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Sociopathic traits in the White House party crashers

From time to time, Lovefraud readers have asked if sociopathic men and women ever hook up with each other. I’d say the answer is yes, and a truly entertaining example of what can happen when they do has been all over the news recently.

I’m referring, of course, to Tareq and Michaele Salahi, the White House party crashers.

Tareq in black tie, and Michaele in a stunning red sari trimmed in gold, waltzed past Secret Service officials into President Barak Obama’s first state dinner on November 24, 2009, even though they weren’t on the guest list. The Secret Service didn’t know they weren’t supposed to be at the party until the next day, when the Salahis posted pictures from the event on Facebook.

A week later, the Salahis insisted on the Today Show that they did not crash the party. “This has been the most devastating thing that ever happened to us,” Tareq Salahi said to Matt Lauer.

“Our lives have been destroyed, everything we worked for, Matt,” Michaele Salahi said. “For me, 44 years, just destroyed.”

Of course, a few days before the Today Show interview, a television executive said the Salahis were shopping their story, offering to talk to broadcast networks in exchange for a payment of $500,000. Networks do not generally pay interview guests—and the Salahis said on air that they did not get paid.

The White House event wasn’t the first time the Salahis crashed a party—on September 26, 2009, they attended, uninvited, the Congressional Black Caucus dinner. The couple entered through a door used by bus boys and caterers. When they couldn’t produce any tickets, they were asked to leave—although they deny it.


So who are these people?

Tareq Salahi’s father founded the Oasis Winery in Hume, Virginia in 1977. Tareq attended the University of California, Davis, and earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and oenology (winemaking). In 1994, he was named managing director of the family’s vineyard, which produced some award-winning wines.

Tareq met Michaele Holt, who grew up in Virginia and did not graduate from college, at a party in 2000. They married in 2003. The wedding—postponed four times—finally took place at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle in Washington D.C. The bridal party included 28 bridesmaids and 28 groomsmen. The ceremony and reception were attended by 1,836 guests.

See a video of the Salahi wedding on YouTube.

The couple became a fixture on the Washington-area social scene. According to the governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine, they are “big self-promoters.”

Exaggerations by Michaele

Michaele Salahi claimed that she was a cheerleader for the Washington Redskins football team, and actually joined the cheerleader alumni association. In fact, she performed during halftime of the Redskins game on September 20, 2009—even though she couldn’t dance and didn’t know the standard choreography for the team’s fight song. The Washington Redskins cheerleaders deny that she was ever on the squad.

Michaele claimed to be a Victoria’s Secret model, which the company denies. She also claimed to be a former Miss USA, which pageant owner Donald Trump denies.

Winery problems

In November 2006, a legal battle erupted between Tareq Salahi and his mother, Corrine Salahi, over ownership of the Oasis Winery. Both parties accused each other of fraud and embezzlement. Tareq accused his mother of betraying the family. According to a 2007 article in the Fairfax County Times,

Tareq blamed his mother Corrine Salahi for causing turmoil at the vineyard, claiming she “abused” vineyard employees with “bullying tactics” and “fabricated claims,” and even wielding a pistol at times. Mrs. Salahi did not return calls for comment.

Since January the Fauquier Sheriff’s Office has recorded 26 incident reports at the vineyard, six naming Corrine Salahi, according to Major Paul Mercer, the Sheriff Office’s Public Information Officer. “We have sent deputies out there quite a few times this year,” Mercer said. “These cases involved everything from simple assault, motor vehicle theft, burglary and assault involving a family member.”

The lawsuit was settled in December 2007 when a real estate investor bought the property and then leased it back to Tareq Salahi. Since then, the winery ran into financial problems and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in February 2009, claiming $335,000 in assets and $965,000 in liabilities.

