Steubenville, Ohio high school rape case ignites protest

Two star football players of the Steubenville, Ohio team were arrested in August for allegedly assaulting a 16-year-old girl who drank too much at a party and passed out. Now, a video of a male student joking about the assault has ignited protests at the Ohio courthouse, and on the Internet.

Internet, ‘Anonymous’ target Ohio town over alleged rape, on ABCNews.go.com.

Rape case unfolds on web and splits city, on NYTimes.com.

“She is so raped right now”: Partygoer jokes about the Steubenville accuser the night of the alleged rape, on Deadsppin.com.

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If pics are being sent out over the internet, then I don’t know why this isn’t being considered a federal case for child pornography since the victim was younger than 17. All our young people need to be taught at home that ALL actions have consequences. The bottom line is that parents are too busy letting media babysit their children. It’s coming up in the whole 2nd amendment argument now too, with people blaming violent videogames on school shootings. Parents are not watching their kids enough to know what they’re doing and they’re not having input in their lives.

I read an article recently that a friend shared on fb about “raising a generation of narcissists” and I wish I could find it to post here. It pointed out how technology influences this. In my personal case, my first experience with someone that I deem a sociopath was the guy I was dating who took my virginity without my permission at age 21. I was young and naive and didn’t see the red flags with him and didn’t know what a sociopath was at the time. I am 99% sure that I was drugged when it happened when I look back on it. I made the mistake of dating someone that I felt sorry for and thought I could change him and make his life better. He was the son of a minister and super involved in church and I was under the influence of my N mother who believed that everyone was good so long as they were religious. (LIE). The guy felt that the rules didn’t apply to him. He was a total parasite and has all the traits of the “snake in a suit” that people talk about. He was on meds for adult ADD and tricyclic antidepressants.

On the night in question I was making drinks for a party for mostly people from our Sunday school. I had been telling this guy that I didn’t want to sleep with him and he told me that he respected that and I believed him. Maybe it was because I couldn’t admit that I didn’t trust him or probably I was still unaware that I was gay. There is nothing anybody can tell me that will make me believe that some of his anti-depressants DIDN’T end up in my drink that night. I could hold a lot of alcohol at that age and I barely had anything because I was busy making drinks for others.

Even though I’ve gone off on a tangent, this kids need to know that what they do now can come back to bite them later. Yes, what this kid did will follow him in everything else he tries to do but the same thing goes for these naive teen girls who are sending their boyfriends naked pics over the phone. They themselves can be put on trial for transmitting pornography of a child over the internet and can be put on the sex offender registry for doing it. Once these pics are out there they can never be taken back. What happens if girl sends pics to boyfriend, they break up, he puts them on line, she goes to law school and thinks everything is ok and then they end up on the desk of the hiring person for a major firm who is recruiting her. Bottom line, whether we’re talking about perpetrators or victims, ALL ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES.

Elizabeth, I’m so sorry that you were date-raped (sounds like what it was) and it DOES have an impact for the rest of one’s life until it’s eventually addressed. I’ve experienced that horrible thing, as well.

The horrible thing about the kids that are sexting to one another is tha they are being raised by parents who are lacking in their own moral compasses – give the kids what they want to shut them up so I can indulge in whatever MY interests are. Out of sight, out of mind, and these parents who give their children cell phones and PAY for those devices are clueless and really don’t CARE to say, “No. You don’t need a cell phone. You can use a landline like a regular person has for the past 120 years and you will be monitored.” Kids today do not experience boundaries OR consequences, and they are being raised to be perfect victims, perfect perpetrators, perfect enablers, and perfectly dysfunctional.

Eugh…..I’m so glad that I don’t have young children, now, and that I’m not a kid, right now.

Brightest blessings

truthspeak- yes, that’s what it was unfortunately and does impact forever. That’s when I started gaining weight because I didn’t report it. I figured that no one would believe me because alcohol was involved. And you were totally right about what you said about unsupervised people. Women and young girls need to be taught about never leaving a drink unattended and then coming back to it. That’s how things happen. People need to be totally aware of what they’re kids are doing and with the technology need to be counseled on what can happen from sending pics out over the phone/internet.

Hi Liz, how are the kids? 😉

Sky, the kids are great and so am I. Got a dayshift job now. Thanks for asking. How are you?

Doing good, Liz. It’s always nice to hear from you.

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