words and suggestions- it has a mind of its own.

This case I think is being heard in the States! Without the whole story it is hard to know what she is suing for. She maybe suing for funds that the husband took???? I know how that feels!

I got sued by the Psychopath next door for $50,000 for HIS MENTAL STRESS because the plane that my husband was pilot iin command of crash landed in this man’s pasture, therefore “damaging” this man (ONLY MONEY would help him and his feelings) and giving him night mares!

Of course he got nothing, but the very gall of suing the widow of a man who burned to death for YOUR “mental pain” sort of made the community rally around and run him out of town (literally) and he was gone for several years before he sneaked back into the community. As far as I know though, he has not spoken to anyone in the neigthborhood for several miles in either direction.

Right after the law suit was filed (papers were delivered to me the day before the 1 year anniversary of the crash) one of tghe neighbors who is a deacon in one of the local churches offered to kill the man for me! LOL (He was serious but I declined the offer!)

But you know, a psychopath has NO SHAME, no sense of what is acceptable in society and what is not acceptable. Look at Bill Clinton having sex with Monica in his office while other people were just out side the door. Oh, excuse me, he ‘DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN, MONICA….” LOL

Any other person except Bill Clinton or Bloggo or someone of that ilk (i.e a psychopath) would have slunk out of office and dug a hole and buried themselves in SHAME, but a psychopath has NO SHAME.

No Shame!
When I had property settlement from my first husband he stayed in the Marital home and I received a payout !

When I separated from the spath he put a caveat over a beach house that I had in my name ( to protect his interest in the Property) and in doing so he also found out that the transfer of land had not been completed by the Land office on my first husbands home and I was still on title.

The spath decided to put a caveat on my first husband’s house and tried to sue him for his entitlement and share of the Property LOL!

I couldn’t believe it, I was so embarrassed. My first husband and I had been divorced for 8 years and some how the spath thought that my first husband’s home was his for the taking too! They are soooo bazaar!

Well, I think I need to amend my “no shame” comment a bit—my X BF who was a P had a sort of pseudo-shame. He was so concerned with his reputation in the community (with people that hardly knew him) that he took great pains to be publicly recognized as a “man of importance and substance.” His previous wife of 32 years was a well known school teacher and she was on the board of directors of one of the local banks, etc.

I am well known in my small community by virtue of the fact there was a medical clinic here for 4 years that I ran and was the resident health care provider so I knew just about everyone and when BF and I would go to the local bank, restatarunt or contry general store there would always be many people would recognize me and stop to chat. He kept mentioning this to me and about what “respect they show you.” I thought it was ODD that he noticed people stopping and talking (he was from the country too) This was still in our honeymoon stage. He also was a mason and talked about (but never did) attending masonic events in the neighborhood to “get acquainted.”

He had grown up FEELING very “poor” and felt that others looked down on him for his family’s poverty. I had grown up poor, but in my family we were not ashamed of p;overty and didn’t feel we were less than someone with more money. Since he did apparently feel bad about h is early poverty he made sure people knew he was NOT poverty stricken NOW and drove a flashy expensive sports car as well as a pick up truck. He would conspiciously buy pricey objects that others admired but couldn’t afford. That made him feel superior.

He (very early in the relationship) tried to buy me expensive gifts and appliances, which I thanks him, but refused and bought the appliances for myself.

As the relationship intensified, I realized that much if not most of his public face had to do with making others think he was independently financially well off and respected in the community. In fact, he was NOT wealthy or respected but he didn’t get it. Other people did, but not him.


I was thinking (and I’m only being facetious) too bad you didn’t sue the P-neighbor for the “mental duress” he caused you, being notified of his lawsuit against you on the very anniversary of the plane crash. Round-and-round it would go. I guess he thought you’d had enough time to grieve, so you wouldn’t be smokin’ mad when you got the news about his own trauma. It’s comical and sad at the same time.

When the sheriff’s deputy (a young guy who felt like he was kicking me) delivered the papers with an apology, I literally fell down on the floor of the porch crying and screaming. The poor deputy felt awful I know. My friend at the sheriff’s office had tried to call me and warn me but hadn’t gotten me on the phone before the deputy arrived. He just kept saying “I’m sorry mam’ ” Bless his heart. I told him I wasn’t mad at him but he still felt bad I know.