Polo problems

Tareq Salahi is a polo player, and the couple was involved with charity polo events in the Washington, D.C. area, but others questioned what they were doing with the money they raised. According to Fox News,

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, which oversees charitable operations in the commonwealth, issued a consumer warning earlier this year against the “Journey for a Cure Foundation,” of which the Salahis are listed as co-founders, the Fauquier-Times Democrat reported. The state regulatory and watchdog agency reportedly claimed that the foundation was soliciting money from Virginians for “allegedly charitable purposes,” but had failed to follow laws requiring groups soliciting money for charity to register and file necessary paperwork with the department.

Montgomery County in Maryland filed a lawsuit against the Salahis for bouncing a $24,000 check that they wrote to buy liquor for their America’s Polo Cup World Championship.

Legal and financial problems

CNN reported that the Salahis are named in 16 different civil suits in Fauquier County, Virginia, sometimes as plaintiffs and sometimes as defendants. A $15,000 judgment was won by a man who had his wedding at the Oasis Winery. He accused the Salahis of charging thousands of dollars to his credit card without explanation. The Salahis haven’t paid a penny of the judgment.

Tareq Salahi’s 4,000-square-foot home in Front Royal, Virginia, is in foreclosure.

An Aston-Martin worth $150,000, and a boat valued at $90,000 were repossessed. But in 2008, when a repo man came for the couple’s Audi A8, the Salahis threatened him. According to

Edward Beal, 44, of Front Royal, also has a pending case against Tareq Salahi stemming from an incident in which Salahi took the keys to Beal’s tow truck when Beal tried to repossess a 2006 Audi A8 from the couple’s Warren County home on Aug. 14, 2008.

Beal says in his criminal complaint form on file in General District Court that when he pulled into the driveway to tow the Audi, the Salahis came out of their house and asked him what was going on and he told them he was repossessing the vehicle for his employer, L & K Recovery of Woodstock.

Beal states that Salahi told his wife to go into the house and get a gun. “Then he took my keys out [of the] truck,” Beal says. “I had to run down the driveway [when] she went in the house [to] get the gun.”

Finally, last Friday the Salahis were in Warren County District Court because they failed to pay their landscaper for mowing their lawn. A year ago, the landscaper won a judgment for $2,063, which they didn’t pay. The court ordered Tareq to surrender the Patek Philippe watch he was wearing so it could be sold to pay the debt.

Sociopathic behavior

All this outrageous behavior, I believe, puts the Salahis somewhat higher on the sociopathic scale than most of us. Looking at the key symptoms of a sociopath, I’d say they exhibit the following traits:

  • Glib and superficial—they must be, to talk their way past the Secret Service.
  • Egocentric and grandiose—who has a wedding with 1,836 guests?
  • Lack of remorse or guilt—they were thrown out of a party in September, and then crashed the White House party two months later.
  • Deceitful and manipulative—fake cheerleader, fake Victoria’s Secret model and fake Miss USA.
  • Need for excitement—why else would they try to secure a role on the reality TV show, Real Wives of D.C.?
  • Lack of responsibility—they obviously felt no need to pay their bills.

They may have more sociopathic traits—media accounts don’t say anything about the Salahis’ degree of empathy or the depth of their emotions. But I’d be willing to bet that their relationship isn’t about emotional fulfillment.

Most people think sociopaths are hardened criminals, but it’s important to remember that people with this disorder can exhibit a range of behaviors, from sleazy to serial killer. A sociopath, in essence, is a social predator. It seems that this couple fits the bill.

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Wow – wonder if we will see more of these sorts of cases coming to light in the media. I would like to see more of the ‘everyday’ outrageous acts of sociopaths but guess they aren’t generally ‘glamorous’ enough for television. Aston Martins are more vogue than an unpaid power bill that plunges a family into darkness because of a selfish s’s spending. Or the fact that five children go without lunch for school due to some chemical habit. I guess the cases that happen in the suburbs are easier to cover up and make excuses for – I certainly made lots of excuses when I was with the S – his spending was out of the ballpark – he didn’t seem to understand that if he kept spending us outside our means sooner or later it would catch up with him. Sounds like this is familiar to most people on this blog though!

Thanks for posting this and the analysis – they certainly seem to fit the bill!


