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Stabbing in anger management class

A woman ordered to attend anger management class stabbed a classmate with a neck in an argument over a Dr. Phil DVD. The victim filed suit.

Read Faribah Maradiaga stabs classmate, Luna Oraivej, in anger management class: Lawsuit, on

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Ox Drover

I read this story in another newspaper a few days ago and I thought it was actually pretty much what I would expect out of most of the “anger management” course “students.”

Our city has a mandated anger management course for any physical domestic violence participants, and the guy who used to teach it was a friend of mine. He was NOT impressed with the “sincere learning” attitude of the people who attended.

He, however, would not have stood by and allowed someone to come late, or failed to take care of the wounds of this young woman. I do understand from the other article her wounds were not life threatening, but I imagine she was TERRIFIED at the very least. I do give her extra points for sitting through the rest of the class instead of going to the hospital, that shows DEDICATION to completing the class to get her criminal conviction squashed. So I’d say that’s a good sign.

As for the other woman, the stabber….I think she needs more than “anger management classes” that woman sounds like a full fledged psychopath with some rage issues.

All that said, though, I can’t say I’m a Dr Phil fan either. I might become violent if forced to watch one of his shows.


Hey, Marsha Linehan was on the video! I’d never seen her before, so her appearance was interesting, even it was not about the work she’s best known for.

It was Marsha Linehan who developed DBT—“Dialectical Behavior Therapy”—probably the most successful treatment so far for borderline personality disorder. She suffered from it herself, so hers is not just a professional success story, but also a personal success story of overcoming a serious mental disorder.

I found an article about her in the New York Times, if anyone happens to be interested.


Oxy, I’m not a Dr Phil fan either. I used to watch him sometimes, and it sounded reasonable, etc… as long as we talk about non abusive relations.

But the last show I ever saw was about a woman who had kicked her husband out after finding out he had lied to her about his business, hadn’t paid the bills he promised to pay, and felt entitled to refuse her any explanation on his financial past.

His entitlemet showed in the episode. He was playing the victim. And he was accusing her of being paraoid, not giving him room, and not taking him back, unless he revealed what she demanded him to reveal.

And dr Phil took the pity play, pointing out to her that she may have been reacting too harshly. He did explain to the financial deceitful hubby that he could’t expect her to trust him if he didn’t own up, but he also played on her emotions… “she wouldn’t have married him, if she hadn’t thought he also had his positives blablablablashit”

I felt like puking, seeing that. Next time I zapped across his show, I immediately zapped to the next TV channel. Haven’t watched a show of his ever since.

Ox Drover

Well, here is another instance that ANGER MANAGEMENT CLASSES DO NOT WORK.

This one just takes my breath away…..the woman attacks her 10 year old son while in “anger management” class.


Oh the irony….


I have to admit, watching Dr. Phil sometimes makes me want to gouge my eyes out.

Ox Drover

Yea, I can see the Dr. Phil show being punishment if you were forced to watch it. LOL “how’s that working for you?” (that’s a great phrase the first 100 times you hear it, but not after that!) LOL

Oh, well…I know a personal “anger management story” but I can’t tell it here as the person might actually see it and recognize themselves. It’s not quite as good as these two examples, but close. LOL


Defensive driving school doesn’t work either. (Voice of experience).


Hugh Hefner’s 21 year old son Marston Hefner was arrested for beating up his girlfriend. OH my, I guess the condom doesn’t fall far from the wrapper.


Hens, I went to “thank” your post. Then I remembered I wasn’t on my reptile forum and there is no “thanks” button at the bottom of the post. LOL

Ox Drover

Yea, Hens I read that…but what would you expect from him, fidelity?

That’s the thing, he was raised to disrespect women, see them as objects for his desire without any commitment or concern.


hi star – thats ok we have a new Bozo Button~! 😆


LOL the only problem is, you are not a Bozo. Though both of us are old enough to REMEMBER Bozo.

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