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Shocker #3: Erbie Bowser allegely kills four and wounds four

Erbie Bowser allegedly went on a shooting rampage in Dallas, Texas, and the nearby community of DeSoto. Four people were killed, including Bowser’s ex-wife and estranged girlfriend, and four were wounded, including two children. When police arrived, Bowser pretended to be catatonic.

Bowser was described as “likeable” by colleagues. But his ex-wife, Zina Bowser, had a restraining order against him, stating in court papers that he threatened her.

Erbie Bowser: A ‘gentle giant’ who snapped, on


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The headline on The Daily Beast says, “Erbie Bowser: A ‘gentle giant’ who snapped.” That’s not at all what happened. His wife got a restraining order against him for threatening to execute her and the kids, and threatened to “bury her” if she wanted anything out of their divorce.

The guy didn’t “snap.” He made threats, and then made good on them.


When I see headlines like that that don’t match reality, I have to wonder what the agenda is for the headline writer. Are they getting paid off by the defense attorneys? Do they have some politically correct racial agenda?

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