Wow again but sorry I have to comment again! I just watched the video – they were more than likely headed into debt at this point … and even if they weren’t – how ostentatious a ceremony is this when you consider how much pain, hunger and suffering there is in the world?! They could have had a simpler ceremony and celebration and shared their money with people worse off than them. (I like to think if I was rich, I would retain the same ethics but maybe that is idealism!)

Had to cut and paste some of the ‘logistics’ from the wedding:

Behind the scenes statistics:
1836 guests
Favors from Cartier
186 Catering Food Servers
36,000 square feet of Tenting including tented hallways to/from every conceivable point at Oasis
50 Bar tenders serving wine from multiple wine bar locations
46 Chefs including sous chefs
30 Fauquier County Police Officers
4 Virginia State Police Units at various points
198 Cases of Champagne Consumed ( including during rehearsal dinner)
Oasis Yacht used to transport guests to the Mt. Vernon Inn ( Home of George Washington) for rehearsal dinner on Mt. Vernon Estates
US Marshalls & State Dept. Security throughout for special guests in attendance not named
15 Official photographers to capture all various moments
8 Video cameras with full film crew/sound team
Two Camera Booms
One Camera Jib on 30 foot crane
One Camera Man standing on a Construction Crane 300 feet above the Cathedral
One Helicopter for pre-filming at Oasis
2 US Park Police Mounted Officers on horseback to control Street flow traffic and stop traffic.
6 Horse White Cinderella Chariot

What a crazy waste of money … no matter how “in love” they were!


The “interest” area of these two is celebrity status? Grandiose, self important displays that are cheesy and vulgar to ordinary folk….A cover up for the emptiness inside
“appear” to lack emotional warmth. She said “i’m devastated” with a cool calm emotionless face. They do not appear even slightly embarrassed!! it’s surprising that they are being honed in on for what they “appear” to be, which is fraudulent

The pornographic displays of how important they are even to the extent of gate crashing the whitehouse!! and then having the robot like cheek to appear on TV talking nonsense AGAIN…something new HAS happened….. instead of believing them, they were kicked out and now being questioned by the secret service!!! excellent!!

Ox Drover

Sounds to me like very very high narcissistic grandiosity and maybe a little MANIA thrown in to boot!

Especially considering after 9/11 the security of the president etc is pretty strictly protected. Security obviously isn’t as good as it is maybe thought it was.

I think a stint in jail wouldn’t hurt this two much, and would give their creditors a chance to get some of their merchandise back.


I would never even think of crashing a party right here in my own community among my peers, much less a state dinner at the WHITE HOUSE!

Jesus!! That takes some moxy. I mean, that takes some really big balls!!

~The icing on the cake was the news coverage I saw where the journalist said, “This security breach could have been very serious had these two party crashers been psychopaths. They were clearly close enough to the President to kill him, had they been psychopaths.”

Once again, the media still refuses to comprehend the fact that not all psychopaths are serial killers.
As far as I am concerned, these two show plenty of narcissistic and psychopathic traits.

Couples like Tareq & Michaele Salahi and Sam & Lidija Vaknin are all cut from the same cloth, in my opinion.
They are living a performance-based life.


More exciting news!!! 🙂

I’m taking my niece to Washington D.C. to have Christmas dinner with Sasha & Malia Obama!

I think I can get us in!!! 🙂 🙂


Rosa –
Ohh, the humour of the once spathed!

Could you get me on Oprah? My spath is of Ilinois; I am SURE she’d be interested!!



If we could get on Oprah…..that would really be the pinnacle, wouldn’t it???


Now, don’t be slagging my new life goal! 🙂

How else am I going to find out whose life/ photos my internet spath stole?


ummm, besides mine with her next scam…


Tiger Woods will talk to Oprah..

is Oprah the wizard of Oz or something?


yah, the one behind the curtain.


I think Donna was very careful and thorough in her assessment, and with what words she used to describe this couple. We would all be wise to follow her example and be careful and thoughtful of whom we label, with what we label them, and why…. or the terms psychopath and sociopath just get more and more diluted and meaningless.


