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Steubenville, Ohio high school rape case ignites protest

Two star football players of the Steubenville, Ohio team were arrested in August for allegedly assaulting a 16-year-old girl who drank too much at a party and passed out. Now, a video of a male student joking about the assault has ignited protests at the Ohio courthouse, and on the Internet.

Internet, ‘Anonymous’ target Ohio town over alleged rape, on

Rape case unfolds on web and splits city, on

“She is so raped right now”: Partygoer jokes about the Steubenville accuser the night of the alleged rape, on

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Tea Light

It’s the fact that the violation of a young girl ‘splits’ opinion that makes you wonder what kind of moral vacuum some people inhabit. People who aren’t all personality disordered either presumably.

Tea Light,
moral vaccuum is right. What do you bet the two get off with a slap on the wrist. The fact that the kidnapping charge was dropped is a TELL.

Why? Because it’s the only crime they committed that there was evidence of. There are pictures of them carrying her by the arms and legs.

The rape evidence was mostly deleted, other than the video of them SAYING they had raped her and the eyewitness testimonies.

Furthermore, they are kids (soon to be psychopaths) so they are going to get off lightly.

I agree with you though, that a spit opinion separates the wheat from the chaff.

Tea Light

So many girls and women have images of them circulated against their will and even knowledge. There’s a repulsive trend called ‘creep shots’ I read about. Men stealing images of women’s bodies on the street and uploading them to comment on. Technology is the paraphiliac’s friend. *Shudders*

Well, they found nude pictures of her on one of the football player’s phone. So child pornography charges should be added. I think we need a federal prosecutor involved here because the law in that town is a freakin’ circus. Feds prosecute child porn right? On a phone, that makes it easy to send to anywhere in the world. There should be special laws for that.

Tea Light

Great point. Team skylar. They should be subject to federal investigation on those grounds


Tea Light,

That creep shot trend has just made the news this weekend here. Apparently someone created a fb page called “whores of …” insert a name of a city. The creep posted pictures of girls and women and then let people comment it. People had asked FB to shut those pages and ban them. But of course FB did nada: freedom of expression (rolleyes). So there was a hacker group that tracked the creator’s IP, then contacted him and said “shut it down or we’ll expose it’s you behind it”. They’re trying to do the same with another such pages for another city.

Ox Drover

Keep iin mind these young gentlemen are STAR FOOT BALL PLAYERS, now come on, that makes them HEROES for goodness sake. Who would expect to put foot ball heroes on trial for RAPE? Now come on, we have to get our priorities straight…look what it did to Penn state to prosecute that wonderful alturistic Jerry Sandusky –it about ruined their foot ball program for goodness sake…we can’t have little things like rape ruining our gridiron heroes’ lives now can we…not like they were common criminals or anything. She was probably asking for it anyway…sluts like that deserve what they get, right? (tongue firmly in cheek)

This story made my blood run cold…and I agree a FEDERAL PROSECUTOR and a change of venue so they can get a jury not kin to the kids…

I literally WEPT when I first read about this case. I am glad that there is OUTRAGE against the law and town. Did you see te one in India where the girl died when 6 guys raped her on a bus and used a metal bar up her and she had her intestines ripped out? Some religious nut job over there said “she was at fault for asking for it”—yea by riding on a bus.

She was brought to the US in a last ditch attempt to save her life but died anyway. In India there is a big uproar over the way women are treated and the OPEN PUBLIC RAPES on buses and in public by GANGS and no one does anything.

I hope this case at least wakes a few people up to this kind of protecting the guilty if they are a grid iron star, or a son/daughter of a wealthy family–or if they are a senator who leaves the woman upside down in a submerged car while he goes to find an alibi to save himself….and PEOPLE STILL ELECT HIM FOR ANOTHER 24 YEARS….but I guess I expect too much.

COOL! he’s 18. He’s not a minor and he can’t weasel out of being tried as an adult. I don’t care if he IS emotionally retarded!

Edit: did anyone else notice the lance armstrong, Live strong bracelet on his wrist?

