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Sociopath cons the Pentagon

For those of us who have been conned by sociopaths, we should never, ever again feel a shred of embarrassment. Sociopaths are good. They are very, very good. In fact, they are so good that they can con the spymasters at the CIA, the White House and the Pentagon.

It’s true. In an expose published in Playboy Magazine, reporter Aram Roston tells the story of Dennis Montgomery, who claimed he could decode secret bar codes from the Al Jazeera news broadcasts that contained that were actually instructions to sleeper Al Qaeda cells around the world. In fact, Montgomery could deliver latitude and longitude coordinates, and flight numbers, of terrorist targets.

The government took his claims so seriously that they cancelled flights, evacuated the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, and sent fighter jets to patrol the skies above the Big Apple.

Oh yeah—they also paid Dennis Montgomery $30 million.

It was all a scam. It is unlikely that the guy ever produced any software code or technology, but he did fake a demonstration to make it look like he did.

Reading the article, the traits of a sociopath are apparent. His own lawyer called Dennis Montgomery “a habitual liar and fraud.” Montgomery was alternately charming and raging. He gambled—a lot—and once lost $422,000 in one day.

Montgomery had no shame and no remorse. After the CIA determined that his software did nothing, he sold the same scam to the Air Force, and was paid another $3 million. In the end, Dennis Montgomery swindled all kinds of “intelligence” officials—people who look for liars and bad guys for a living.

See? We’re not the only ones. And these spymasters should know better.

Read The Man Who Scammed the Pentagon.

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Ox Drover

Yea, Polly,

Jesus said that we should remove the beam (log) from our own eye before we try to remove the speck from our friend’s eye. HOW TRUE THAT IS. I can see 20:20 to manage “your” life, but I am TOTALLY BLIND to what to do to manage my own!

He also said “let him that thinketh he standeth, take heed least he fall.”

How humiliating and humbling is that recognition? To recognize that we thought we were so “wise” and “smart” and so “logical” and so “superior” and in fact, it wasn’t that way at all. I feel like such a freaking hypocrit….


Ach well – it’s a hard learning for all of us Oxy – a real mind bender. I am using what I am learning now to point out to others when they’re in very bad situations themselves – we have to try to find some good in our history otherwise it is so easy to get consumed with bitterness.

You’re a good person who was conned by several bad people. It’s hard to understand why God lets good people go through such trauma – I struggled a great deal with my faith when I started looking back – why did I deserve this? What did I do? It would be easy for us to become like them – but then they really have won haven’t they?

I feel really dumb. Really really stupid. I was so smart in so many other areas and in the most important one was so stupid. I really hope this hasn’t ruined me for relational happiness one day. I really do want to meet someone and have a baby and live a happy life. I hate what he did to me. I hate the abuse he took out on me. And most of all I hate that I didn’t recognise it and get out sooner.


i was abused by a bf i lived when i was 19. full scale. very spathy. alcoholic. very abused as a child (actually was)

i have never doubted why people stay in abusive relationships. i know why they do. there is a spell. i don’t REMEMBER the actual spell. but i know it exists.

people are ignorant and judgemental. we do it all the time.

I outed myslef as dupe don my fb page this week. a friend who i know from dharma commented, ‘and be careful on the internet’ in 2010.’ uh huh.

i thought about it for ahwile. he is ignorant and certain he is above being conned, and maybe he IS. I replied: ‘you know who gets conned? Compassionate, out going, risk taking people who think they can’t be conned. Sounds like half the buddhists we know doesn’t it.’

I tired to put it into a context he might understand. Don’t know if worked or not.

x night night


You’re right about the spell one step – I commented when I finally felt some distance coming ‘The spell is broken finally and now I can leave’ – it’s the verbal games I think combined with the declarations of love and soul mateyness. I am not sure I understand what dharma is – is it in this context a practice or class or group? I understand the concept of karma well enough but dharma is familiar but I’m not sure of it.
Hope you sleep well and thanks for the hug – it really worked 🙂


hi pollyannanomore: ‘dharma’ is Buddhist teachings. used loosely to mean bBuddhism, also.

In Buddhism karma is simply ’cause and effect’; you do A and B is the result. There is no moralism or jusdgement – more like a law of physics. My spath uses the word (SNORT!) as herself, as her sock puppets AND gets her dupes (who she plays off on another) to use it. I know she doesn’t understand that she uses it incorrectly all the time (as a buddhist concept) – i didn’t enlighten her. 😉

Karma exists as a principle in Hinduism – and I am not familiar with how it is conceived of in Hinduism. I suspect it informs a lot of the ideas about karma, but I also think the dominant judeo-christian culture informs our idea of karma as a tool of ‘retribution’ – we tend to use it in NA as a very old testament idea of punishment for wrong deeds.

slept like a charm!


Polly, I can really relate to what you write there…but you shouldn’t feel stupid: the fact that you found this site means you are a highly intelligent person, like all those who figured a sociopath out. Sociopaths put all their energy, time, and the few braincells they have into lying and deceiving. In spite of all their efforts, we found them out. I don’t know for sure, but I might be the first person in my S’s existence who realised the full extent of what he is. There were lots of people who had no idea what they had been dealing with until I told them. That makes me more intelligent than all the people he encountered in his life – doesn’t it? You should think this way too!


Yes, One-Step, I absolutely agree about who can be conned. Smart people can be conned, very very easily. Because the spath reflects back to that person their own intellectual patterns, and that smart, confident person thinks, “look, this person’s just like me! S/he’s fine!”

I keep thinking of that wonderful film Catch Me If You Can. This is the problem (and it comes up in another recent article): Hollywood and the media glamorizes personalities like this.

You know, right now (2 1/2 months after my break up) I really feel like I can’t trust anyone; I’m even suspicious of friends I’ve had for a long time. I watch everyone very closely now – I watch their eyes, and the way they walk into a room. I can see when someone is confident, and when someone is uneasy with themselves. And I distrust the confident ones.

This, by the way, is a trick I learned from my ex- I thank him for that; he taught me how to be very vigilent and suspicious, indeed.

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