This is what the media is all about….hijacking stories for ratings… how can we be surprised at the stories coming out and how they are manipulated for ratings?
It’s all about the $$…….
It goes with the territory!


And what I saw in Oprah was a self serving narcissitic sociapath .. that has been conning her public for her agenda…

Our media is corrupt and full of it…


I believe all the ‘security’ speak is mostly a facade offer a false security sense to those of ‘us’ ‘normal’ minded folks that wouldn’t even think of doing something we were not supposed to (for whatever reasons….moral, legal etc…)
My experience with the law, on several levals has opened my eyes to what people can and can’t get away with…..

My daughter and i were out to dinner this week and we were talking about a friend of hers father.
The friend was telling daughter that he just found out his father was a Navy Seal. He was SO proud of his dad, and wondered why it just came up now. Daughter told this to me and I said….Oh, really……with a smirk.
I knew this father years ago…..pre kids…..he had the most high falutant stories back then….none of his NS experiences came out…..he was a French trained chef, studied blah, blah, executive chef here and there all over europe, big awards yada yada….the guy was as cocky as ever……then…..
he disappeared for about 15 years……..
He even had people refer to him as Chef Deujee’.
His name is Dugee….like doooogie. Like doogie howser.
But he changed the “G” to a “J” sound…..plausable.
NO ONE ever questioned him…..he ran the restaurant into the ground…..over ordered fancy ingredients like Rattle snake and Aligator, caviar….etc…..Had no clue about food costs…..
But, people want to believe they have the BEST Chef cooking their meals and hiring the BEST chef in their restaurants……
It’s ‘our’ fantasy.

I was telling my daughter to pay attention to a time line…..
The dudes a chef…..(untrainted BUT GOOD no less…)
He also states he’s the Navy Seal….French chef training and a famous trapeze artist?????? WTF??????
If it walks like a duck……quack quack…..

Well daughter figured it out with the little I said……We walked into the restaurant and the Trapezing, Sealing Chef was there….I laughed…
She asked why I didn’t say Hi to him….I said WHY? I owe him nothing, no breath, no nothing the guys a con…..

We then had a dialoge about how people never question statements of ‘fact’.
We conversed in Sociopath terms…..and oh, how she got it….
I said…..most people NEVER question a Yale degree… would seem ODD to ask to see it…..and if you did, it would be diverted…..because it coulnd’t be produced….it would be put back on YOU and your lack of trust….something like…OH, I HAVE NEVER-EVER been asked to view my degree….such an insult.

It reverted back to her father and all the high falutant stories he would tell……and how she never thought twice about the truth of them……because she grew up hearing them…..and it was her ‘normal’.
We talked about how important it was for her to ‘question’ facts (for ourselves) and not take anything verbatum….yet it was important to trust……after the facts were checked out……

Like the Seal, trapeze chef…….at 37 years old……and all of his LIFE experiences….HOW IN THE HELL HAS HE HAD THE YEARS TO DO ALL THIS????
He was a NS when he was 19….NOT….! He even told them he went into the military when he was 23…..

Again…..I told her she needs to appreciate ‘DUck hunting’.


Think of all the things we have inadvertantly smuggled through airport security…..
Think of all the criminals that get away with murder…robberies….whatever…
We just don’t have the manpower or funding to follow up on all the hype of US security……whatever level we are talking about…..
It’ll only prevent ‘good’ people from commiting crimes or breaches…..but the ‘bad’ ones will always find a way through the cracks our legal system and security’s leave……

It’s all a joke……it’s up to us to protect ourselves.


I’m not sure if you had larger expectations for these shows?
They are not public service….it’s an industry…..which translates to making $$$$$.

It reminds me of a cruise I took… helpful the staff was during the lifeboat drill….how serious they took it……
Are we really thinking these people (HUMANS) will be the last on the rafts as the ship is going down…..what oath did they take……NO WAY…’s like life……last one out…..dies.
They ain’t gonna give up their life for anyone elses!!!!!
It’s human nature.