Tea Light

darwinsmom, the outing of these creep shot voyeurs/sadists by anonymous and other hackers in really interesting, it may deter these men but legally if the images are of women in public places the women have no legal rights to complain over the taking of the images. The law is way behind the technology. These women’s images are being used as pornographic material or to sadistically humiliate them online. The law needs to enable them to get compensation for that violation.
I warn my students that fb owns the rights to anything they upload, and to be very careful about letting intimate or compromising images of themselves be taken and the lack of concern they show worries me a lot.
The protests against sexual violence in India and Nepal (where women are raped and set on fire) this past week have been very inspiring and hopeful

Tea Light

Oxy, your posts are so energising. What the world needs a lot more of is moral INDIGNATION. Your comment here helps me to remember how much my abuser and the depression has flattened me and replaced my capacity for indignation and anger with lethargy and sadness.
I was thinking too after your ref to Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne (sorry that may be the wrong spelling) about how Gore Vidal once said JFK would get his kicks by holding women’s heads under water in a bath until they thought they were going to drown. This excited him.



One of the defendants has been charged with disseminating photos of a minor. Only a couple deleted photos were retrieved – there was reportedly a graphic video of the unconscious victim that has not resurfaced. More than a dozen cell phones were confiscated in August, but Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation says that they had great difficulty retrieving deleted information from late generation iphones. Others, including the FBI, have recently offered technical assistance. The county sheriff (who is not in charge of the investigation – that’s city PD) is pretty adamant that there will not be additional charges filed against any individuals. That includes parents and adults that owned the homes where the parties took place and minors consumed alcohol.



There will not be a jury. The case is being handled in juvenile court and is decided by a single judge who is from outside the community.

Part of the reason it IS staying in juvenile court, instead of these two being tried as adults, is because so many people from the community testified and sent letters on behalf of the defendants. That includes the damned football coach who threatened the NY Times reporter.

Ox Drover

Sky, I saw where the poor baby had to drop out of school, his life was ruined…oh, poor baby, just because he showed how callous and unfeeling he was about the girl being raped. That’s what happens when you are INAPPROPRIATE.

Personally, I think haviing to drop out of school and his parents having to change their phone number is small enough pay for what he did.

Dawn, I know, typical small town “IN-justice”—“make it all go away” “they are just boys having some fun” “she just couldn’t take a joke” Puke!


Apparently a women’s studies group at Ohio State posted Nodianos’ dorm info and more after the 12 minute video reappeared on the internet last week. The alumni, some faculty, and current students simply don’t want him there. And he was there on a free academic ride. So, even though this young sociopath’s actions don’t apparently meet a legal threshold to hold him criminally liable, a jury of his peers in the real world find him guilty of being a subhuman creeper. He’s done at OSU – done.

They’re going after prosecutor Hanlin’s son now. Allegedly (stressing *allegedly*) he was part of the online humiliation of this young girl by tweeting/re-tweeting some of the disgusting comments. He got a scholarship at Kent State for wrestling and is supposed to attend after HS graduation this fall. The students there have begun petitioning the school to revoke the scholarship.

Even though this story is absolutely awful and I’m not sure that justice will punish ALL of the guilty, I have to smile that some of our fellow citizens are holding these sociopathic individuals accountable. This Nodianos dude will carry this on his back for the rest of his life. Prospective employers search online these days – who is going to hire him 10 years from now with this stuff popping up at the top of a Google search?


Tea Light,

We have something in Belgium called “portrait rights” People cannot normally legally photograph you on the street and then use these pictures for money gain for example. Every person has a right to agree or not agree whether pictures of them can be used.

The problem of course is indeed FB. Once you upload pictures of yourself and publish them you implicitly give your consent. This is why I keep my profile private. Only friends can see it. If a friend were to take a pic from my fb and publish it for the world, then they would be doing it without my consent, since I myself did not publish them for the world to see.

Unfortunately a lot of FB users do not monitor their privacy well, and of course FB often changes the settings again with new layouts.


I saw this on the news and was thoroughly disturbed that there seemed a lack of consequences for this crime. I mean, it was absolutely chilling how these young men raped this young woman and it was kind of treated as “boys will be boys” UNTIL there was a public outrage.

This is precisely what I’m always ranting about: 2 generations of human beings devoid of conscience and remorse. It seems that the percentages of “disordered” people are growing at an exponential rate, and people like these young men are a danger to society because they truly believe that there is NOTHING WRONG with raping someone, whether they’re unconsious, or not. What’s next? Video-recording someone’s rape AND murder?


Brightest blessings

Ox Drover

Yea, Truthy, they are called “snuff films” and they do exist and are sold


OxD, after finding the exspath’s stash of stuff, I would NOT be surprised if he had snuff films, somewhere, given his interest in veiled necrophilia and torture. Godalmighty, what is WRONG with these people, anyway?!

