Signs of a sociopath in a chilling story from New York

Jason Bohn, who earned a law degree from the University of Florida, is charged with murdering his girlfriend, Danielle Thomas. Read:

Lawyer arrested in chicken restaurant ‘planned to torture his executive girlfriend’ as he is charged with murder after ‘beating her to death and leaving body in bathtub filled with ice,’ on

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Not as rare as you might think.
The only thing stopping most spaths from killing is that they lack the balls. They don’t want to get caught. So they’ve figured out another way to kill: sabotage.

Sabotage can happen in so many ways: your car, you plane, your health, your mind.

You can die by accident, by poison or by suicide. They don’t care, as long as you die. They demand the human sacrifices.

Another way that they kill is by cancer or heart attack. My aunt died by spath induced lymphoma. Though it takes years, the stress is a killer too. My spath went to an elderly neighbors’ house once. He came back and told me how horrible the old man was and that he purposely enraged him to see if he could make him have a heart attack.

I know it’s been hell for you, Speaking, but you have survived. So flip your spath the “bird” and live to enjoy another day. He won’t get your soul. No way.

SpeakingUp, killers are not rare, at all. Only 10% of all homicides are brought to trial. That means that there is a process of investigation, collection of evidence, charged and arrested, Grand Jury Hearing, trial preparation, and the eventual outcome/verdict. Many, many, many people “get away with murder.”

Brightest blessings

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