I honestly think the greedy guy across the road thought that most people would do the same thing (his cousin was the lawyer) but when people started confronting him about the suit (it was published in the legal section of the local newspaper) he was astounded that folks didn’t think it was a great idea!

He even told one guy, “Oh, I didn’t sue her, my attorney did” Like that was not his fault at all some attorney just sued me at random for him. LOL

Yes, NOW it is comical and his deposition of lies (apparent lies) is comical to read. At the time though, when I had all this other stress on me and had just lost my husband, it was ANYTHING BUT FUNNY!`

It actually proves though (now that I can laugh about it) that psychopaths just DON’T GET HOW OTHER PEOPLE REACT to their antics that they see as perfectly “normal” or “natural.”


I read some of your experiences and think that you’ve experienced it all – for some reason, you have had plenty of first-hand experiences with psychopaths (like you just can’t get completely away from them), slithering out from under the rocks at the worst times, biting it’s prey, you. I don’t understand it. They always have excuses for their insane, inexcusable behavior, making me mad. I hope that you can live spath free for the rest of your life. You deserve peace and quiet.

Dear Bluejay,

Yea, this jerk moved across the road 10-15 years ago and bought 30 acres that belonged to a really sweet guy who was getting married and moving across the road on the other side. He immediately made himself called “Crazy Bob” in the neighborhood and no one liked him but we sort of put up with him when he would visit around….was good for the latest “crazy bob” story and gave us some comic relief in the neighborhood–had been so long since we had the “have you heard the latest thing the town drunk did?” and we had run out of laughs so now it was “have you heard the latest thing that Crazy bob did?” He was mainly funny and irritating until the law suits.

Yea, I’ve had them as relatives, bosses, a lover, co workers, neighbors and business partners—but most of them really didn’t do me any LASTING pain or life altering problems. The family ones were the worst!….the gifts that KEEP ON GIVING AND GIVING AND GIVING, Family Psychopaths! LOL

Jim, said he was going to sue me for slander.

He did not like it that I told his ex-wife he looks at teen porn on the computer, and that she told their daughters of this.

Jim got LOTS of money out of me while we were together. Guess he found a way to get money out of me now that we are NOT together.

I am not worried about it. I would love to see him tell a judge about the teen porn on his computer.

It is so insulting that anyone would suggest suing when they were in the wrong. Much less someone who actually carries out the lawsuit when they were in the wrong.

It’s this similar to the prowler who sues cause he got injured while breaking into your home?

Dear Jeannie,

Yep, you got that right. Tell him to BRING IT ON BOZO! You would just LOVE YOUR DAY IN COURT!


No one likes a lawsuit – hopefully, Jim is just threatening, but will not come through.

Ox Drover, I handled it wrong. My eyes bugged out of my head when Jim called to tell me. I screamed that I hated him and want to kill him. I really wanted to kill him in that moment. I wish I had taken a deep breath, took a step back, and said Bring It On Bozo! But, I reacted instead.

bluejay: Jim is all talk. He won’t carry out the lawsuit cause I really did see teen porn on his computer. I also saw he had countless emails from swingers and emails from sex dating sites. This was stuff that he was doing on the ‘down low’. Stuff that he doesn’t want his best friends to know about, much less the courts and the community.

Dear Jeannie,

Yea, believe me I have RE-ACTED too much instead of RESPONDING or ACTING as well, welcome to the club….and I can be triggered too! LOL I can almost hear your RAGE! LOL and I don’t blame you one bit!

I am starting to get better about allowing (or NOT allowing) the triggers….the unexpected ones are the worst! Just keep on chugging and if he threatens again just remember to tell him to “Bring it on Bozo!” (((hugs))))


I believe you, that you saw teen porn on his computer. Every day (just about), I react to my h-spath (usually in private), being ready to rip his head off. It’s nice to hear that others’ lose their cool too. I am p.o’d about my situation, KNOWING that it is all unfair, that the h-spath is a low-life. Sometimes, I can plot revenge, but knowing me, it would backfire.