Ox Drover

You know, when “Playboy” first came out and there were artsy shots of naked or semi naked women, I actually felt like they were celebrating the beauty of the female form…but then the “Hustler” type things came out and made me want to PUKE…and I haven’t seen a porno image in decades, but I can only imagine what is out there on the net now.

The nude male or female form can be absolutely beautiful. The famous statue of David is a great example…but the CRUDE, RUDE and UGLY “porno” is like the supreme court judge said I think, “You cant define porno, but you know it when you see it.”

If nothing else, Michael Nodianos should at least be ashamed of that stupid hair cut.

Ox Drover

This young man showed terrible judgment and lack of compassion or a moral compass and it got on the internet and will be there forever for every college he tries to enroll in, and ever job interview he tries to get….every woman he tries to date or wants to marry….he has shown his ass publicly and the Pandora’s box has been opened and nothing can be taken back. The cat is out of the bag.

I don’t know if this kid is a true psychopath or just an IDIOT who did something stupid in the spur of the moment or because of drinking or drugs but the CONSEQUENCES of his behavior are going to be there probably the rest of his life.

He didn’t violate any “law” of the land that he can be prosecuted for to go to prison, but HE WILL PAY AND PAY AND PAY…and I am sure his parents are devastated that he has chosen to ruin his life with something so stupid. I feel for his parents seeing their child destroy himself “just for the fun of it.” Sigh

kim frederick

The Sheriff called his comments, “stupidity.” Stupidity? Really? How about, cruel, callous and unfeeling? How about misogynistic? How about an entire misogynistic culture that cultivates this sort of thing. They pissed on her, for God’s sake. Both literally and figuratively.

kim frederick

Anyone ever see the movie, “The Accused” with Jodie Foster? It’s a true story of a gang rape that happened in a bar, on a pool table in my home State. There wa\ere witnesses who did not participate but jeered it on. They were prosecuted.
This is the same sort of thing. This encourages misogyny.
It makes me, literally sick.

Steubenville is sounding more and more like the town I lived in with my spath. It seems like this behavior is accepted as just dumb kids’ hijinks! wtf?

I think this is where we really do have to take responsibility for spath behavior. Every time that someone looks the other way on bad behavior, or excuses it, we enable the spaths to continue to destroy our society. Everything from the smallest offense to the most heinous act, such as this one, needs to be responded to with SHUNNING.

I’m glad this one kid is getting shunned from his college.

Yes, I remember the movie, The Accused. One would think that bringing attention to that incident, so many years ago, would have brought a change in our culture. On the contrary, it seems to be worse now than it was then.

So I guess my point is that we ARE responsible for our culture. We DO have to set standards. We get opportunities every day to put our money where our mouth is, so to speak. That sheriff should be sent packing for not meeting the moral standards required in his position.

Ox Drover

Kim,, yes, I remember both the movie and the news story about that and IT MAKES ME SICK AS WELL…it is sort of like the Kitty Genovese where dozens of people heard her being attacked and stabbed over a long period of time and NO ONE DID ANYTHING, not even call the cops.

I wish I could say I have a great deal of faith in humanity and in our culture’s moral compass, but I do not have. This is just like the PENN STATE STUFF….grid iron “heroes” are exempt from the rules the rest of us must go by. “Boys will be boys” as long as they are also football heroes and/or the sons of “respectable” families in the town.

This boy who laughed and jeered is getting consequences and HE RIGHTEOUSLY DESERVES THEM…and I hope that the boys who raped her get theirs as well. I am figuring that they won’t get much jail time, but I at least hope that they get LIFE LONG PUBLIC HUMILIATION


Kim, I remember that movie very, very well and it upset me to no end. It still does. And the most horrific thing about that movie is that it was not an isolated event – it happens ALL of the time.

Skylar – bad haircut….(snort) only a pure-d jackass would go around with a head like that.

OxD, yes it is like the Penn State stuff – it’s about protecting sports and NOT humanity.

Brightest blessings

Ox Drover

EXCLUSIVE: Suspect in shocking Ohio rape case allowed to go on Californian vacation while under ‘house arrest’

By Laura Collins In Steubenville, Ohio

PUBLISHED: 18:51 EST, 9 January 2013 | UPDATED: 19:16 EST, 9 January 2013

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One of the accused in the Ohio rape case that has outraged America enjoyed a six day vacation in California and watch a football game while supposedly under house arrest, it emerged today.