Donna – I think the Salahis are more Narcissistic than Sociopathetic, but alot of both. They got the attention they wanted. Just like the balloon baboon dad, they got what they wanted. And until they lock these people up in rooms with out mirrors it will continue. I wont look at the Salahis wedding on boob tube. That would just feed the monster. Images of my momster come to mind when I see these kind of egomaniacs…and as far as the political bloggers here, I have my tounge and fingers chewed to the nub on that subject…..


I find the Salahis ‘ordinary’. I don’t think they are alone…..they just got caught and publicity ensued.
Threats from subpeonas came……and I am interested how this will turn out legally……
They were not obligated to speak to the secret service or anyone else re: what they did……just like Tiger Woods wasn’t obligated ……and NEITHER did! Which made the media more intriqued……and it grew and grew…..
I think they (Salahis) accomplished what they set out to do and will not stop at this.
The media attention has fed their lion and the apetite for more will get aggressive.
Because (she) is beautiful,and he is ‘rico soave’… they will spin this experience into fame for them…….and others will feed the fame.
It will grow and grow and BOOM…..they are famous.
No need to do good for others, no need to have a viable charity…….because others will want to be ‘close’ to them for the wind of fame too.

It’s a cycle…..and society allows it to happen.
There will always be someone available for the feeding frenzy.

The Salahis are definately cons seeking the attention they received…..

I want to know…..if all the debt is there…foreclosure, non payment of landscapers, auto reposessions etc…..
Who’d she con for the dress and how’d she pay the hairdresser???

Ox Drover

Guys, DONNA has ASKED that this NOT be turned into a political forum. There are many forums on the internet that you can cuss and dis-cuss any politician you want to, and believe me there are plenty of politicians out there that deserve to be cussed and discussed, but THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO DO IT.



Those people definitely take the cake when it comes to grandiose then. My friend the middle school Science teacher must have eaten it all up when I used to refer to her as a Bus driving/chemical engineer/supermodel. She claimed she was a licensed bus driver and a chemistry major even though she had to take the state teacher exam like 5 times before passing.The white house crashers would have to scam everyone they meet for the next 59 years to pay back the wedding bill. Who needs 46 chefs, 50 bartenders, and a police force to monitor their wedding? For my next trick I’ll need a volunteer……

Ox Drover

Dear TEacher,

The lengths these people will go to to GET ATTENTION is unbelieveable. Doesn’t matter if it is positive attention or negative.

For most of us we would be like that old joke of “you know it is going to be a bad day when……”

and the first one is “you wake up and the National Enquirer is on your front lawn”

For them that would be a GOOD DAY as long as they made the news, they are like Joey Buttafuco or Mike Tyson or some of those pieces of chit….make the news at any cost.

They don’t realize that “normal” people think they are scum bags, they really honestly I think, think that others LOOK up to and ENVY them. When in fact, people who would spend that much money and “pomp and circumstance” on a wedding are just PITIFUL, not someone to be envied. I would admire the rich couple who got married at the court house and spent the money that could have been used for a big wedding to feed the poor or educate kids, not the ones who spent the MOST on their wedding. The Ps and Ns don’t get that though.

Used Brauer

Why doesn’t someone produce a reality TV show specifically profiling Sociopaths? There’s a TV show for the Salahis! Either that or America’s Most Wanted. :))


ouuuu, this is a gooood idea.


Thank you–this was a helpful example of how to recognize patterns of behavior to help identify a possible sociopath. I am sure one or both of these two qualify.

One of the most important things for me (in the recovery/normalization process) has been developing the ability to recognize one when I see one.

Since there aren’t that many in one’s daily life (thank God!), I find it useful to “practice” on public figures. Truth is stranger than fiction all right.

