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Sociopathic behavior among the rich and famous

Several stories in the news recently seem to indicate the deceit, abuse and violence of sociopathic behavior among the glitterati.

Remember Michaele Salahi? She and her husband Tareq, crashed the White House State Dinner in 2009. Well, apparently after the reality show Real Housewives of DC got canned, she needed more publicity. So she ran off with Neal Schon, lead guitarist for the rock band Journey.

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Speaking of Real Housewives, Taylor Armstrong, one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, just released hospital photos of her after she had been physically assaulted by her husband, Russell Armstrong.

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Russell Armstrong committed suicide last month. His lawyer stated that he was “100% convinced” that Armstrong’s role in the reality show created his depression. But, previous news reports indicated that Russell Armstrong had a history of domestic violence towards previous wives and girlfriends, so it sounds more like a typical sociopath who assaulted his partners and then made good on suicide threats.

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Finally, in a case involving people who are rich but not necessarily famous, James “Bob” Ward is on trial in Orlando, Florida, charged with the second-degree murder of his wife. Diane Ward was shot in the face. Prosecutors say that Bob Ward calmly called authorities, then kept changing his story about what happened.

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Yea, Arnie’s “truthful” AUTO-bio will most likely NOT be! LOL

Marshall Mathers

Hey! SOME people DO get it. I read this article about Bernie Madoff.Aug 30, 2011 by BIANNA GOLODRYGA.

after writing a letter to convicted Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff, Fox Business Network senior correspondent Charlie Gasparino was on his way to dinner when he got a collect call from the world’s most notorious financial fraudster.
“His voice is the most amazing, soothing voice,” Gasparino told “Good Morning America” today. “You really feel like you’re talking to your uncle, your nice, rich uncle who’s a nice guy and, you know, you don’t feel like you’re talking to an arch-criminal.”

Anyone else have someone like that? My spath was SOOOOooo kindly and gentle talking, with a voice that he’d drop an octave b/f his trademark “me? with my honest face?” jest. B/c if you questioned his motives, he auto implied that you were being difficult. The article went on…

alternate reality” Madoff seemed to be creating for himself.
“His side of the story was pretty simple,” Gasparino said. “It’s, ‘Listen, I was kind of victimized too. You know, I was part of a racket, which is Wall Street. And by the way, my clients all knew I was ripping people off… They were forcing me to do this because they had such high expectations. So I’m kind of a victim too.”
“It’s got to be delusional,” Gasparino said

I’d say that’s right on. DELUSIONAL. Yet able to excuse and justify in the most congenial tone of voice and people LISTENED to that tone and NOT to the words. He’s SO nice they conclude. Trustworthy even.

Is modulating tone of voice on the list of spath traits? I vote for that one.

yep, Katy, they work on their voice. Mine can make it hypnotic. In fact when I went to a hypnotherapist, I got triggered because she used some of the same tones and rhythms that spath used. I had to remind myself that this was not a spath therapist.

The intuition exchange had me think of my spath’s hypnotic voice today several times. That is an ability I can ascribe to him. Even when my intuition showed me in dreams what was really going on, whenever I had him on the phone he could soothingly say that there was nothing going on, that he was not making or getting into trouble, that everything was “tranquilo” and everything would turn out fine. And when he did that, all of a sudden worries were poof gone… until a few days later. That’s how he managed to extend the expiring date of our relationship.

He had me so used to those words “todo tranquilo aqui” that it would make me relax when I read it on a chat or a message too, and I’d feel like a fool for being so worried in the first place. When I happened by accident last weekend upon some comments through his sister’s profile, that was the answer I read from him. She was worried and begged the new woman to give her a call or write her an email, and his response was the soothing, “What are you on about? We’re all tranquilo here! No worries!” And heck even now I could feel the power of that word brainwashed into me.

yes, hypnotic. as in jedi mind trick.

in my biz, they advise us that when speaking to a group, drop our voices an octave b/c it makes a person appear more authoritative.

guess I lost my authoritative tone when I was screaming at my husband to not kill the heifer… I interferred every time I saw him rev up and chase one down. Hmmm. Maybe if I dropped my voice, he’da listened: Hey baby (deep), wanna let her go this time?

Well that’s my question. It works on me. Do ya think it’d work on them, the spaths?

Very interesting question. Curious for the answer on that one myself 🙂

Bit of a problem to drop my voice lower as it is. It is a low voice by itself. Which reminds me of my spath’s voice. Everybody commented on his with a “is this really your voice?”: very low and rasping.

I hope I’ll never hear that voice ever again in my life

Wow! Just read this and so many things came to mind. Actually it’s something offbeat directed towards us not them. Everyone is exposed to these people…. Money cannot buy happiness,security or safety. Mind you money does make life easier.. Only a fool would think otherwise. My thought for today; if I won an endless amount of money what would I do? Hmm we all have the quick and easy answers, lol, pay off spath, secure our children’s future, ect. What then? No one on this blog came here by accident. We were subjected to something WE allowed in. It’s not our fault they were lies. However if we don’t have boundaries, knoweledge, self love… Money means nothing. In fact it could only serve as a distraction allowing us to continue…just a strange thought. “the lesson is in the journey not the victory”.. It’s a tough one to swallow!

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