Stanford rape case – the victim’s powerful victim impact statement

Woman-in-depression-300x200Brock Allen Turner was recently sentenced to six months in jail and probation for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman at a Stanford University frat party. The victim, who was not identified in the media, was outraged outraged at Turner, at his attorney, at the probation report, at the judge.

In her victim impact statement, she describes, in poignant detail, what she experienced. The entire statement was posted on, and has been covered in the media. It’s worth a read:

Here is the powerful letter the Stanford victim read aloud to her attacker, on

Ex-Stanford swimmer gets six months in jail and probation for sexual assault, on


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Hope Springs

I hope this changes things…FINALLY


I signed the petition to remove the judge from the bench. Powerful impact statement. Glad this has caused a furor. Glad she survived & is so crystal clear that nothing about it was her fault.

She stated that if it had not happened to her that night it probably would have happened to someone else. That puts the blame squarely on him where it belongs.

Isn’t that true in general about sociopaths. They are trolling & will victimuze whoever crosses their path. It’s not about us “wanting it” (whatever “it” happens to be). It’s about them. They are predators. We are decent people & I am glad for how we support each other.


WOW…this is a powerful impact statement. This victim not only is she a articulate writer, smart, caring person but she is also BRAVE beyond imagination. To stand up to a attacker in the court process is one thing but for her to stand up to a top defense attorney who wanted to slander her and I’m sure a university that wanted to bury this attack like all Universities do is another thing.

I am so thankful that so many have taken the lead to fight for this woman so that she can stay anonymous and focus on her healing…fighting to get this 6 months (really 90 days) sentenced over turned, fighting to remove the judge who know doubt lacks empathy for the true victim but instead seems to have some kind of empathy for the rapist (not sure if the defense attorney is a sociopath and was able to manipulate the Judge or not). Over 900,000 people have signed the petition to have this Judge removed from the bench = POWERFUL. The judge is learning himself that their ARE consequences to your actions!! To bad he did not impose this same lesson on to this rapist!

CNN not too long ago showed a documentary on Rapes on College campus and how the Universities manipulate the victims to not press charges & also how the Universities bury the stories so that they do not lose future student tuitions. Universities are more concerned with their bottom line $$ then with crimes on their campus. College campus police are also part of the problem. If this is shown on CNN again I highly recommend everyone watch it…it’s really a shocking documentary of how the Universities go to great lengths to hide these serial rapist & rapist.

In the documentary that talked about the statistics of serial rapist…cant remember the exact figure but it was shocking. I have also read that most rapist are sociopaths & psychopaths especially serial rapist.

This rapist seems to know exactly how to manipulate people with pity play manipulation i.e. his letter to the judge, he also uses blame shifting, and even lied in court papers & papers to the probation court to get a lighter sentence. He could have been sentenced 14 years in prison and he received 6 months but now the news is stating that he will only do 90 days of that 6 months sentence. He will be out in September right in time to start his next semester of college?!?!

He is also asking the Judge to allow him to do his 90 days jail time in Ohio instead of California in which he tells the judge he “no longer lives or has ties to California”.

This is what sociopaths do they just keep changing the rules to suit their lives!!

The News has reported that this Judge is a Stanford Grad….my question is, is he a member of a fraternity?? And this is the reason why he gave such a light sentences for a horrific crime?

Also the news is reporting that this rapist told the judge that the “college atmosphere” is the reason why things unfolded as they did…meaning drinking & drugs contributed to the night…told the court in papers that he came from a “small town in Ohio” and did not know about drinking & drugs…but then reports & PHOTOS came out from his high school days that he did drugs…another lie of his!! Also reports of his social media chats looking for drugs & talking about his drugs fueled nights.

My question is did the Hospital test her to see if she had some kind of date drug slipped to her in a drink by this rapist?

One of the victims friends left the party early because she was “feeling ill”…were these woman giving drugs in their drinks without them knowing?

You have to drink a hell of a lot to “black out” seems like he might of drugged her to rape…was he a copy cat from what Cosby did?!?!?

Thank goodness for the two Swedish students who stopped this rapist & helped the victim.

Thank you for posting this story Donna.


The CNN Documentary about rapes on University campus is called:

“The Hunting Ground”

(if you google “CNN The Hunting Ground you tube” you can watch part of the show.

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