Ox Drover

Dear Jmb,

“there aren’t mean in one’s daily life”—well, if the LOW BALL figure of 1% is true—how many people do you know? If you know 100 people by sight there is at least one of those that is a P, but some estimates of actual Ps is 4%, and if you factor in the others that are NOT QUITE up to snuff with the qualifications of being a P, but are Borderline Personality disordered, Histrionic personality disorder, or any cluster B, and then the just plain dysfunctional—are there any NORMAL PEOPLE LEFT? LOL What IS “normal” any way?

Maybe I’m just a bit cynical or maybe paranoid—but just cause you are paranoid doesn’t mean there is no one out to get you! LOL

I’ll withhold trust from people until they prove TRUST WORTHY, not give them trust and then take it away when they show they are not trust worthy. So statistics really don’t mattter, it only takes ONE to ruin your life.


Used Braur:
That would be classic….kinda like a ‘big brother’ environment, where they are locked in a house together and the host can mess with them for reactions…..
The ‘Challenges’ can be who can pull off the biggest con, and then have it all turned back on them!!!!
It sure wouldn’t be hard to find the contestants to sign up for a show like this……



That would be compelling viewing! lol
It’s so nice to have a laugh, if I didn’t I would go insane…and I’m trying to stay sane.
The danger (for me) is looking at the entire world through psychopathic sensitive glasses, because yes sometimes it “seems” like the world is run by them!!! and yet to generalise like that is crazy without sound and scientific evidence to support the claim….but it is hard to resist slipping into the political realm as people make up politics.
I would even suggest political systems, managment styles and corporate structures have startling similarities to psychopathic strategies including gaslighting, glib, shallow,self important, agenda driven, greed motivated etc etc
If only politics was generated by human beings to support humanity and what it is to be human…I wholeheartedly support being human and that is to be vulnerable and to admit needing kindness, community and co-operation that is run by the heart.
Surely these two would be deeply embarrassed, apologetic and media shy if they had human depth? maybe they are cynical and clever narcissists pumping up dull lives? and maybe they are cool psychopaths who do not have a shred of remorse and will continue to manipulate and make idiots out of those around them who fill in the blanks with assumptions they are human, knowing how easy it is to take advantage of even our curiosity about them….you can see the media scratching their heads!!! they’ve been duped!!!??


GREat article. I didn’t have all the facts but I thought something was fishy… they are too hungry for attention and the photos of the Ms. Cuddling up to the VP made me feel…. funny. who would do that… like that?

Ox Drover

Dear Aloha,

Hey, GF!! What you doing upo so late? Are you on semester break now? Can’t wait to hear how things are going!!! I went to bed early last night, got an ortho doc appointment today and to get our flu shots (they finally have the H1N1 vaccine for the public now!).

Isn’t this the most bizarre thing you ever heard about? What would Ann Landers have said!?! LOL ((((hug)))) Miss you girl!


A week later, the Salahis insisted on the Today Show that they did not crash the party. “This has been the most devastating thing that ever happened to us,” Tareq Salahi said to Matt Lauer.

they successfully crashed a party AND got to talk to President Obama, AND got their pic taken with him. AND that isn’t enough for these Ns.

Wow, the need to feed knows no depth.



If the Salahis get on “Oprah”, I am going to protest in the streets. 🙂



if they get on Oprah we should crash the show and get OUR pictures taken with Oprah AND talk about N/P/S and love fraud. :))

I know that O. doesn’t have a very good rap as she is part of the machine, BUT I SO WANT TO OUT MY SPATH THERE. sigh. :)))

one step


Wow, here’s another one:|compaq-desktop|dl1|link3|


The Salahis are definitely narcissists and probably pathological liars. Mrs. S, she looks like she could eat an apple through a chain link fence. There is no way she was ever a model or cheerleader, anyone could see that she has a horse face… that dress she had on at the white house party, it was awful. It was if they were begging to get caught. I wonder if people like that pull stunts that are really wild hoping to get caught?



there is a website where people who impersonate military are outed – and they GO AFTER THEM.

he got fined 100,000 for illegally wearing a medal.

would that the women who get ‘used inappropriately’ get treated as well.


