Start your own conversation in the new Lovefraud Forum and win a FREE e-book


Lovefraud_logo_4c_SQLovefraud has received multiple requests from readers who wish to start their own topics of conversation. Now, you can.

Just visit the Lovefraud Community Forum.

We are offering free e-books to the first 20 people who post a comment related to sociopaths, or your experience with sociopaths, in the Forum. (Please make your comment substantive, not something like “Hello” or “I want a book.”)

You can choose from the three Lovefraud books:

  • Red Flags of Love Fraud – 10 signs you’re dating a sociopath
  • Red Flags of Love Fraud Workbook
  • Love Fraud – How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan

Let the conversations begin!


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Great idea! I posted on the Narcissist Mother forum.


Hi Donna, I just need to tell you something funny. Not sure if you remember my story with my xspath but it’s been 10 years since I saw him. Well I saw him the other day, on his birthday. Yes I will never forget his birthday, 6-6-66 go figure. I stopped at the store to get gas and this rather large guy was pumping gas and he said ” hello ” I recognized the voice but not the person it was coming from. Then it hit me like mac truck. It was him, but not the lean sexy devil I always envision when I think of him but a blown up like a balloon version of him. I’m guessing an extra 100 pounds of him. I always thought I would crater if I came face to face with him. But I said ” Wow you have really put on weight” and he made some small talk like I was going to continue the conversation. I just said ‘Well, Happy Birthday, you take care ” and got in my vehicle and left.
The sexy demon devil is no more, this has given me so much pleasure I just had to share.
I know I should not be happy about someone gaining so much weight and looking so unrecognizable but I just am…


Hens, it is SO perfect that you had this chance meeting and that he wasn’t even a shadow of his former self. Wow. For those of us here who know the story of this evil monster, this is poetic justice.


Stargazer, I was hoping someone else from the old LF gang would read my post. Thank you. It was poetic that I had realized earlier that morning that it was his birthday. I rejected his desire to carry on a conversation, but wished him a happy birthday as I drove away. I wonder if he was moved in any way that I remembered that? He never remembered mine even when we were together.
Funny but the past just evaporated as I drove away. Hope you are doing well…


His birthday is 6-6-66? OMG, he is the devil himself. I remember the days when you suffered so much over him. So glad to read that he doesn’t hold any power over you anymore! And yeah, I would think all that lying and sleazy living would take its toll on a person’s health and appearance.

I’m doing well, hens. And you? (You sound great).


Donna, I went into that forum and told my story – at least the large part of it. If I am up for the online book, I would like to gift it to an old college friend who put in 26 years of marriage to someone she believes might be a sociopath.


Hello, whence will I get the book please?

This forum, Donna, is a great idea.

As glad as I am to hear of this lady’s success at not being sucked back into the ordeal with her ex, I believe we carry the post traumatic evidence of harm done to us long into the future. Most of us, I suspect, have been changed. Perhaps the change will develop into a new realm of handling these entities. As prevalent as they have become as we see increasing numbers of stories coming out, there are still huge numbers – and professionals – who refuse to recognize them as untreatable. It alters us as individuals and as a society.

As an addendum, Amber Ault is quite remarkable in her awareness. Thank you for making her known to us.

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