Stepfather arrested in death of 11-year-old girl

Celina Cass

Celina Cass

Celina Cass, of Stewartstown, New Hampshire, vanished on July 26, 2011. Her body was found in the Connecticut River six days later.

Her stepfather, Wendell Noyes, was long suspected in the crime. He was just arrested on Monday, June 20, 2016.

I have to wonder what took so long?

Celina Cass: Arrest made in 2011 case of missing 11–year-old girl found murdered, on

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This guy Noyes sounds like a bona fide nutjob, judging by his history.

It’s an obvious question to ask, ‘what took so long?’ It sounds like the FBI and other law enforcement had a pretty good idea that he did it for some time. It is likely that there was not enough of the right kind of evidence to get a conviction. Before the DA will agree to try a case, the investigators must show that they have sufficient evidence that will work to get a conviction. Often, investigators work diligently and patiently for years following up leads, and also taking proactive steps to get the evidence needed. Due to several factors, much of what investigators know and are doing are not made public. Most investigators are dedicated and highly motivated to get criminals prosecuted and punished, but they have to work within the system, which moves slowly at times due to constraints in place to prevent wrong convictions.
Consider that if the murderer were tried and found innocent due to lack of evidence, he could not be tried again even if more persuasive evidence was found later.

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