And what do these 2 con artists get?

According to this article, the Salahis will be sitting down with Matt Lauer for an interview on the “Today” show on May 25th.

It’s insanity… but NOT as insane as giving Michael Vick the Ed Block Courage Award & his own reality TV show.
That Michael Vick thing takes the cake.


Here’s the latest….

Michaele Salahi has been cast on Bravo’s TV series, “Desperate Housewives of D.C.”, which will air in the fall.

Don’t you just love it???

super chic

Yeah! I like the part in the article that says
“The dirty secret is they couldn’t get any real
‘Housewives of D.C.’ ” hahahaha
I’m not going to watch it.
I’ve seen some of the others, and all it seems to be
is women fighting with each other over petty stuff.


Well, if the worst that they do is crash parties, they’re leagues ahead of other P’s in the behavior department……


I’ve been watching the Real Housewives of D.C. starring Tareq and Michaele (pronounced McKa’le) Salahi, and it’s good stuff. 🙂

Everything about these 2 is complete con artistry and it’s being exposed on national television.

On last week’s episode, they invited everyone out to their winery in VA to stomp grapes and make wine.

This winery is out in the middle of nowhere, and Tareq had full security around the place like it was the target of a terrorist attack or something.
No one understood the reason for all of the security, nor could they get a straight answer out of Tareq.
It had something to do with his mother, I think. There’s a conflict there.

Anyway, it gets better when they get into the grape stomping.

Kat, the British housewife, noticed that the grapes they were stomping came from a grocery store, and NOT off the vine like grapes you would make wine with.
The housewives started whispering among themselves about why the grapes were not off the vine like in other wineries.
Kat said, “This is total BS!!!” And she left…it was hilarious.

Things really got interesting at dinner when the questions started coming.
Tareq and Michaele quickly twisted the conversation around and framed themselves as victims, and had everyone else at the table defending themselves.
That was something to watch.

Bravo also covered the Black Caucus Dinner incident.
Tareq and Michaele maintained that they did have tickets to the dinner, but the seats were not where they were supposed to be. They even had the moxy to take GUESTS with them to this Black Caucus dinner, who also say they were uninvited, and had no tickets. The guests said how embarrassed they were to be at the BC dinner with NO tickets, because they were under the impression there WERE tickets, since they were invited by Tareq and Michaele.

It goes on like this throughout the entire show on each episode. I don’t know why Tareq & Michaele agreed to do this reality show.
It is exposing them for the con artists that they are.

If you want to see 2 narcissistic sociopaths in action and how they can talk their way out of anything, tune into this show.
Try to find the Black Caucus episode, or the episode where they stomp grapes at the “winery”.

Ox Drover

Why do they do a reality show that shows them up for what they ARE? LOL ROTFLMAO BWARHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAH AHAHAH

Ah, come on Rosa! YOU KNOW the answer to that one!!! LOL ROTFLMAO \

BECAUSE THEY DON’T GET IT THAT THEY ARE TRASH! Real people get it when they are showing their arses, but psychopaths don’t get it that people are NOT impressed wit them. They are nothing but “poe white trash” and the “Poe” part has nothing to do with how much money you has or has not! It is all about being TRASH!

Anything to get NOTICED! Anything thing to PRETEND TO BE SOMEBODY! They don’t know the difference between BEING SOMEONE, like Mother Theresa and PRETENDING to be someone. Michael Jackson, or OJ Simpson, or Bloggo, or Paris Hilton all pretend/ed to be someone but they are/were nothing but TRASH and these folks are in the same container. TRASH. That’s the “reality” of it all. They don’t get it!

super chic

I haven’t watched the DC Housewives, I noticed I said I wouldn’t watch it in a comment above… but Rosa has made it sound interesting!!
I have watched the Housefools of New Jersey… BORING!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have watched these reality type programs in the past, but try not to do so in the present – I get tired of all the bickering that goes on, the bad behavior (eg. women cussing at each other, etc.). That is not entertaining to me.

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