Dear Bluejay,

Please do not refer to your H-spath as a jack ass, they are actually very BRIGHT animals and very good, hard working and loving. NOTHING like your husband! (((Hugs)))) LOL


I didn’t mean to offend you, so I went to my post and made a correction to it, referring to him differently, a low-life. Take care.

Ox Driver I do have to get practiced not to react. It is just that these people know how to side-swipe people. I never see it coming! It’s always after the fact that I say I should have done this or that.

Bluejay: I get your post. Yes, if I tried to put the hurt on him that he put on me it would backfire on me. I am not crafty, not skilled. It would be a legal mess for me to deal with.

Doesn’t it suck that we have to cut our losses time and time again? While they walk free with our money, and property?

We need to educate our young women about this. Of course they don’t want to listen to an ‘old broad’ like me. Cause they know more than me. Right?


I have yelled at my h-spath but it does no good – he doesn’t seem to grasp why I’m so angry. Trying to get your point across is futile. A person can only take so much. I’m past the saturation level. I get why you blew up at Jim – maybe, just maybe, what you screamed at him sunk in a bit, registering in his brain. It does “suck that we have to cut our losses time and time again”, being the ones’ who try to remain quiet about how abusive these people truly are.

Yes, bluejay,

We remain quiet because exposing them blows up in our face.

Thank you for believing my “blow up” at Jim sunk in a little. It really helps to hear that! Even though I know it didn’t phase him a bit. He sees it as my fault. I did something to him. He has my money but, he sees that I did something to him.

It not only ends at abusive relationships. But it starts up again with family!

For instance: Tonight on Facebook. I found humor in an innocent situation. My sister-in-law was posting a picture of a hot guy while my brother (her husband) was posting pictures of 1860’s dresses.

I got such a kick out it. That my sister-in-law changed the scene. The pic was gone of the young guy and she asked what guy? What are you talking about?

It was Gas Lighting to the max.

It pissed me off so bad that I wrote to my brother. I wrote that if my posts offend. Tell me so. Don’t change the scene, by deleting posts and then asking me what I’m talking about. to mess with my mind.

I reminded him about “Gas Lighting” cause it was a term I told him about years ago. He used the term freely for a while, but guess he forgot about it.


I’m doubtful that what you “said” to Jim (blasted at him) got across at all to him – you’d like to think so , though. When talking to these disordered people, it’s like talking to a brick wall – what you’re trying to express to them doesn’t register, get into their brain. That’s what’s so frustrating. Anyway, I can totally understand about losing your cool. Have a good day, keeping our minds on positive things. Take care.


You’re right about practicing NOT REACTING to these people – they do press our buttons, sometimes being unaware that they’re doing so. I realize that the h-spath is not going to change – it’s not worth it for me to keep reacting, instead I should just go about finding solutions to my concerns, problems (with no help from him). Take care.

Dear Bluejay,

Fat Ass and Hairy Ass said to say “thank you” for changing the reference to the LOW LIFE! LOL 🙂 ( sometimes they peep into my office window and read what is written on LF I think! LOL so we wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings)

Back when Star Gazer was posting here (she had pet snakes) we were always referring to the Ps as “snakes” or “snakes in the grass” and she would jokingly “get on to” us. Laugh!


Not REACTING is difficult, because they know EVERY BUTTON to push….and literally our BACK BRAINS REACT before the thinking part of the brain has time to kick into gear!

It is like jumping out and yelling “boo” at someone, they will JUMP and RUN before they have time to realize it is you, even if they see you. That is a primitive part of our brain that is programmed for protection.

Using our thinking brains to over come this is possible, but difficult, so just keep working at it. It isn’t a “character flaw” in you, it is just instinct!

Oxy, your post reminds me that Pinkey-doodle is not a narcissist just because he’s a cat. Now I know why he’s sulking, and I will ask that everyone to please respect Pinkey’s feelings. I can’t bear to see him hurt. 🙂

Kimmie, well your cat may not be a narcissistic feline, but I can tell you my son’s cat is. I no longer claim her! So I hope her N feelings get hurt if she sneaks in here and reads my e mail! But, out of my friendship for you, I will NOT call ALL cats Ns, so Pinkey-doodle’s feelings will not be hurt! LOL ROTFLMAO 🙂

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