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Statement by woman convicted of fraud

Bonnie Sweeten of Pennsylvania was convicted of faking her own kidnapping and fleeing to Disneyworld. She was sentenced this week to more than eight years in prison for committing $1 million in fraud.

Read: Disney World hoax mom sentenced: Bonnie Sweeten gets 8 years for $1M fraud, on

Sweeten read a tearful statement of apology in court, which you can hear below.

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So, what do you think? Is the apology authentic?

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Ox Drover

Well, I’m going to state, after listening to her “remorse” and say it is in my opinion not “sincere” of course none of us can read someone else’s mind, or know their heart or innermost feelings. That being said — I think a year in prison has shown her that she is sorry she got caught.

Now, knowing I ‘read her mind or know her heart, what makes me think that her apology is insincere?

Her words don’t “ring true” to me, they are said with little real emotion besides the snivel of slow tears every now and then.

She “casually” mentions the drugs she took every day for her migraines (her family thought) not really stating that they were the “excuse” but of course they were ann understated excuse for why she did this….and of course the wanting a baby soooo badly she stole money from family, clients and friends in order to finance this desperate need for a baby (again, understated)

I heard more “why I did its” than I AM OH SO SORRY FOR HAVING DONE IT…. Nah,, I don’t this this woman is sincere, it sounds to me like a sociopath’s excuse list.

I hope for HER sake she is sincere, but you know, I have a problem in believing “remorse” coming out of the mouths of people who have lied for years, stolen for years and are then giving me a long list of excuses of WHY they lied and stole rather than a list of what they did and just HOW SORRY THEY ARE, AND HOW THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR WHAT THEY DID.


All I have to say… Did she really just waste her breath. Classic….

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