MailOnline has learned that Steubenville High School Football star Ma’lik Richmond was granted permission to travel between December 31 and January 5.

Along with team-mate Trent Mays, Richmond is charged with raping a 16-year-old girl at a series of back to back High School parties last August.

Tea Light

Just heard one of the founders of snapchat being interviewed on bbc world service, I’d never heard of snapchat but it’s a messaging service used to send images which ‘disappear’ very fast so kids are using it for sexting etc thinking they are at reduced risk of parents catching them. But those images can surely be captured or hacked ? The founder guy brushed the concerns off saying it was just for harmless fun

that’s beyond disgusting. It’s a tell.

If the feds don’t get involved, those kids will skate.

It’s amazing how much power football (and the money it draws) has on people. Maybe it’s time we let that past time GO away, as a matter of principle.


There was a similar incident near San Francisco, California a few years ago, in which a young teen girl was gang-raped behind her high school at night during the Homecoming Dance; and other teens just stood around and watched this and did nothing; it went on for two and a half hours. Not one bystander called the police during that time.

This was the Richmond High School case, from 2009. So far, from what I just looked up, only one of the original 7 suspects arrested has had a trial. He pled guilty to avoid a possible life-without-parole sentence, so he got 32 years. The perpetrators ranged in age from 15 to their mid-20’s. One 16 year old suspect was released and the other 5 defendants haven’t been on trial yet.

And this wasn’t “just” a sexual attack, as though that’s not bad enough: this young girl was also brutally beaten by her rapists because she was screaming for help. And not one bystander stepped in to try and stop it. By the time the police showed up the rapists had dispersed and the girl was in critical condition; the responders had to helicopter her to the nearest hospital. She did survive, though.

It was the sheer, dehumanizing brutality and the sheer mindless indifference, the callous lack of concern for another human being on the part of the bystanders that was so shocking.

It does make your blood run cold to realize that there is this sadistic, callous, AND COWARDLY aspect to human beings, and that sometimes that primitive, inhuman “pack mentality” takes over, and increases the psychopathic cruelty level, like, exponentially.



Babs94540, the sad thing is that wolves in packs do not behave like the aforementioned group of teenagers. “Pack” behavior is to preserve the genetic integrity of the species, as well as a strict social structure that does not allow for “bad” behavior.

These teenagers coming up, today, are 100% callous, indifferent, and thoroughly hedonistic – whatever they want to do is not only tolerated, but encouraged through media and advertising. It’s repellant, and you are SPOT-ON that sociopathy is growing at an exponential and epidemic rate.

Brightest blessings


Tea Light:

Oh, yeah…snapchat is huge amongst teenagers now! The pictures cannot be captured…they only last 10 seconds and are gone and you are not able to capture them. You bet they are sexting each other naked pics! I told my best friend about this as she has teenagers…asked her if she had heard about it and she said yeah, her boys use it and I asked her if she realized WHY they were using it…she seemed to not get it. I mean, why would you use it if you weren’t doing something naughty, yeah?? You can use regular old texting if all is on the up and up. It was frustrating to me that she blew it off. It was puzzling as she normally is all about protecting her kids and doing what is right. I do think it’s because she is technologically challenged so she didn’t really want to get into it because she didn’t know what she was dealing with.



I remember hearing about that case in CA you are talking about. Awful.


Hi Truthspeak,

I wasn’t thinking about wolves so much as feral /stray /abandoned dog packs; I’ve actually seen one of those in my neighborhood.

National Geographic did an article on the feral dog problem:

Teens tend to form “cliques” with each other, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if its a bunch of angry, bitter, entitled, narcissistic, testosterone-charged teen boys with access to drugs, alcohol, weapons and/or private transportation, then, that’s a dangerous combo. That “gang” mentality includes challenging each other to greater and greater acts of theft or violence to “earn” higher status in their gang /clique /pack.

Youth gangs have been a problem for generations, but it does seem to be increasing lately. I recall some films from the 1950s and ’60s about the dangers of disenfranchised youth and teenage “pack” mentality, such as “The Blackboard Jungle” and “To Sir, With Love” and
“Rebel Without a Cause”.

Article about the history of teenage gangs:


Babs, understood. My comment was only meant to convey the difference between “healthy” pack behavior and what we’re seeing, today. Sure, human beings have always formed groups and cliques, and it was likely a very good arrangement when people were still living in small tribal units. But, when any populations gets too large (Inca, Rome, Etc.), there is some manner of breakdown in morals and ethics, and I’m observing that there are 2-3 generations of human beings that appear to have NO moral compass (as a whole), NO conscience, and NO remorse or empathy.

Today, it seems epidemic. So, I didn’t mean to devalue your observation, and I hope that it didn’t come across that way with “technological” communication lacking in vocal tone and body language. 😀

Brightest blessings


If pics are being sent out over the internet, then I don’t know why this isn’t being considered a federal case for child pornography since the victim was younger than 17. All our young people need to be taught at home that ALL actions have consequences. The bottom line is that parents are too busy letting media babysit their children. It’s coming up in the whole 2nd amendment argument now too, with people blaming violent videogames on school shootings. Parents are not watching their kids enough to know what they’re doing and they’re not having input in their lives.

I read an article recently that a friend shared on fb about “raising a generation of narcissists” and I wish I could find it to post here. It pointed out how technology influences this. In my personal case, my first experience with someone that I deem a sociopath was the guy I was dating who took my virginity without my permission at age 21. I was young and naive and didn’t see the red flags with him and didn’t know what a sociopath was at the time. I am 99% sure that I was drugged when it happened when I look back on it. I made the mistake of dating someone that I felt sorry for and thought I could change him and make his life better. He was the son of a minister and super involved in church and I was under the influence of my N mother who believed that everyone was good so long as they were religious. (LIE). The guy felt that the rules didn’t apply to him. He was a total parasite and has all the traits of the “snake in a suit” that people talk about. He was on meds for adult ADD and tricyclic antidepressants.

On the night in question I was making drinks for a party for mostly people from our Sunday school. I had been telling this guy that I didn’t want to sleep with him and he told me that he respected that and I believed him. Maybe it was because I couldn’t admit that I didn’t trust him or probably I was still unaware that I was gay. There is nothing anybody can tell me that will make me believe that some of his anti-depressants DIDN’T end up in my drink that night. I could hold a lot of alcohol at that age and I barely had anything because I was busy making drinks for others.

Even though I’ve gone off on a tangent, this kids need to know that what they do now can come back to bite them later. Yes, what this kid did will follow him in everything else he tries to do but the same thing goes for these naive teen girls who are sending their boyfriends naked pics over the phone. They themselves can be put on trial for transmitting pornography of a child over the internet and can be put on the sex offender registry for doing it. Once these pics are out there they can never be taken back. What happens if girl sends pics to boyfriend, they break up, he puts them on line, she goes to law school and thinks everything is ok and then they end up on the desk of the hiring person for a major firm who is recruiting her. Bottom line, whether we’re talking about perpetrators or victims, ALL ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES.


Elizabeth, I’m so sorry that you were date-raped (sounds like what it was) and it DOES have an impact for the rest of one’s life until it’s eventually addressed. I’ve experienced that horrible thing, as well.

The horrible thing about the kids that are sexting to one another is tha they are being raised by parents who are lacking in their own moral compasses – give the kids what they want to shut them up so I can indulge in whatever MY interests are. Out of sight, out of mind, and these parents who give their children cell phones and PAY for those devices are clueless and really don’t CARE to say, “No. You don’t need a cell phone. You can use a landline like a regular person has for the past 120 years and you will be monitored.” Kids today do not experience boundaries OR consequences, and they are being raised to be perfect victims, perfect perpetrators, perfect enablers, and perfectly dysfunctional.

Eugh…..I’m so glad that I don’t have young children, now, and that I’m not a kid, right now.

Brightest blessings


truthspeak- yes, that’s what it was unfortunately and does impact forever. That’s when I started gaining weight because I didn’t report it. I figured that no one would believe me because alcohol was involved. And you were totally right about what you said about unsupervised people. Women and young girls need to be taught about never leaving a drink unattended and then coming back to it. That’s how things happen. People need to be totally aware of what they’re kids are doing and with the technology need to be counseled on what can happen from sending pics out over the phone/internet.

Hi Liz, how are the kids? 😉


Sky, the kids are great and so am I. Got a dayshift job now. Thanks for asking. How are you?

Doing good, Liz. It’s always nice to hear from you.

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